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Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red

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Hardshell Case of Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red
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Product Description

The electric version of the classic M3SW, the M3SWE mandolin from Washburn features North American solid figured maple sides and back in a trans red finish. Battery powered preamp has volume, treble and bass sliders. Gold hardware and pearloid tuners adorn this cutaway Florentine-style mandolin. Includes case.

Florentine-cutaway design Carved Solid Spruce top Book-matched solid maple back and sides Maple neck Rosewood fingerboard Stain/buffed gloss top Stain/buffed gloss neck 4 inline open gear gold tuning machines Rosewood bridge with piezo pickup MG2 Preamp Includes case

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I had been working with playing mandolin for about two years. I already had a Rogue, which was adequate I suppose. But I wanted something more top of the line. The case alone was worth the wait, with a molded interior, a small blanket for the headstock, and a roomy inner compartment. The instrument itself was gorgeous! Much prettier than the picture on the website. It needed very minimum setup, as I took it to the local technician who only tweaked the bridge a tad and carefully filed out a couple of the string channels. The sound through an amp is clean as a whistle, with a very powerful pre-amp. You may have to cut the volume some. Playability is great, with wonderful intonation. All-in-all a great mandolin at a great price!
Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red
.I bought a used one of these a few years back when I started to get serious about playing mandolin. I have been very happy with it both for its playability and overall quality. The mandolin itself needed some minor setup to get the string action and pitch at the upper frets to be spot on. Once it was set though, it has been great. In the last year or so I have started gigging with it quite a bit and it has proven to be very rugged and reliable.

The one thing that I didn't like about it though was the tone controls. It tended to be too treble-y when I would play though a large PA system. I had to turn my treble slider all the way down and my bass all the way up to get something that wasn't too punchy. Even then I just didn't like the sound. The crucial mids were getting muddled while trying to pull the highs under control. To work around this I ended up purchasing a Boss GE-7 equalizer pedal so I could control the exact bands I needed to. Since then this thing sounds GREAT on stage.

Overall, I am very happy with this great looking insturment.
Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red


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Beautiful instrument. Light and strong.Great color and finish. Old time mother of pearl inlays give it an antique like class.Plays adequetely as an acoustic,fun as an electric.Bought for stage play with electric gits, & drums. Nice "F" style for the money.
Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red
.I was skeptical and thankful that the return policy is such that I felt safe if it turned out to be a "lemon" BUT I was completely blown away by the absolute awesome quality of the Washburn M3SWE Mandolin! I have purchased many products from Custom Guitars Friend over the years and have returned one or two items that just didn't turn out to be what I was looking for but never due to poor quality or misleading advertising. I am going to cut to the chase! I am 100% overjoyed with the mandolin I have in my possession right now and if it's because I just got lucky and happened to get a good one then 'so-be-it' but this Washburn M3SWE mandolin is amazing. Tunes perfectly, precisely, and smoothly. Action is consistent, clean, and comfortable. Not a blemish or negative looking aspect whatsoever! Bottom line...I GOT A GOOD ONE!!! Good work Washburn and Custom Guitars Friend! I am one Happy Camper (and I was prepared not to be and pleasantly surprised!) This mandolin is WONDERFUL!
Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red
.I've really enjoyed this Washburn Mandolin. It's got the best electric sound I've heard on a mandolin; it was just what I was looking for. The case is really nice too. I didn't like the strings that came with it, because they are medium and with my arthritis it hurts my thumb. Over all, it is an excellent Mandolin, good sound both plugged and unplugged, looks great, and certainly measures up to my expectations!
Has all the features that I wanted. The electric sounds rich and loud, not twangy like some electric mandolins. The only thing I'd like to see is a built-in tuner for the price it cost. There's always something we want... Also the acsetics is really top notch, very well made.
It's sound, and very well made. The case is as beautiful as the mandolin.
The price fits the value.
Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red
.This is my first mandolin. I play guitar, so I've been able to pick it up without too much difficulty. Firstly, this instrument is beautiful. I proudly display it for all to see (though the high-quality case that it came in is very nice). Having a large collection of guitars, I know a quality instrument when I see one. This mandolin is built strong and it feels solid when I play it. LOVE the sound/tone. I have made no adjustments to the instrument and have found that it pretty much stays in tune. Mandolins are sooo versatile. Just in the short three weeks that I've had it I have learned to play some bluegrass, country, Italian, Irish, rock, etc. If you want to add some color to your guitar playing, get a mandolin. I would recommend this Washburn mandolin to anybody, beginner to professional.
Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red
.I don't play publicly, but I enjoy recording songs on the computer. I had an inexpensive Rogue but wanted to step up in class to a decent acoustic/electric mandolin I could plug straight into my hardware without an amp. This Washburn works well for that. I like the feel and sound, and the pickup is almost too good -- I realized I had to improve my technique because it was picking up slight bumps and strings brushed inadvertently. If I were a performing pro,I might want something top of the line. But this instrument suits my purposes very well; plus, I just enjoy playing it!
Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red
.I see some good reviews of this mandolin here, so maybe what I received is not typical, but the instrument I received is horrible. It won't stay in tune. When the bridge is positioned for proper intonation, even at it's lowest adjustment the strings are too high. Even though I have adjusted the neck to be flat. The tone is strident and string balance is poor. The finish is poorly done and the binding is very sloppy. Honestly, I can't think of one good thing to say about this instrument. The case however is nice.
Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red
.Love the way it plays.As far as the electronics go it is junk.It has been sent in again for replacement.You never know when it will quit working.This is the second time it has died during a performance. It takes at least two months to get it back each time.
Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red
.I play this mandolin at Mass on a regular basis - sounds outstanding through the church's sound system. It has a very hot pickup - no shortage of power! It holds its tune incredibly well. It has a tremendous, quick action and simply put, it is a dynamite mandolin. I love it. Sounds beautiful. Sweet, sweet piece.
Only issue is on the "D" strings, sometimes while tuning a string will slip slightly, requiring a little more time to tune. What is happening is the "D" string are holding up just slightly, occasionally, on the nut. Adding lubricant to the nut resolved the issue for a while. The issue isn't a big deal.

This mandolin is a DANDY and I'd repurchase in a heartbeat.
Washburn M3SWE F-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin with Case Transparent Wine Red

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