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Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural

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Hardshell Case of Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural
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Product Description

The Seagull Coastline Series S12 is a cedar top dreadnought guitar with a rich, full sound that only a quality 12-string guitar can produce. With a warm mid-range tone and of course, the award winning craftsmanship and value Seagull is known for, the S12 Dreadnought features an ultra thin semi-gloss finish, a select pressure tested solid cedar top, and eco-friendly wild cherry back and sides.

12-string guitars must endure a great deal of added stress on the neck. The Seagull neck design offers superior stability, even on 12-string guitars tuned to concert pitch. The straight string pull of the tapered Seagull headstock is an especially big advantage when it comes to tuning a 12-string guitar and keeping it in tune.

Guitars in the Seagull Coastline series are among the world's outstanding values in acoustic guitars. The back and sides of Coastline series guitars are crafted from a 3-layer lamination of wild cherry wood. With a sound that lands somewhere between the mellow tone of a mahogany guitar and the bright sound of maple, wild cherry has proven itself to be an excellent tone wood. Grown locally, wild cherry is also an ecologically friendly choice. Seagull Coastline series guitars feature very smooth necks made from Silver Leaf Maple.

Body Style: Dreadnought Top: Select Pressure Tested Solid Cedar Back: Wild Cherry Sides: Wild Cherry Neck: Silver Leaf Maple Fretboard: Rosewood, 21 frets Saddle: Compensated Tusq Nut: Tusq Finish: Natural Semi-gloss Custom Polished Nut: 1.8" Upper Bout: 11.38" Lower Bout: 15.87" Waist: 10.54" Body Length: 19.8" Body Depth: 4.9" Handcrafted in LaPatrie, Qu'bec Canada

Surround yourself with rich 12-String sound. Order today.

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I love the low buzzless action. the string tension is not over high and it frets well all up and down the neck. The Cedar top gives it a warm rich sound and the strings it coems with play well.
I have been looking at 12 strings for a few months and while I like one that runs about $2,000.00 it is way out of my price range. This S12 is actually easier to play and because I can afford it a much better guitar for me. I went on a camp out with about 40 other acoustic guitar players opver Memorial day weekend and a asked a number of them to play it and they all agreed on how great it sounds and how well it plays. I can play it for an hour and my fingers not get sore on the tips from pressing the strings down. I love the sound quality and see no need to save up for the 2 grand 12 string I like so much. I'd give it more stars if I could. I have 5 guitars and I like this one best then my Seagull S6 original after that. I named it Melissa after the Greg Alman song by the same name. That was the first song I played on it and it sounds so rich and warm when I play it on this S12. Best quality sound and playability for the money. You will not be dissipointed
I think this is a well built guitar that will last me for decades.
For 500.00 what more could you ask for. I enjoy it as much as a 2,000.00 12 string I have been looking at.
Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I have owned probably 100 guitars in my life. This one is one of the very best.
I have owned many 12 strings over 40+ years including a few that cost way more than this one. There is only one other that I liked as well and it cost 6 times what this one costs. Everyone who has played it gives me the same review as my review within the first minute of playing it. It starts with "WOW" this plays very easily, the action is outstanding, the tone is so balanced, the highs don't overpower the mids and lows, it sounds great and everyone is able and willing to play songs that aren't "12 string songs". I have read many reviews and they all seem to have the same statements. Unless you own one, you will not be aware or appreciate how well it stays in tune. Every once in a while top quality is available for far less than top price. I'm not selling my Seagull S 12.
Once it is set up, you're done. It probably needs new strings but it sounds so good I can't bring myself to change them.
When I open the hardshell case and take it out, I always take a wiff at the sound hole, the wild cherry is always wonderful.
Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I had it for close to three years now, never once regretting buying it as I have with other 12-strings. It is very easy to do the barre chords, especially for an acoustic 12-string. Rather easy to go up and down the fretboard. It was set up fairly nice, I did have the bridge milled down a small amount last year. Another surprise to me was the bass end of it is not as passive as others seem to be. A person can clearly hear the bass notes when picked. The treble end does not seem to be as high pitched as some others I have had either. So the whole tonal ability is rather uniform, not favoring either the highs or lows. It certainly is not the quietest one I have had either, it can project the sound too. I have not played in a band for decades now, but have played at partys, and the local VFW a few times lately. The guitar seems to be my conversation piece. I never imagined WIld Cherry as a guitar wood, the Seagull co. knows what they are doing.
Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Having heard how fantastic John Butler sounds on a 12-String, I decided to take the plunge. Because I own a Seagull Maritime 6-String, I knew what to expect when I recently purchased the Coastline S12. Excellence. I was not disappointed. After only 2 days of minor string tuning adjustments it has stayed in tune for 2 weeks now (My Seagull 6-String also rarely needs tuning). The fine woods, the craftsmanship, and the overall look and feel of this instrument is astounding. I never use picks, just thumbnail and finger work and I can get amazing sounds out of this thing. Very Happy.
Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I purchased an S12 locally almost 14 years ago. It's been dragged to more open mics than I can count and is still my favorite guitar of all that I've owned over the years. Feel and playability are comparable or better than any other 12-string I've played, tuning stability is good, sounds great. My ONLY complaint is the lack of a strap button near the neck (tying a strap at the headstock for stand-up playing just feels awkward). Knowing what I know now, I would have been willing to pay twice the price I did for it
Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural
.this guitar is simply amazing-- I haven't played many martins or gibsons or the like but with this guitar I'm not even interested in looking for another twelve string- ever. It just sounds perfect, barely ever needs to be tuned, and plays smoother than any of my six strings-- you can't ask for a nicer guitar-- my advice is if you're looking and can afford, definitely buy this-- no way you'll be dissappointed
Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Well on 2007 I saw this guitar at a local store, I strummed a open G chord and I knew I wanted it, there was a lady nearby looking to buy her first guitar and when she heard the guitar she was so impressed with the sound that thought I had something to do with it and started asking me all sorts of questions about guitars luckily I was able to answer most...Next month my then fiancee now wife got it for me as a Christmas present, that nearly brought tears to my eyes, I may not play it as much as I should but every time I do I am pleased and it rarely goes out of tune, I'm forever thankful with my wife for this!.I can't think of another 12-string sounding better.
Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural
.My wife followed me into an Athens (GA, USA) music shop, I needed some picks and strings. She looked at guitars while I chatted with my buddies in the store, and then asked me to play an S-12 +Cedar Seagull for her - she had never seen me play a 12-string. After about 20 minutes, she was asking, "Do you want it?", "You should get it..." She bought it for me that day, it was second-hand, but like new, and we got a great deal. I have a fantastic old Epiphone, and a wonderful Martin, but there's just something about this Seagull that sounds, and feels so great. It's my favorite guitar, and always sounds great - and stays in tune as good as my other two guitars - a plesant surprise.
Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural
.This is one of the best guitars I have every owned. I'm mainly a keyboard player but have been playing guitar on and off for over ten years with no substantial breaks. I haven't owned a 12 in several years and have missed it. The other day I found this guitar at a local music store and was blown away by the quality for the money. The guitar is built well and resonates beautifully. For the money, you will not be disappointed
Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Is a Martin guitar a high quality guitar? Of course. Is Martin the only acoustic maker of high quality and great tone? OF COURSE NOT!And the Seagull Coastline 12 string is the perfect example of that fact.Beautifully aged look solid cedar top. Beautiful laminated cherry back and sides.But here comes the best part: THE TONE.Absolutely luscious and full. Also, even for a 12 string, the neck is not fat feeling; very slick and comfortable. All this?OH YES. (I can't put it down; and I'm not complaining about that either).
Seagull Coastline Series S12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar Natural

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