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Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard

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Hardshell Case of Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
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Product Description

The Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat is the ultimate fashion accessory in an electric guitar. This sleek, gloss black and chrome Stratocaster looks great under the lights. It's also an electric guitar that screams, thanks to a hot bridge humbucker, while 2 single-coils cover the traditional Strat sounds.

Agathis body Bolt-on maple neck Rosewood fingerboard Dot inlays Medium-jumbo frets Gloss black finish with matching headcap

You can have it Strat or fat with this stylish rocker. Make it your choice and order today.

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I have played guitar as a hobbiest for years. My son has gotten into guitar and has been taken lessons for almost a year. For his birthday he wanted to choose his own guitar. I gave him a budget. He really liked this guitar's looks (remenisant of John 5's tele). I suggested to him the s-s-h for more versitility.Upon arrival, the guitar looked great. It sounded ok but the Humbucker was not adjusted correctly. I took it to the local guitar shop and got a complete set up and new strings added. MY SON ABSOLUTELY loves it. I play it often and I think it a pretty great guitar. It is miles better then the bullet one or the affinity series. NO it is not on the level of an MIA strat, but very close to the quality of a MIM. Upgraded Pickups sound pretty descent, and would probably be easily upgraded. Hardware is not top of the line but respectable. Guitar stays in tune perfectly fine UNLESS you hammer on the bar... but that is expected with anything not lockable.You have to put it into perspective... you are not gonna get the end all, be all of all guitars for this price. But for an extra hundred or so above entry level you get a pretty descent starting point that will get keep you enthused, and make upgrades resonable, instead of just wasting money
Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
.I just purchased the Black and chrome Squire from Musians Friend.I was not ready for how really cool this guitar is.I have other guitars,like a Gibson SG,Dean Razorback,Hamer standard,but I have to say I love to play this one the most,cant explain it.It feels really good,well balanced,sounds cool,I only change strings and thats about it.My wife even likes this one.This guitar really legitimizes my other Squires,a 20th anniv.and a Tele.I would suggest looking at this guitar for anybody wanting a cool guitar to play or to add to the collection.I will do both.Thank you Musians friend for a great Deal.
Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
.This is my first real electric, got it for christmas two years ago. A pretty spiffy Strat!! Its pretty much got everything you need. The body feels stable when you hold it and the Neck, I wouldnt say it is perfect, but it gets the job done. It was set up when I got it, but overtime I changed string sizes a few times and it wasnt a huge hassle.The 2 single coils sound pretty good overdrivin or with a distortion. They really arent bad; if your a beginner their great for what you got and if youve got a few years of experience you could probably do a lot with them. However, the Humbucker is HORRIBLE. It only sounds good if you put a fuzz over it. It has only bare middles for the top strings and PURE SCREAMING HIGHS for the bottom. CHANGE this pickup and you can probably do way more with this squire than you think.Overall, If you adjust it a lil bit youve got a jammin strat!
Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
.I bought this guitar for my daughter who has been playing mostly acoustic guitar since she was 8 years old. I taught her how to play and then she just kind of took off and started learning more and more on her own. Anyway, I actually used to own a guitar just like this but I'm an Ibanez guy so I didn't keep it. My daughter absolutely loves it! The look of the guitar is pretty sweet with the chrome pick guard over the black body. The sound is great and the fact that it comes with 2 single coil pickups along with a humbucker means you get a few different options when it comes to sound. If you want a nice guitar that isn't going to break the bank you should definitely check this one out. That is if you're a Fender/Squier person.
Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
.I bought this just because of the looks. No problems with quality, had to set it up, so what else is new? Tuning issues were fixed with stiffer springs on the bridge. Neck was straight. Pickups were ok, but I replaced them with tex-mex singles and a seymour duncan sh-4 humbucker. My son is a rock musician, and uses this for gigs when he can pry it away from me, he loves it, and he has some very expensive axes. Trust me, with that setup you can make any sound you want. I've been playing for 50 years and have several high end guitars. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks to make it great, this is the one for you, and still will be economical. If you are a beginner, have it set up professionally, and it will be good as it is. A lot of bang for the buck. I couldn't be happier.
Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
.Read all the other reviews, basically, you can't get a better strat unless you jump up to a full fledged Fender Standard with the full fledged price tag. This guitar is beautiful enough to show off to your friends, sounds good enough to keep your interest and motivation up while you learn or improve your playing. Mine arrived with a little bit of corrosion on the non stainless screws that hold down the pick guard. I replaced them as well as all the other screws with chrome ones (cost about 20 bucks). It is built really well and sounds great through my 15w Peavy Vypyr modelling amp. I don't seem to have the tuning problems that some folks have but the whammy bar stays detached and in the case most of the time too. After a week or so of the new strings stretching a bit, it stays in tune longer and longer. I should mention this is a dressed up Standard and not a dressed up Affinity, ie it has the Alnico pickups and better hardware.One day I will step up to a Fender and this one will go in a case and hang on the wall cuz it looks so good.
Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
.unbelievable sound for the price,didn't have to make any adjustments perfect as is!!!!!!!!!!! A must buy!!!!! Sounds and feels like you payed a couple grand for it! beautiful piece
Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
.This guitar looked awesome in the pictures on the internet and looked even better when I got it! I love the large black-painted headstock and the whole black and chrome look. I hate to touch the mirror pickguard because it leaves fingerprints. Everything, including the looks and feel were great,except for two things. The tone wasn't as hot as I hoped it would be, but I plan on getting the pickups replaced. This guitar gets out of tune very easily if you use the whammy bar, but guitars are ment to be tuned, right? Overall this is a fairly good guitar. I would recommend it to any beginner.
Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
.Got this guitar and a 15-watt Ibanez for Christmas and absolutely love it. I had to get rid of the pickguard after I dropped it, but I got a pearloid pickguard to replace it and it still looks awesome! Once you replace the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan Invader, it could be the best guitar ever.
Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
.I just got this guitar for Christmas and it was a pleasant surprise!! It is has the Alnico upgraded pickups and it produces some nice clean bell like tones. I am going to switch out the pickups for some Dimarzio single coils to get even a better noiseless sound. Overall I am very happy with this guitar - way better than the cheaper squire models and of course still not at the level of a american standard strat....but very well worth the money. Get one and you too will be surprised at the sound and quality.
Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard

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