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Custom Gibson Les Paul standard , 1998 , wine red , with vintage Gibson chainsaw case, 1 piece body back!

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Electric Guitars,Solid Body,Gibson,
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Custom Gibson Les Paul standard , 1998 , wine red , with vintage Gibson chainsaw case, 1 piece bod

Min.Order Quantity:
one set
Packaging Details:
Hardshell Case of Custom Gibson Les Paul standard , 1998 , wine red , with vintage Gibson chainsaw
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Within 3days after payment
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paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
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Product Description

I have a very nice 1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard here in Wine Red color.

It weighs about 9.6 lbs, a good solid build. It has a great amount of sustain and low end presence to the tone, a big Les Paul will have that, do not be afraid of the weight. Light les paul's are light because their bodies have been chambered, not because they have light wood. This late 90s model has a one piece mahogany back. This is a build standard that in the current Gibson lineup is reserved for Custom shop and other high end models. Not Standards and Traditionals. 1 piece slabs this big come from mature tree's not from mass farmed saplings. Those are suitable for 2-3 piece bodies.

I am of a belief that 90s era Gibson has very good quality wood, and that is where the good tone comes from. Hence there is a good demand for 90s models.

This one definitely has that 90s mojo in spades. Now as for the condition. Good but not mint. It has it's fair share of playwear and minor dings on the body, A little satin effect lacquer thinning on the neck where the hand rubs on the neck.

The original bridge saddles were a bit worn so i replaced it prior to sale with a new USA made Kluson brand tune o matic. They are great and intonate pefectly. I left the original Gibson studs in, as it is not a good idea to take them out of the body. The Kluson is a direct retrofit for the Nashville bridge and it fit right into the studs.

The end pin, strap buttons are pretty small and lousy, i would recommend upgrading them as well. The bottom one seems to be recessed into the body. I am not sure if this was stock or a mod from comparison pictures of this year i have seen it seems to be how they came. It fits thin straps, but makes it difficult to use a thick double sided leather hide strap. Again this is an area for a potential upgrade. Schaller and Planet waves make very good strap buttons that make for a effective cheap upgrade.

The frets are actually pretty decent. The previous owner did not have a heavy fretting hand. I took a picture of a string spread. They have mild fretwear that seems to be even, not jagged or pitted. The guitar is setup with a comfortable slinky tension with 10s, and it fairly low in height/action and plays well.

The color can look beautiful and clear under the right light. Or when dim it can just look dark and mysterious. That is the nature of wine red. It's not as "bling" as a burst finish at first glance. It's definitely a color you can bond with long term though. I've always liked this color.

I am matching it with an even older vintage Gibson case. These in their own right are becoming collectible. It's an early 80s late 70s " Chainsaw" hard case. It is missing the bottom latch. But still functions fine with the two main side latches. It looks like the inner portion may be missing a door to. It works fine for protecting the guitar and i think it is a good match.

So that's the story on this one. I have priced it out with consideration to it's condition. If you want an older LP that is mint you have to pay more for it. If you want that great tone and don't mind some honest playwear. Than this may be what your looking for,

I will ship fully insured,

Thanks for reading and considering.

Product Specs

Condition:Good Make:Gibson Model:Les Paul standard Finish:Wine Red Categories:Solid Body Year:1998 Made In:United States

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