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Page updated 3/1/2016


Learn how to license your music for use in radio, TV, & commercials. From a band or songwriter's perspective, music licensing is granting the right to use one's copyrighted music for use in different media like radio, TV shows, commercials, videos, and websites.   This is sometimes known as Sync Licensing.  The band or songwriter would be the music licensor if they are the owner of copyrighted music.  The music licensee is the person or company that has been granted the right to use this music.  Music Licensing helps bands & songwriters to get paid for the use of their music that they have worked so hard to create.

There are many different ways music can be licensed.  We will attempt to describe how your band can find out more information on getting your music licensed online.  Below you will find a variety of online music licensing websites that offer sync licensing opportunities.  These sites can offer your music online to companies who may buy music licensing for TV, film, advertising, commercials, YouTube, websites, radio, internet radio, and more.  Think of these online internet companies as middle men who have the website technology to both add music from bands (licensee) and offer this music to interested entities (licensors).  The internet has opened up many opportunities for bands and songwriters to license their music online. 

Research the different online music licensing companies below.  Each company may offer different ways to license music and may have fees associated with their services.  Some online music licensing companies may set initial fees to add your music or take a percentage of any music licensing offers for your music.  Please take the time to research each specific company of interest and check out their FAQ sections, fee structures, and how they license music.

It's also a good idea to research Performance Rights Organizations if you're interested in music licensing for your band.  Visit our Music Jobs Board for Jobs in the Entertainment Field.


Sync Licensing, Online Music Licensing Websites, Companies, & Resources

  • Music Licensing - This organization offers many opportunities for bands with recorded original music.  They have now added sync licensing to their many other options for bands to have the possibility of making money with their music.  Many bands with MP3's currently available for sale on CD baby are unaware that CDBaby has now partnered with Rumblefish (an industry leader in Sync Licensing).  I was unaware of this until I went into my account recently.  Log into your account dashboard, toward the middle of the page click add/manage sync licensing.  If you want to license your band's music to All Media you can select that option or you can opt in for just Microsync (social platforms only).  Next, select the dropdown option to tell CDBaby if you are affiliated with a performance rights organization (ex: BMI or ASCAP etc.).  You can also select none if you are not affiliated with one.  This is another great opportunity for songwriters and bands to get their music heard and possibly make a little money in the process.
  • - For bands offering music to license and those seeking music to license.  They offer free accounts and paid accounts including more services and song submission options.
    • Visit their FAQ page for more information on music licensing. 
    • You License offers a cool widget that you can add to your band website or MySpace band page.  They make it easy to license music from your band's website. 
  • CCLI - Christian Copyright Licensing International
  • How to License Your -  Provides in depth resources, both free and premium, to songwriters interested in licensing their music in film and television.