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Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black

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Hardshell Case of Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black
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Product Description

The Squire Bullet HSS Strat with tremolo is a simple, affordable and practical electric guitar designed for beginners and students. The Bullet HSS Stratocaster has classic styling and includes the added benefit of the combination of one humbucking pickup in the bridge position and two single-coil pickups in the neck and middle positions. Other features on the Squire Bullet guitar include 5-way switching, synchronous tremolo, and a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and 21 frets.

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Series: Bullet Series Body: Basswood Neck: Maple Fingerboard: rosewood, 9-1/2" radius (241 mm) No. of Frets: 21 medium jumbo Pickups: 2 single-coil Strat pickups (middle & bridge), and one humbucking pickup (bridge) Controls: Master volume, tone, tone Pickup switching: 5-position blade: Position 1. bridge pickup Position 2. bridge and middle pickup Position 3. middle pickup Position 4. middle and neck pickup Position 5. neck pickup Bridge: synchronous tremolo with cast saddles Machine heads: Covered tuners Hardware: Chrome Pickguard: 1-ply white Scale length: 25-1/2" (648 mm) Width at nut: 1.650" (42 mm) Strings: Fender super 250l, (.009 to .042) nickel-plated steel Unique features: Slim (42 mm) body profile Traditional Strat headstock shape White dot position inlays

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You could upgrade the ceramic pickups to AlNiCo pickups to get an better tone, but remember that it is a starter guitar with cheap components, so if you only want a perfect instrument, you better start with a Fender Mexican Strat , but if you care first about acquiering good guitar skils at a low price, you should try the Squier.

And the last thing to know, with a humbucker, you get a high output rock tone ready to get ristorded, wich is nice because you can play more styles, but you loose the brige single coil that was sounding more like a Telecaster. This is a though choice but you can have more than one guitar if you like playing!
Compared to other guitars of its class, it has great standard features. It has everything a strat needs, like a tremolo system, two tone knob for neck and gridge pickups. It also has a humbucker, wich makes it good for more music styles.
The tremolo system is basic, it is harder to set it so it doesn't go out of tune, but since the bridge is sitting on the wood, I just unscrew the whammy bar and it keeps the tuning better.
The body's finnish is amasing sepecially in sunburst. Its shiny and the sunburst painting is beautyful.
It looks like a real strat because it is not just a copy, it is a real fender design.

The neck is unfinished, you can toutch the smoot maple neck, I like it because it is not sticky, but that might be a reason why this guitar is cheap. The frets are smooth and sot sharp.
The action was set low without fret buzz but that might be the store's setup.

The tuners are cheap, indeed, but does the job, the also are greased and sealed.

The sound is great, I did not expect to hear a true fender tone comming from this guitar, but It is closer then I thought, the only defference is the ceramic pickups. The Neck pickup is warm and nice.

The body is made of Basswod instead of Alder wood, but basswood is a neutral wood and it will resonate wit your strings without changing the tone.
I bought this guitar and It acts just like a strat should do. The design comes from Fender and it is based on their Stratocasters. If you compare to other strat-like guitars, this might be the closest to the real thing.
If you want to try guitar and you like strats, you should try this one, for the price it could not be a big mistake.
Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black
.Not at all what I was expecting for the money. I already have a standard strat and just wanted the humbucker for a few songs, but now it's my first choice almost every time. The neck is fast, frets are great, and the finish is unbelievable (mine is sunburst). For this price, you absolutely will NOT find a better guitar. I would suggest this guitar to anybody who wants the HSS sound. Incredible value!
Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black
. Once I put decent strings on it, and set up the bridge/intonation, it played nicely. Got it too sing like and angel, and scream like a demon.
I just set one of these up for a friend of mine who bought it for his daughter to learn on. Right out of the bag it was somewhat playable. New strings, and some bridge adjustment and it gets the job done. He also bought her a used Fender GDEC amp, so I plugged it in and was impressed. Dialed in some cool tones with the amp modeling and put on a mini "show" for the guys in the breakroom. I've been playing for 46 years, and have owned a lot of guitars so I have some background to compare it with. If you buy one it will need to be set up, and have some decent strings put on it, but it should do the job for you. I would recommend it to anyone looking to start out, or who would like to experiment with a Stratocaster without going to far into debt.
Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black
.The things wrong with guitar are small and far apart. This guitar will probably last for 20 or so years, and it's just a great piece all around. Lovely.

P.S. This guitar goes VERY WELL with Roland Cube amplifiers. It's like a harmonious marriage.
Short and sweet, it's a stellar guitar. The humbucker, just like it says in the description, really gives it that extra sizzle it needs. And, to be the 40th person, yes it requires setup. Deal with it. However, it sounds great. The only reason I gave it a nine is because bolts and screws periodically become loose, and it sometimes rattles. However, this can be easily fixed, so no worries.
For a 120 dollar guitar, this is as good as you can get. It's been dropped, thrashed, transported, etc. and it has yet to fail me. Squier did a great job with this guitar. The HSS is a much higher quality guitar than the HH or the SSS (and I've played all three.)
Once again, for 120 dollars, this guitar sounds like a 500 dollar guitar if you know what you're doing. It's a great learner's guitar, and I will probably keep it forever.
Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black
.I got this guitar a while ago; it was the first electric I ever got. I have always loved Strats and ever since I started playing guitar I had always wanted at least one guitar with a whammy (tremolo) bar. The guitar stays in pretty good tune even after using the tremolo a bit, which is a very important feature in my opinion. The pickups are ceramic, so are obviously not as good as alnico ones, but you have to keep in mind that this is a beginner guitar, and you should not have high expectations as far as the hardware goes. If you are a experienced guitarist like me, then you know there are much better guitars than this, so I would mainly suggest this to beginners, or a cheap guitar for practicing and jamming. This is still one of my favorite guitars that I have ever gotten, right after my Epiphone Vintage G-400 SG. However, comparing the two is like apples to oranges, the G-400 is not a beginner guitar (far from it, in fact I would greatly suggest it to more experienced players) and the Squier Strat is a beginner guitar. Overall, this guitar is the best one you will find for the money. I highly recommend it to beginners.
Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black
.I just started out playing an electric a few months ago. Didn't know what I wanted so went with the versatility of an HSS. The stock single pickups are kind of muffled but the Humbucker sounded pretty good. I did replace the Humbucker with a Seymour-Duncan Custom Custom and have loved it since. I did have to do some adjustments to it (truss rod, string height, pickup height) and replaced the strings with a medium set. The medium strings will pull the bridge away from the body, so you'll need heavier springs to counteract. Did have problems keeping it in tune with the tremolo (especially when going to a drop D), but have blocked it and haven't had any problems. I also had to re-solder the instrument cable connection inside the guitar, easy fix though and haven't heard of any others with same problem. For those just getting into an electric, it's a great starter for the price. From there, you can do like me and experiment with different sounds without dropping a lot on a guitar you may not like.
Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black
.Got one of these bullets just after christmas when they had a price drop on them. Out of the box it will most likely not be playable as far as it being in tune and intonated properly which was expected. After adjusting the truss rod for proper neck bow, bridge saddles for string heigth, moving the saddles forward or backwards for strenth length, I still had some intonation problems. Playing a G chord the low G note was going a half a note sharp. It was in between G and G#. Other chords had the same problem, it was not isolated to just the 6th string. So I ordered a new Graph Tech Tusq nut for it. I did have to shim the new nut as it was not as tall as the original, but now the intonation is near perfect. This is probably the best intonated guitar I have ever had after this fix. I have had higher end guitars that this was not a big problem, they were not off enough to change the nut. I also put in a 6 on a bar vintage tuners from GFS that fit perfectly and stays in tune. Due to the smaller size of the holes for the tuners, you have to get the vintage size so you don't have to drill them bigger. These two upgrades are necessary for this guitar to be gig worthy. The bridge is good, but will possibly put some new saddles either stainless or the ones with rollers. The electronics as a whole are very good. The switch and knobs are smooth. The pickups for the most part have that strat sound. I find them to be a little on the harsh to shrill sound though. The neck and middle pickup give you a nice clean sound and can handle a little overdrive, but do not sound good to me heavily overdriven. However the humbucker bridge pickup sounds great heavily overdriven and it sounds good clean as well. Next I will be getting a GFS prewired pickguard that has the Alnico V pickups installed which is the type used in vintage strats. They should have a warmer less shrill sound. I will probably just get the standard sss to make this into a standard vintage strat. I know i've rambled on, but if you are a beginner and do not have experience with working on a guitar, you will have to take it to a guitar shop that can get it set up and change those parts out. With the tuners and nut I do not have much invested in this guitar, so for me it was a great buy. Bottom line is with a couple of other upgrades I may do I will have a great playing and sounding guitar that cost no way near an american made fender. Don't get me wrong, becuase I would like to have one, but quality control is still a hit or miss on a guitar no matter what the cost and I for sure do not have a thousand to spend. Another nice little note is on the VHT special 6, a low cost handwired tube amp that pairs really nice with a strat.
Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black
.Received my, Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo.After opening and inspecting everything was ok. My amp is a Kustom KG 100HFX.Plugged her in and gave her a whirl.Tonal quality is Great. The pickups are amazing very nice.5 way switching is awesome.There is a huge difference when you use the switching in tone and sound.Stock strings are fine. One thing I had to do and all Custom Guitars or begginers need to setup there Instrument properly like I did.I have been playing Guitar since I was 11 years old im 39 now and it reminds me of my first Guitar which I miss. Thank You Custom Guitarsfriend for the great guitar and the pricing you people ROCK!
Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black
. Guitar is very functional and easy to play. I chose the Fender because I have a bad left wrist. It is the only guitar I have found that doesn,t agrivate my bad wrist. I have just started using the trem bar, never cared for them before. It sounds pretty good to me now.
I purchased this guitar about 9 months ago. I have just gotten to the point where I can make a little music. Mine is paired with a Fender Frontman 25R. All of the notes are correct all the way to the end of the fret board. The frets are fat, round and brightly finished. The guitar stays in tune even when I use the tremolo. The overall finish on the guitar is nice. The neck is easy to navigate and comfortable in my hand. I could use a little less action but I think it can be adjusted. I plan on spending a little money and putting on some nicer pickups. I think I will be using this guitar for some time to come.
A lot of guitar for the money!!
Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black
.I gave this 5.o review because you couldn't buy the parts for this guitar much less sand or paint it for a third of the price. Then there is of coarse the fact that if you're willing to take the time to understand what makes a high end guitar sound so good, you can upgrade this squire for another $150. and have a guitar with the proper set up, that will compare to guitars close to the thousand $ range. You get a great starter guitar with the possibilities to expand while learning what makes a guitar sound good. Pop in some fender noiseless or Tex hots. Then dress up the fret board and frets a little, set your action and tonation. Pros have their guitars set up and reinvent their axe all the time, just look at Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstein. Unbelievable value for entry level. Squire is as good as the player that holds her. Rock on!
Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar with Tremolo Black

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