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Epiphone guitarra Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red
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Product Description

EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e's #1 selling model LP Special II is a great way for beginners to get started on guitar while getting the feel and tone of a Les Paul. Seasoned pros will also love the Special II because it's a great-sounding workhorse of a guitar that allows them to leave their more expensive axes at home.

Body Body shape: Single cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material: Solid wood Top wood: Not applicable Body wood: Solid mahogany Body finish: Gloss polyester Orientation: Right handed Neck Shape: '60s SlimTaper D Wood: Mahogany Joint: Bolt-on Scale length: 24.75" Truss rod: Standard Finish: Gloss polyester Fretboard Material: Rosewood Radius: 12" Fret size: Standard Number of frets: 22 Inlays: Dot Nut width: 1.68" (42.67mm) Pickups Configuration: HH Neck: 650R Middle: Not applicable Bridge: 700T Brand: EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Active or passive: Passive Series or parallel: Not applicable Piezo: Not applicable Active EQ: Not applicable Special electronics: Not applicable Controls Control layout: Master volume, tone Pickup switch: 3-way Coil tap or split: Not applicable Kill switch: Not applicable Hardware Bridge type: Fixed Bridge design: Tune-o-matic Tailpiece: Stopbar Tuning machines: Enclosed Color: Nickel Other Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Body finish Case: Sold separately Accessories: Not applicable Country of origin: China

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Beautiful finish. clear dark mahogany red just like my first early 60's SG (better, actually). Well balanced (much better than an SG). Nice neck. You will need to get a sanding sponge (hardware store) and run it up and down both edges of the neck about 10 times - then she'll be smooth as silk. Bolt-on neck is great - later if you need to can put a little wood shem between neck and body to adjust the angle any way you want. You cannot do that on an expensive "set-in" neck !! This is better. Tone and pickups are great sounding. Electronics 500K pots plenty of jangle. If you miss the old 60's Gibby sound, u gonna luv this one! Yes I own several - 50 years playing experience
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red
.First I'm gonna say every guitar should be checked out when received. Changing strings and setting up action is done on every guit b4 one critiques anything. And I'm old school. So it's 008's and slammed for me. And that set up allows me to see imperfections others may not notice when it comes to small issues with the board. And I found a small buzz between two frets. Nothing that dressing frets couldn't solve. And the fret wires need to have the ends dressed as well. Guitars with no binding on the fret board exposes that issue. No outright burrs that cut me. But they were rough. Here's what I did. Strings had to go. They always do. But these were like cable wires. Really stiff for show room strings. Not very flexible. Does not work well with bending strings. So .008's were installed. That showed an issue with the keys. They are trash. But even my 20th anniversary LP had trashy keys. Not only are the gears loose internally, but they weren't screwed down/mounted all the way. Which if not addressed will cause the screws in the wood to strip. Easy to tell, sooner or later they would start to rattle due to the slop in them. So that led me to check out all fasteners and hardware. Lots of loose screws. So check all. Neck screws were fine. The tail stop, like all, is a little close to the bridge. Serious angle for the strings when attacking the bridge. Which can lead to premature string breakage. Iffin you gig a lot, you'll be changing string more often, but the idea that one might break during a set is unacceptable. So route the strings backwards through the tail stop, run 'em over the top and over the bridge. You'll see the angle is very acceptable after that.
After addressing the board, strings, tail stop string angles, action, and loose hardware/fasteners, it plays like butter. Silky smooth and very easy action. The sound is much like any gibby LP w/ the 700/650's. Action is just as good iffin one takes the time.
Some of the best feeling pots I've ever touched. And the tone/volume levels were smooth and evenly gradual. Which is a first for me, Not typical of oe pots on any epi or gibson. Or fender for that matter.
Summery, outstanding construction from china, bad assembly though. some small improfections which are found on any guitar (not flaws). Loose hardware was an issue with me.
Solid feel to the neck. Not as solid as a real LP. But fricken close. Not overly heavy like a real LP. Nice low action after strings, board, and bridge were addressed.
serious potentail for under two bills to your door.
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red
.I couldn't believe how much guitar you get in this price range. Beautiful fit and finish with a solid feel. I'm happy just looking at it! Highly recommend.
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red
.I have 12 guitars now and have been playing for over 40 years. I bought this because it reminded me of a guitar I had when I first started all those years ago. At this price I really didn't take it seriously, but when it arrived I was more than pleasantly surprised. I really love this guitar, I can't imagine a better starter or second/third guitar for anyone. I broke out all my six string electrics and compared the sound, these pickups are on par with most. In fact I have only one guitar that has better tone (Gibson SG) and even that depends on the material you're playing. If you're an old rocker like me or you just like Classic Rock, I can get my best Deep Purple (Ritchie Blackmore) or Joe Walsh sound with this in the crunch channel of my Fender Stage 112. You almost expect to hear the rest of the band join in. The tone is full and crisp in the clean channel too. The neck pickup sounds great for bluesy leads and with both pickups in, jazz sounds great too. But kick in the crunch on your amp and let the ROCK AND ROLL rip!

Now it did take some surgery to get the action down to what I would call a roadworthy setup but I got it there. I had to remove the neck and take out the hokey shims that had the neck angle seated wrong. With a little experimenting I discovered that no shim at all allowed me the best, nearly buzzless action, and I have it down to 4/64" at the 12th fret. Very nice and quite usable. I also added a pickguard, which needed to be trimmed because the volume control is in the way of a standard Les Paul pickguard.

The neck has a nice feel to it, the finish is great, the tone is excellent, and the action can be worked in. The pickups are not the cheapest the Chinese factory could find, as you might expect at this low price. They are quite good. I just love when I feel I've gotten more than my money's worth and I'm thrilled with this.
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red
.I am a complete beginner, but I do like this guitar. All I had to do was open the box, make a minor tuning adjustment, and this baby was ready to jam on Rocksmith. :) I also like how the beautiful wine red finish makes this guitar stand out among other guitars in its class. It is definitely worth the price.
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red
.I've had this guitar since 2006 when I started playing. It's held up very well over the years and gotten a lot of use. The neck is very nice, no sharp frets or action problems. I think the body on mine is some kind of laminated wood but it has a good heft to it and a decent tone. Honestly, the only things I don't like about it are the stock pickups and tuners, but I may finally get around to upgrading them. My first "real" guitar and still going almost ten years on!
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red
.Great little guitar. A bit on the heavy side but that can be a little comforting. The neck's a joy,
but the finish can bind if your hand gets a bit sweaty. Keys may become an issue but I'll have to
see if a set up corrects it. Controls are simple and smooth with good response and range. Pickups are clean up to about 6 and reasonable after that. Hey, you want 'em to snarl a bit when ya dime it up. The finish is fantastic! Not really important
in the greater scheme of music, but it's always
nice to boost your cool factor. Everything was
tight and right.
BUT...the strings were dreadful...dead's to be expected, but these had corrosion on 'em. The intonation's pretty close, but it came with the
action a bit high. Simple runs between 7th and 12th frets popped and buzzed. So a set up will
probably give this little ax a bite.
I never bother running digital diagnostics on my
instruments...I'm an old school rocker all the way...I usually run a straight cord to my Fender
85 and play channel 1 a majority of the time.
This is a great little rock'n'roll guitar with a sweet tone clean, and a bit of gruff wrapped up
in the blues. Channel 2 kicked in with enough gain to give it some snarl and a bite, and channel 3 made me think of my old Mosrite Fuzzrite.
I'm really happy with this guitar and would feel
safe recommending it to anybody.
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red
.Much higher quality than I expected - almost as good as my old Stratocaster. I love it!
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red
.I realy like doing bussiness with Custom Guitar's Friend. You are the best. Love the price's Thank you so much GOD bless.
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red
.My neighbor gave me this guitar knowing that I was a player and he decided he was not going to take the time to learn. I own several other brand name and high end guitars. When I realized how inexpensive this guitar was I wanted to write a review based on its merits for the price. I did take it to my luthier for a set up and especially to file the fret edges, adjust the string height, intonation and restrung. Now the guitar plays extremely well for its "grade". It is not a Gibson or PRS but extremely playable and I may use it for alternate and slide tunings as the pickups are somewhat underkill. I've yet to dial in a great tone, but for a beginner and most players running all the digital processing out there, its fine. I like having it around for practice and I think if anyone buys it they may expect to have it properly set up or at least get the frets filed.
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Wine Red

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