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Boss RC-30 Loop Station

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Product Description

The BOSS RC-30 Loop Station is the latest addition to the company's industry-leading lineup of pedal-based loop recorders, featuring high-powered digital signal processing, stereo operation, and cutting-edge features. Powered by the ESC2 DSP chip, the RC-30 Loop Station offers musicians one of the most powerful and best-sounding tools yet for recording and manipulating loops live and in the studio.

Housed in BOSS' popular twin-pedal chassis, the RC-30's new features include true stereo ins/outs and up to three hours of onboard stereo recording and loop storage. The new dual-phrase loop feature lets you create and play two completely independent stereo loops in perfect sync.

LOOP FX is for processing your loops in real time, with 99 memory slots for storage. The RC-30 also boasts a USB 2.0 port for swapping and managing WAV loops with your computer. A mic input with phantom power, aux in jack for portable devices, and a key selection of onboard rhythms including real audio drum loops come standard.

Three hours of onboard recording time High-powered DSP from BOSS' ESC2 chip True stereo I/O Dual-phrase loop feature lets you create and sync two independent stereo loops 99 memory slots LOOP FX provides realtime loop editing Mic input with phantom power USB 2.0 port for swapping/managing files with your computer Aux in jack Onboard rhythms including real audio drum loops

Expand your creative horizons with the incredible power of the RC-30 Loop Station!

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I would recommend buying the DigiTech JML2 JamMan instead of the RC-30. I just purchased an RC-30 and played with it fairly extensively for a couple weeks before deciding to return it and get the JamMan. This is obviously a review of the RC-30, but I'm going to compare it to the JamMan for features.

Places the JamMan has an edge:
1. You are able to switch back and forth between different phrases seamlessly. The RC-30's biggest downfall is a 1/4 second or so lag that occurs when you switch between different phrases. The newest firmware updates have not made this go away. Because of the lag, the RC-30 is almost unusable in live applications.

2. When purchased with the Digitech FS3X footswitch (which only cost me $14.95), the JamMan has 7 different control buttons providing much easier hands free control than the RC-30 which has a max of 4 switches when used in conjunction with the Boss FS-6, which is also much more expensive than the Digitech footswitch. The Boss forces you to double tap switches or hold them down for two seconds (changes phrases requires a 2 second hold down even if you have an FS-6).

3. The JamMan allows for real time tap tempo changes while the loop is playing. The RC-30 only allows tempo changes when stopped and the phrase must have been previously saved.

4. The JamMan has an instrument in volume level and the RC-30 does not. This makes mixing instruments, loops, mics, and rhythms easier on the JamMan.

5. Cost is less, even with the additional FS3X. Also the Digitech comes with a power supply (does not run on batteries) while the Boss does not come with a power supply (it does run on batteries though) and is the right power supply that doesn't cause the unit to buzz is an additional $15-25 depending on where you buy it.

Places the RC-30 has an edge:
1. Two looping channels with each phrase. The user can layer a couple elements on one channel and then switch to the other (while the first is still running) and lay more elements down then stop the first set, etc. This is actuallly pretty difficult to do with only 4 pedal buttons (and that assumes you have an FS-6). It should also be noted that the two channels must be the same length.

2. Additional recording time on the RC-30 (3hrs vs. JamMan's 35min). Both allow transfer to computer via USB though for unlimited storage. The JamMan can have additional storage with bigger memory card though. The RC-30 doesn't use a memory card. The computer storage for both units is somewhat annoying and time consuming.

3. Loop FX on RC-30. The only effect on the JamMan is reversing the loop (RC-30 doesn't do this). I actually found the Loop FX to be less than spectacular but others may disagree with me. Personally, I'd much rather have a reverse function.

4. Mic input on RC-30 has phantom power.

Overall I much prefer the JamMan over the RC-30 if for no other reason than the fact that it's usable in a live setting because there's no phrase switching lag. Neither unit seems to noticeably alter my tone - and I'm a tone freak so that's something I listen for and care about a lot.

I've owned lots of Boss effects and many have been great but you shouldn't buy this pedal simply because it's made by Boss. Compare the features and choose what's most important for you.
Boss RC-30 Loop Station
.Having owned and used the Boss RC-20XL previously, I was very excited to finally get my hands on the new RC-30 with a digital display and much more I/O capability. But I was VERY disappointed to find that one of my favorite features from the RC-20 (realtime phrase-shifting) is no longer up to par.This looper is loaded with features (loop FX, 2-track looping, etc) that really help to make the process of looping and overdubbing much more interesting and unique... as long as you plan on staying on the SAME phrase for the entire time. But if you try "shifting" from one stored phrase to another (for example, with my RC-20, I would record an intro, theme, and outro loop and then "shift" between them to create an entire song), there is about a 1/4 second lag when moving between the phrases on the RC-30, which makes this feature virtually useless in any sort of live performance situation.Although the owner's manual contains clear instructions for how to use this feature (moving from one stored phrase to another), I can't see any way to get around that lag time in a performance without sounding extremely unprofessional. And after calling Boss's support line, I confirmed that this problem occurs on ALL RC-30 phrase loopers (it was not just a defect in mine).Bottom line: the massive amount of recording time and the onboard FX on the RC-30 are great features, but not being able to transition smoothly between your stored phrases severely limits the amount of ways you can use them. In my opinion, the RC-20 is still a better buy
Boss RC-30 Loop Station
.I usually don't write reviews but I will make an effort to clarify some questions the potential buyer might have about this unit. Reason being is that I am very disappointed with with the new Boss RC-30. The marketing is missleading: Track 1 and Track 2 are NOT completely independent. The tracks will ALWAYS have the same lenght, which is a major bummer to me. Let's say you write the rhythym on Track 1. The solo on Track 2 MUST have the same length as Track 1. The volumes are independ, but so what? In my opinion it defeats the whole purpose of having (and paying) for two tracks. The sound quality is pretty neat, positive aspect here. Most of the built in effects are useless for live performance. The built in drum machine is great for practicing but very limited (only 9 patterns)
Summary: Pros: solid boss construction, easy to useCons: Track 1 and Track 2 are not completely indepent; Effects uselless for live performance; Limited built in rhythym patterns; Price.Boss is solid, as we all know.
Boss RC-30 Loop Station
.I have been using the RC-30 for almost six months. I pre ordered it and was one of the first to receive it when they first shipped. I play lead in our worship band and it has added a lot to the overall quality and versatility of our music.
It is well built and pretty much performs as advertised.
Some of the complaints that I have read in the reviews I have experienced, but with practice and familiarity with the equipment they can be pretty easily overcome.
I think that the one biggest drawback, and glaring oversight on Roland/BOSS, is they didnt include a click out feature for the drummer.
If youre a solo artist, of the one man band variety, then you can get by without it, however it is a must have for a live band.
You can overcome this problem by running a click out from the sound board as the RC-30 starts on the beat, however if you dont have that feature then you are pretty much limited to just using it for intros, as coming in later in the song i.e. on a chorus or during an interlude is risky.
If the tempo isnt exactly as you started the song, then the loop will be out of sync.
With that said these loop stations have great potential for smaller bands that need the versatility of a lager band.
So much of the music we do has full ensembles, usually emulated with a synthesizer and piano keyboards.
However we only have 5 musicians that include a drummer, piano, bass, lead and rhythm and cant cover all the bases, so recording strings, second lead guitar part, flute, etc. on the loop can really enhance your performance.

I was hoping that Roland would include that feature in their new RC-300 but I see they havent.
Needs a click out!
Buil like a tank!
I thought was a little over priced for the features.
Boss RC-30 Loop Station
.I just bought the RC-30 at my local music store, and since I always look here for my reviews I thought Id post one.
When I first looked at the unit I thought it looked great, but when I looked around for some reviews most seemed to be bad. There was an issue with switching phases live and some other things.
I decided to get the unit anyways, and I am glad I did.
This is my first loop station and I must say I love it! All the problems that people had said I have found easy ways to resolve, the best being for switching phases live, I just did the whole song on one phase. I mean I have enough space and I think it works a lot better.
So far I havent found any issues with it myself, it is built to last and everything is rather easy to understand.
The one thing that I really dislike about the unit is the effects They are a piece of junk I would never use them, but thats why I hook up my effects board I guess.
Over all this is a great buy. I would recommend this to anyone, I think its great for soloers or for people who want to just practice licks (although if thats all your doing the RC-3 would fit your needs, but the RC-30 gives you the opportunity to do more if you get better)
Boss RC-30 Loop Station
.I purchased the RC-30 with the intention of doing a solo act based on live loop layering, but I don't think it'll work out. My opinion is that the unit produces too much hum for a live show. If I use it at low volume, with low powered amps, the hum isn't that noticeable. It works great w/ a Blackheart 5watt, for example. But I wanted to use the second channel on the RC-30 to drive my bass amp. Unfortunately, the bass amp hums when connected to the RC-30. I also tried using an A/B box to run a rhythm channel w/ the looper and select a second guitar amp for solos. The amp I tried to use hummed as well.Neither amp hums at all when I plug an instrument directly in, so the RC-30 is definitely the culprit.Also, a [$] piece of gear ought to include a power supply. The recommended Boss power supply adds 10% to the purchase price. That's unacceptable.And, finally, I've been unable to figure out a way to jump instantaneously between loop A and loop B. Perhaps this is due to my poor understanding of the RC-30, but having a 2 second delay for loop switching certainly limits the usefulness of the second loop.OTOH, I enjoy setting up a groove and jamming to it. Also, the RC-30 is an excellent practice tool. You're not likely to find a bunch of musicians who will let you solo as much as you like, make a ton of mistakes as you try out new stuff, etc., and never complain. So it's not a loser. Summary: Boss could've done a little more and ended up with something great. It's too bad they cut corners.
Boss RC-30 Loop Station
.I had bought an original Boss RC-20 to use as a basic looper to play leads over. However, when I was asked to lead worship at church, it quickly became a great tool in my arsenal. I compose and record my beats and bass lines for the songs I'm going to play Sunday morning, and just play an acoustic and sing over top of it. The limitations on the RC-20 made it difficult at best. I had to link everything by hardwire to upload to the pedal, and the buzzing alone would drive you crazy. I had to time everything precisely and only had about 5 1/2 minutes to work with. That made it impossible to play certain songs together. Now with the RC-30, I upload via USB, so theres no buzzing from ground issues, I don't have to hit the play button and pedal record button at the right time to get the track to cue up right on the pedal. I have 3 HOURS to play with, which means I can upload EVERY song I do and ALWAYS have them ready to go. I even can set it up to have two different genres at each end of the spectrum:1-49 can be my regular acoustic set and 50-99 can be my church stuff. I HIGHLY recommend getting the dual FS-6 foot switch, as this allows more control with your feet and not your hands (bending over to push buttons). This unit DOES NOT color your tone or change your timing. Plus it has two tracks, so I can record some electric guitar parts with leads on track 2, and only turn that track on when I am playing for the right crowd! I have a complete backing band at my finger....uh...foot tips? Plus I have ALL the basic features I had before for playing live, allowing me to create rythym tracks on the fly. I can tap out a beat on my acoustic, play over top of that beat, and even play a lead over top of the rythym beat and guitar. The possibilities with this thing are WIDE OPEN! It's built like a freakin tank. The only thing I don't like is that they took away the guitar and input level knobs. It just means I have to adjust it a little more on the board,and the bottom of the foot switch is hard to get velcro to stick to for a pedal board...minor details. This pedal will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Boss RC-30 Loop Station
.My Boss RC 30 will not function. The level sliders are either off or on full volume. ZERO level control. Sent it in to Boss for repair. They claim it is working the way it is supposed to. After mounting up huge phone bills from being on hold with their customer service(average wait time 20 minutes then get disconnected and have to call back and go on hold again) AND bench and shipping fees, it will cost me HUGE bills for a non-repair and I still have a pedal that does not work. The worst customer service of ANY company I have ever dealt with!
Boss RC-30 Loop Station
.I almost never write reviews but I thought I'd warn others: the sound quality is not fit to be heard outside your bedroom. It's so bad that I bend down and unplug it every time I'm not actively using it; and I don't have cheap speakers, I have a Weber 12" Blue Dog and Weber 12" Silverbell. Other than that a midi clock sync would've been nice. I mean, as others have noted, dump the cheesey effects and add a sync for Pete's sake. It will do quite well for working out layers of song ideas at home though. It's pretty self-explanatory, and doesn't seem like it will break without some serious abuse. But I personally wish I would have saved up for a Pigtronix or a Boomerang.
Boss RC-30 Loop Station
.I play mostly Teles and Strats. I tried to get as much information as possible before I decided to buy the rc-30 instead of the rc-3.I looked up youtube and read reviews about loopers in general cause it was to become my first looper pedal.Whatever the company says about the abilities of the looper is true and there are 10 pre-progammed tracks as well as drumtracks which to my mind is a great bonus as an introduction. When one starts to experiment with own ideas it is quite timeconsuming at first but after a while one gets the hang of it and it`s more relaxed. In fact the looper is easy to handle and simple to use and with 3 hours of recording to 99 possible channels it beats everything that ever was available on the market. My guitar-playing has improved, only have it for 2 weeks, and I`m looking forward to an everlasting experimental and creativ period in my life. Don`t be disappointed about the price, it isn`t really that much, you will realise. What else? I`m a quite a happy a customer...ya mon
Boss RC-30 Loop Station

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