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Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black
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Product Description

Protect your instrument with the only hardshell case molded specifically for the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e ES-339. A hardshell exterior protects a gray, plushly lined interior that cradles the guitar perfectly. Product ships in a sealed box.

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I expect ES339's to be increasing in popularity because of their physical trimmed down size and pickup options for a true archtop with a centerblock, a la the venerable ES335! Unfortunately with the vast majority of the EE-Epiphone-e product line being made in Sejung China now, it is just unrealistic to expect Epi/Gibson to continue sourcing those wonderful TKL hardshell cases from Canada. I have had some Japanese- and Korean-made guitars in these cases for between 10 and 15 years, and they have been through you know what and back, with every kind of roadie and stage crew in between. Access cases makes the current versions for Epi(and also Yamaha), and the first and most important thing you notice, which you should when you invest in a hardshell case, is the perfect fit. In all fairness, the plush interior on the Access cases are every bit as thick as the TKL's, but they lack a bit of the plush padding on the underside of the archtop lid, a feature the TKL's that EPI had made did not have. You have to purchase a pro-level TKL case in order to get one with a true archtop lid, and then we're looking at cases averaging twice the price of these. Also on the positive side, these cases do not have an overt glue smell the minute they are opened, which requries them being "aired out" and sprayed down with Fabreze. The two biggest negatives against this particular case are it's availability; they did not ship cases when they started selling guitars, and the initial guitar inventory was almost all pre-sold. They are catching up, and MF is doing a good job of keeping folks posted on the availability. The second negative is price/percentage; I personally just don't believe a decent case should cost 25% or more of the retail you pay for the instrument. Given the fit issues and such, I think the real solution would be to provide the case with the purchase and simply raise the overall price about half of what they are asking for the case. If Yamaha can do it for their acoustics which have unusual fit and size issues, EE-Epiphone-e with all their unit volume could certainly manage it.
Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black
.This case is real nice for the money.
When you order it, just make sure you ask Custom Guitars Friend
to have the case pulled out of the box and inspected for air bubbles in the tolex. Thats what I did on the second case, and I got one with out air bubbles.
Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black

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I was really amazed at the form of this case. Not so much the fit, but I can use that for my Ernie Ball polish cloth. Where some of my older built but still name brand cases have seams and gaps, this one has seamless construction on the outer Tolex. Here in the Pacific NW where moisture is a concern most of the year I would not hesitate to take my guitar out in this case. The lining is plush and appears of good quality.I won't worry about my guitar with this case. For the price (15% off and free shipping! woot woot!) cannot beat it. And shipped right to my door!
Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black
.This case is basically the same that comes with most guitars, (that come with a hard case)with the exception of higher end guitars, like a $3000.00 PRS or Custom Shop. Much better than using a gig bag, especially for guitars with a bigger headstock angle.
Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black
.Got this for my son when he went off to college. This is a nice, solid, economy case. It gives decent protection and presentation. Protect your investment and it will continue to serve you for many years, plus, there's nothing like opening a case and getting that "I get to play music" smell.
Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black
.This is a killer case at an amazing price for this guitar. I feel like I was lucky to find it. I can't tell you how much I - and my band mates - love the sounds I get from the Epi 339. It's now the main guitar voice for our band. The case is strong and does exactly what it's supposed to do. I really can't see how anyone can complain or give it less than five stars. What did they want... a metal flight case? It's perfect for its job.
Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black
.Wonderful sturdy case that fits the 339 like a glove. Absolute must have to protect your investment.
Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black
.Perfect condition. FULLY functional. Perfect fit for the new ES339 P90 Pro I also purchased.

Perfect mate for my 1975 EE-Epiphone-e FT165 12 string. Bought new as well.
Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black
.I don't know why but I had a hard time tracking one of these down until I came to Custom Guitarsfriend. Even my local GC didn't have one in stock. It's nice and fits the EE-Epiphone-e ES-339 guitar like a glove. I just bought the guitar so I haven't really had a chance to use it or the case but it works. The plush-lined interior is nice and keeps the guitar cozy.
Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black
.Looks good, seems solid and well made. Tight, firm fit to the 339 guitar - as it should be!
Epiphone Hardshell Case for ES339 Electric Guitar Black

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