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Electric Guitars,Solid Body,Fender,
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one set
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Hardshell Case of Custom Fender John Mayer Straocaster W KINMAN JOHN MAYER PICKUPS & K5 SOLDERLE
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Within 3days after payment
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paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
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Product Description

Here is something you don't see every day - A Fender John Mayer Stratocaster upgraded to Kinman John Mayer Pickups, and the K5 Solderless Wiring Harness (a $400 set of pickups and harness).  These Kinmans are a nice upgrade to the original Big Dippers - more resonant, more dynamic, and creamier.  The Big Dippers are already hailed as some of the best pickups ever made, but these are a very nice upgrade.  I have another John Mayer strat in Cypress Mica listed here with the original pickups, and having compared them both, I strongly prefer the Kinmans.  I also installed the Kinmans in another strat.  Amazing pickups from Australia. 

Guitar is in excellent condition - The sticker is still on the bridge over the tremolo bar hole.  The guitar has been barely played and babied/kept in a case for most of its life in my possession.  The frets are in great shape without the huge divots that most of these models have from people ferociously bending and fretting.  The body has only normal pick scratching and some tiny "flea bites" or dings which are simply too small to show up in pictures, and they do not go through the finish.  Very nice condition as you can see in the pictures.  It looks fantastic all around with a really nicely done sunburst.   

This model is renowned for being remarkable across the board, for its neck, nice tall frets, resonance, playability, and tone, and it has gained quite a reputation. The extremely resonant bodies Fender chooses, and the nice '62 style neck profile, really create the perfect combination for tone and playability.

A little more about the neck: These are highly regarded as some of the best Stratocaster necks on the planet.  These necks sell pretty quickly for $650 when they do come up for sale on reverb - they are dream-guitar necks. I recently read something where the writer said that the JM neck was the most perfect neck profile of any guitar.

The most important part of a guitar is the neck. No matter how good your tone is, it is the playing that makes the song sound good or bad, and there is no more important part for helping you play your best than the neck. The slightly taller Dunlop 6105 frets are remarkable and make bends easier, allowing you to really dig in, and improve the ability to manipulate the note (i.e. vibrato).  This is because there is a little bit more room for subtleties in vibrato/bending/note manipulation.  This is a lot of fun and allows you to put more soul into your bends and vibrato. 

When playing chords or note runs, you can just lightly rest your finger on the string instead of pressing down like you would need to in a guitar with smaller frets.  This makes playing fast much easier with fast and fancy note runs. 

Some players play completely differently with these frets and this neck profile and report that these necks bring out the funky, rythmic, listener-mesmerizing side of your playing.  These necks are so buttery they bring out a different side to your playing for some players (if you play differently on different guitars/different guitars bring out different playing in you, you know exactly what I mean.)

There are two components that matter most in a neck: the profile and the frets. Both go together perfectly on this neck. The rosewood they used on these is also nice and smooth/tight grained choice Rosewood.

The John Mayer Stratocaster was discontinued a few years ago, as John Mayer and Fender cut ties, and he is no longer being endorsed by them. According to Artist Relations at Fender, his contract was simply not renewed. This is a terrible shame since his guitars have been so highly praised. I don't expect this listing to last long. 90% of my items have sold within a week or two. If you don't like it, you can always sell it later for more as the price of these guitars keeps rising. I would keep it if I could.

John Mayer has made his mark and gone down in history as having one of the creamiest, most pleasing guitar tones of all time, and this guitar is the very heart of that superb tone. Has to be played in person to be experienced.

Ships to continental USA only.

Product Specs

Condition:Excellent Make:Fender Model:John Mayer Straocaster Artist Series Brand New Never Played Finish:Sunburst Categories:Solid Body Made In:United States



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