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Custom Composite Acoustics Xi Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Gloss Carbon Burst w/OHSC

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Acoustic Guitars,Concert,Composite Acoustics,
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Custom Composite Acoustics Xi Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Gloss Carbon Burst w/OHSC

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one set
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Hardshell Case of Custom Composite Acoustics Xi Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Gloss Carbon Burst w/OHSC
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Within 3days after payment
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Product Description

Composite Acoustics XI-HG-CBB-ELE Acoustic-Electric Guitar in excellent condition. Beautiful High Gloss Carbon Burst black finish top with offset soundhole, gloss black molded back, sides and neck. The guitar has a nice action and the thin "C" profile carbon fiber neck with a Reinforced polymer fretboard, mother of pearl inlays and white dot side markers feels wonderful. The stainless steel frets are in excellent condition.

The body is thin, but the Integrated top bracing technology gives the guitar makes the instrument very resonant, creating complex vibrations with improved bass response and even sounding overtones. LR Baggs Active Element ultra-thin film sensor and electronics really bring these tones to life. The guitar is equipped with nice Gotoh sealed tuners. This is a great looking, playing and sounding guitar.  

Includes the original Composite Acoustics hard shell case.

Serial Number: 003BGF2104456

Weight:        4 lbs.     12 oz.

Composite Acoustics Xi High Gloss Carbon Burst Black with LR Baggs Active Element

This Composite Acoustics Xi may sound even better than it looks. Our fully integrated (no glue) bracing and offset sound hole create superior durability and a rich warm tone you have to hear to believe. The Xi has all the features of our slender (just over 3"), lightweight (just under 5 lbs), ergonomic X model. With a new top that is responsive to the lightest touch, and a big bottom end sound that's great for fingerpicking and all types of play and performance, who could ask for more? Finely appointed and incredibly durable, the Xi is ready when you are.

All Composite Acoustically Tailored™ construction for ultimate tone, durability and versatility 14 fret to the body Carbon fiber neck for consistent playability (No truss rod adjustments needed, EVER!) Slender ergonomic design, voiced to extend low end response 15 degree headstock pitch Impervious to climate for consistent performance, wherever you go L.R. Baggs Active Element pickup system Offset sound hole with integrated top bracing technology™ (IBT™) for improved bass response Performance tuned lightweight carbon fiber bracing Proprietary Reinforced Polymer Fretboard with 20 medium stainless steel frets, top dots & side dots Rigid one-piece neck/body construction for long-term stability Handcrafted in the USA by skilled technicians and craftsmen Proprietary carbon fiber bridge and saddle materials for maximum sound transfer High Gloss Carbon Burst Ultra-precise tuning machines with 18:1 ratio

This is a wonderful guitar which you can take anywhere without worrying about temperature or humidity changes. Leave it in the trunk of your car, on your boat, or play outside around the campfire it's always in tune, has fantastic play-ability and wonderful sound. There is no truss rod because it isn't needed. The guitars are made from carbon fiber and have stainless steel fret wires that will never wear out.

This guitar features the L.R. Baggs Active Element pickup system. Unlike typical undersaddle acoustic guitar pickups that are dependent on string compression for their sound, the Element was engineered to mirror the soundboard’s actual movement as you play. At the heart of the pickup, a flexible film sensor only 2 thousands of an inch thick picks up the guitar’s most delicate nuances. Tracking the motion of the top rather than a direct string attack suppresses “quack” caused by compression and unlocks the Element’s unrivaled dynamic range. The pickup’s minimalist construction lessens any influence on the acoustic properties and creates an intimate coupling between the pickup and guitar for the highest fidelity possible.

Plek setup from the factory

In an effort to offer the best-playing, best-sounding acoustic guitars on the market, Composite Acoustics puts every one of their instruments through a computerized Plek Pro setup. The Plek system takes measurements of each guitar, perfectly levels and crowns each fret, and cuts the string nut at the ideal height and width for a perfectly set up instrument. And thanks to the carbon fiber construction, it stays that way with no variation.

Modern, man-made materials create an ultra-stable instrument

Acoustic guitars made from wood have always been plagued with temperature and climate issues. If it's too humid, your guitar sounds muddy, and if it's too dry, it can experience shrinkage and cracking. And let's not forget that hot and cold can also wreak havoc on your instrument. Composite Acoustics has eliminated all of these annoyances by building an acoustic guitar out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a lightweight and super-strong material used for everything from Formula One race cars to airplanes. Besides being immune to climate and temperature issues, the strength of carbon fiber means you'll never have any "bellying" on the top or ever have to adjust your neck.

Tailored acoustic guitar tone

Another great aspect of the Composite Acoustics Xi carbon fiber acoustic-electric guitar is its sound. Whether you play it acoustic or electric, the Xi has a great voice and tonality. Extensive design and testing has led Composite Acoustics to find the perfect formula for amazing acoustic sound. And since every guitar is created using exact tolerances, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, they all have that killer acoustic voicing. The body and neck are created as a single piece, which gives the Xi maximum tonal transfer. The top uses carbon fiber bracing to give you the perfect acoustic sound for any style of music. Even the bridge and saddle are precision made from carbon for maximum sound and vibration transfer.

Constructed with laser precision

Modern technology creates greener houses, smaller computers, and more economical cars, so why not a better guitar? Composite Acoustics utilizes the latest in modern production technology to build the Xi acoustic-electric guitar. These American-made guitars are built to extremely strict tolerances using CNC machines, CAD design, and laser-cutting devices that give you the perfect instrument. The Plek Pro fret-leveling process creates an outstandingly playable fretboard. You won't find a more precisely made guitar on the market than the Composite Acoustics Xi.

A hassle-free guitar

Traditionally constructed guitars need lots of care and babying from the elements and climate. The Composite Acoustics Xi's unique carbon fiber build makes it impervious to weather and climate conditions. You won't have to worry about shrinkage, cracking, or expanding. In fact, you never have to oil your fingerboard or humidify a carbon fiber guitar. Carbon fiber is a stable and ultra-durable material, making it perfect for traveling musicians. The top of the Xi won't split down the center in dry climates and won't warp or swell in wet climates. The reliability and stability of the Composite Acoustics Xi is something most guitarists will appreciate. You can keep it in your car all day long no matter what the temperature. The Composite Acoustics Xi is perfect for camping, festivals, and any outdoor gig.

LR Baggs electronics give you plenty of sonic control

You can shape the sound of your Composite Acoustics Xi acoustic-electric guitar for virtually any scenario with LR Baggs Active Element electronics. The ultra-thin film sensor is only 0.002" thick, which allows it to pick up the nuances of the top's vibration. You get a ton of dynamic range and natural tone.

Composite Acoustics Xi Acoustic-electric Guitar Features: State-of-the-art guitar made from carbon fiber Plek process creates an amazingly precise fretboard with optimal fret leveling Great acoustic sound that won't change 1-piece guitar body and neck for maximum vibration transfer Carbon fiber is extremely rugged and impervious to climate and weather conditions Easier to care for than traditional wooden guitars Durable stainless steel frets Carbon fiber nut and bridge Precision 18:1 ratio tuners Great plugged-in tone with LR Baggs Active Element electronics Handcrafted in the USA by skilled technicians and craftsmen

Product Specs

Condition:Excellent Make:Composite Acoustics Model:XI-HG-CBB-ELE Finish:Gloss Carbon Burst Categories:Concert Made In:United States

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