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Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black

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Product Description

The all-new Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS puts classic Fender looks into a distinctively sharp-looking, great-sounding, and super-versatile short-scale Squier bass model.

The Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS features include a sleek offset-waist body and ultra-slim 30"-scale maple neck, with the added one-two punch of a booming split-single-coil Precision Bass middle pickup paired with a growling Jazz Bass single-coil bridge pickup. More than just a student model, the Jaguar Bass Special SS is perfect for players of all kinds who appreciate the comfort of a short-scale instrument.

Agathis body C-shaped, 30"-scale maple neck Rosewood fretboard with 20 medium jumbo frets Split single coil Precision Bass pickup (middle) and single coil Jazz Bass pickup (bridge)

Superior tone, smooth playability, great comfort, and fantastic value. Order now!


Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale)

30" scale
Nut width: 1-1/2"
9-1/2" fretboard radius

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In short... I love it... I can smoke scales on this thing with no pain. I've played blues with it with the guys I jam with that do that, I've also rocked out on it and it's better for that than blues, but, you can get any sound you need to get out of it. Works really good with my 100watt Roland COSM amp, and equally well with my 450watt Behringer head and bottom. All I can say is WOW. If you are even thinking about it... Pull the trigger!
This bass guitar is very light on extra features, but at this price point, I have no complaints. Really not a "Jaguar" in how Fender originally meant the term, but in body style only. That's okay though, as you get plenty for your hard earned money. The single tone control works well enough, and the volume pot's do their job without "scratchy" sounds if you use them for song dynamics.
For the coin, are you kidding me? This thing is VERY nice. I also have two Fender Jazzies, and the paint, pocket, and neck on this thing is very comparable. This is a good working guitar, and I intend on working with it. Not just for students, some of us have pain for various reasons while we play, and for some, a short scale is a "godsend". The only complaint quality wise is that the single coil tailpiece pickup is very weak on it's own. Okay for coloring the sound of the split coil, and I may,after a bit, put a new one in... but that would be only because I want to, you would not have to. It would still be a perfectly serviceable guitar just stock.
As stated above, a quality working guitar... I got it for a great price. I just don't see how you can get much more "value" for your money than that. I'm not kidding when I say I plan on gigging with it. It rocks!
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black
.Overall, I am pleased with the instrument-- HOWEVER-- I must add... I bought this bass because my drummer had gotten one (also a bass player) and his was totally immaculate. It was excellently balanced, like a proper blade-- you could feel it as soon as you held it. It played beautifully and effortlessly and sounded like a freight train or a bass clarinet (however you needed it). His was also flawlessly crafted, etc. such as I mention above. But, when I got mine, there were some significant differences (perhaps to be expected). Firstly, mine was NOTICEABLY heavier, and I do mean NOTICEABLY. His was like wielding a samurai sword, with action that practically bounced off the finger and fretbaord. Also, he had a nice, rich, chocolate slab of rosewood to work with, set in a flamed maple neck. My fretboard was a little more "rosey" and textured and just a nice clean beam of maple to support it (I suppose, minor aesthetic differences, really, but disappointing). The action on mine is great, but it is certainly more "work" for me to play it in comparison to his, which comes alive with each note. A comparison of the bodies shows a thicker slab and it may even be of a different wood. Overall, I am still very satisfied with the bass and totally recommend it. But, you can't fall in love with a twin, ask a blind man.
Simple and straight up, everything in it's right place. A knob for neck, a knob for bridge-- use separate or mix. Tone for both (would've been nice if they each had their own, but hey). Great neck: comfortable, fast, smooth. Frets that don't get in the way. Solid machine heads. Standard bridge. Loaded with D'Addarios and set up well. Comfortable body contouring and well-balanced shape. Attractive design. Excellent neck pick-up, the bridge could use some more punch when isolated, but and excellent pick-up for shaping and coloring.
Definitely carved, crafted, painted, glazed and installed well. Very solid, no bad pocket or lazy cutting of the skunk stripe or bad lamination to speak of. Assembled by Indonesia's finest luthiers. Totally ready to go with no complaints as far as all that goes. No bad frets or any other marks, dings, errors and shottiness. It says "Crafted In Indonesia" and they do mean CRAFTED.
Absolutely ridiculous value. You will not get a better short scale bass, (or bass or guitar, for that matter), for the price of this fine instrument. Ibanez always builds quality, but for a Squier, this thing is totally first class. They haven't produced an instrument of this quality since my ProTone Strat, 14 years ago. Instruments like this can earn Squier a good name. Probably the best value I've ever gotten on an instrument purchase. This thing is comparable to $500 quality (maybe with some tweaks, the bridge pick-up could use some more punch).
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black
.If you're looking for the best student bass, this is it. If you're looking to replace a really top-end instrument, don't be silly. BUT as the owner of nice gear, I'd not hesitate to play this little bass out.
As a pro tech and luthier, I'm making my assessments based on price, so that should be kept in mind. This guitar is perfect for its price point and intended use. I bought it for my 10 year old, and we all love playing this bass.
Fit and finish is good. The fret ends were a little sharp but I fixed those. Action was pretty good and the intonation was almost perfect out of the box with a strobe.
She has not stopped playing it. She had a p-bass knock off that was difficult for her to move around on. This bass has rectified that. She loves the silver color. For the price, there is not a better value for a student model.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black
.I bought this as a present for my son, who wants to learn bass. And I have to say, I'm a bit envious of it. It has great looks, excellent tone, and no-nonsence hardware. I put my ear on the upper horn and played it unplugged, and it has some sweet resonance. And plugged in, it just gets better.

Sure, its a short scale, so you'll probably want a full-scale bass in your stable. But as someone with small hands, I find the short scale makes it easy to play faster than on my regular bass. I could see doing some studio work with this through the right amp - get some vintage R and B or Motown tones, or even a Nashville sound. Probably not the best for hard, heavy rock, but I can see it doing most anything else.
Fairly simple and straightforward passive bass. Nothing fancy. It will take a while to figure out the ideal mix of the two pickups.
This appears to be as well made as any bass in the Fender family that I've ever played. The finish is flawless, all the hardware is on tight, the neck feels smooth.

It's only been a month since purchase, so it remains to be seen how durable it is, but I have no reason to think it won't be.
This bass is an outsanding value. For the price, you get an amazing starter bass. If you decided bass isn't your thing, you won't be out too much money, and I'm confident you'd easily find a home for it.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black
.I had been looking to pick up a cheap short scale bass lately if just for practice and the occasional limited-space stage performance, but I find I'm playing this vintage modified Squier Jaguar bass everywhere. And for the record, I never thought I'd be playing a Squier bass, especially out in front of my peers. It's fun to play, sounds great and knowing what I payed for it, it's worth its weight in gold. So glad I pulled the trigger on this and you will be, too.
Two pickups, individual volume controls and a tone control. Really basic, but any more may be overkill on this bass. An occasional hum from the jazz bridge pickup. Made in Indonesia.
Don't see or hear anything wrong with this bass. After an initial setup, this baby's ready to roll. A setup is CRUCIAL to the way a bass plays and must be done before you make a judgement on it. I bought this bass used - the neck was bowed. A few tightening turns of the truss road and the neck is straight as an arrow. Intonation corrected... this is a great bass! Only thing, for a short scale, it is kinda heavy. I expected it to be much lighter than it is. Also, there is a slight neck dive but a thicker strap should make everything good. The strings are actually decent but I will replace them down the road.
Are you kidding me??? I bought this used at a great price. The deal of the year! The listing didn't tell me what color I was buying or exactly what was wrong with it (why it was so cheap), so I did take a chance. Someone drilled a tiny hole probably to place a thumbrest above the middle pickup. It can't be seen from more than two feet away, but who cares? It's not gonna be perfect after I start swinging it around.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black
. Compared to the Mikro bass it doesn't seem like a "toy"...although the Mikro has served me well for couple of years now. It also seems a bit more suited to the classic rock cover band I'm playing in now...can get good country and blues sounds out of it as well. The Mikro seemed to function soundwise better in the metal band I was playing in.
This is my second short scale bass, the first being an Ibanez Mikro bass which I also bought off of MF and I love it. This is a 30" scale and I notice no trouble changing over from the Mikro's 28" scale; the longer scale neck gives the impression that this bass is a little bigger than the Mikro which people make fun of as being so small looking on me (6' 250lbs.). Which is of no consequence to me as I play these small basses because of my bad back and tendonitis in my wrists, which makes playing all my normal and long scale basses painful these days as I get older. The smaller basses have allowed me to have fun again at gigs and 4 hours of playing on the smaller basses every night does not completely wipe me out the next day.

All the parts are solid and it has survived a couple of falls and such, since it doesn't even come with a gig bag...cheapskates. As the years go on I'm getting fed up with the nickle and diming Fender/Squire engages in with their new products. I miss the days when you got a nice hardshell or tweed case included in the price of the guitar. So the tuning heads have survived a couple of bashes that the chinese ones on my expensive Fender Jag didn't survive and had to be replaced...I will keep these until damaged and then buy better locking ones. Pickups are good, I will probably eventually at least change the jazz pu. A little noisy when near my amp but I'm sure a little foil grounding will help that. Sounds awesome as is out of the box thru my Behringer bass head and '67 Kustom cab w/2x15".

Again, the shipping left a lot to be desired. Packed like crap and again a miracle worthy of making me believe in a God...the box had been completely severed and retaped together...I'm assuming that no company in the world would ship a box out looking like that (although every guitar/bass I've bought from MF has come in this kind of shape); therefor it must be UPS's fault and several in the past I've known for sure that the BROWN lived up to their color's name.

Only a couple of "dings" on surface of paint, nothing worth sending back over. Same condition my speakers arrived in a couple of weeks ago...UPS is garbage. Worthless shipping company. Everything I get from MF is F'd up. I've sent several expensive items back that didn't work and every guitar/bass I have gotten (half a dozen or so over the years) has a least one little nick somewhere from being beaten completely to crap during shipping. MF should really look into allow other forms of shipping..ie. USPS, FedEx, blah blah blah. If I was anal about damage done I would send every thing back each time to MF, but I only buy gear that I think can survive a tough time on the road and in low life bars and bar fights. Everything gets nicked up during the first gig, so there is no point to worring about a few nicks during shipping...it's just become a pet peeve of mine over the years.
For the money and Made In Indonesia it is an excellent quality little bass...has survived a half dozen gigs in the 2 weeks I've had it without the case or gig bag that it didn't come with. Played it straight out of the box with no adjustments since I got it...plays nice. Strings are cheap but no biggie...the gigs hardly pay enough for a set of good strings, and I figure the audience won't know the "sonic" difference after a couple of beers. PU's decent, probably change the Jazz PU, it's a bit weak. Gears and bridge are sufficient for now.
Excellent value for the money.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black
.I have been a Guitar player for over 35 years. All my friends are guitar players so, since everyone can't play guitar I volunteered to learn bass. I bought a Heavy Long Scale Ibanez ATK 700 here at Custom Guitars Friend and I Love it, but we have a small studio and I thought the short scale would be a better choice. I was Right. This bass is heavy for a short scale, but you need the weight to give the notes sustain and this bass has got it. Feels good with a strap and when you sit it is very comfortable. I sat in my easy chair and played it for an hour last night with various types of music and I Really Enjoyed This Bass. You Can't Go Wrong Buying This Bass.

I have a Large Collection of Gibson, Martin and U.S.A. Fender Guitar's So I Do Love Quality.

For the Price. This Bass Is Quality.
Very heavy for a short scale. Made from Agathis. An Austrailian Hard Wood. A Seperate volume knob for the P's and the Single J can give you some great sound's. Single tone knob works well. Excellent Finish. You will Love the Neck. Not Sticky. Just a thin coat of satin poly, I Think. You will love the Neck Smooth and Thin.
Excellent Quality. I Got It Fora great price. The pickup's sound great. Comes with D'addario Strings and Set up Well. I can't say anything bad about it. The Body is Very Comfortable Too.
As I Said. I Got It For a great price. I Love Everything about this Bass. If It Get's Stolen. Just Buy Another One. I would.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black
.I've had elbow surgery and elbow replacement. I can't get back to using a long scale yet and was needing a short scale to use due to pain in my wrist and elbow. The thin neck and "30 scale has helped me get back to playing sooner. Not quite the sound of my Hot Rod P Bass, but pretty dang close. I love the same pick-up configuration as my P-bass and have used this out for shows. Only thing I would want is a maple fret board.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black
.I'm extremely happy and my daughter is as well. It played well out of the box without a set up but will benefit from that work as well. She is small and the short scale is perfect for her. I'm a guitarist, so it's great for me too!
I am really impressed with this purchase. It features not only a pbass pickup but the bridge pickup is a jass bass style. They could both be a little higher end but for this price, really? They sound good and do the job on a little 15 watt rumble amp and my daughter doesn't play hard or loud enough to know different right now.
Top notch finish. pickguard is perfectly cut, all else is done well. knobs were put on non-aligned a little cheaper plastic than mex or am basses but, again, at this price point, I'll take it.

The neck, although plays well and fret ends are smooth, does have a little bit of back side unevenness on the skunkstripe. Easilyl sanded without even going through the satin poly finish.

The headstock is black and painted perfectly.

The tuners are the large worm gear "club" style. We've tuned it once, played for 3 hours, haven't retuned yet!

Strings are Fender brand and play nicely.
For the money, this is the nicest instrument I've played. Top notch from fender/squier. They have managed to get their factories in line making very high quality products!
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black
.Sounds fantastic. Pickups are genuine fender and sound great. Not too heavy, great scale neck for guitarists or even young bass players just starting out. Silver finish (that's what i bought) very nice. classy. sexy. volume and tone controls help dial in a great sound. Just an overall great deal for a good sounding instrument.
For this price! Sure its a Squire, but you're basically getting a Fender Jaguar. Great value.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) Rosewood Fretboard Black

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