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Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
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Product Description

The elegant Schecter Stiletto Studio-5 Bass pulls out all the stops with neck-thru-body, multilaminate construction and high-end appointments. It features a mahogany and bubinga body, multilaminate maple and walnut neck, and rosewood fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets and offset dot inlays. Also features a Diamond Custom bridge, Grover tuners, EMG-HZ pickups, 3-band EQ, master volume and blend controls, and satin gold hardware.

Case sold separately.

Construction/scale: neck-thru/35" Body: mahogany with bubinga Neck/fingerboard: multilaminate maple & walnut/rosewood Frets: 24 jumbo Inlays: offset dots Pickups: EMG HZ Electronics: master vol/blend/3-band EQ Bridge: Diamond Custom Binding: none Tuners: Grover Hardware: satin gold Color: honey satin Case sold separately

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Overall I gave this bass a 10 because everytime I go out to music stores to play different basses, I compare those to this bass. I am seriously thinking about buying the 4 string version of this bass just for kicks and giggles. They are just that great.
First off.. wow. Got this bass about 5 months ago, and its one of the best basses I have played through. I have played many basses including the famous Rickenbacker 4003.The tonal control on this bass is stunning. I play usually metal but if you want a funk sound, or a jazz sound, this bass can do that just as well. This bass has a really nice bottom end and a nice growl to it which I love. The neck is flawless. Very very fast neck. Not too bulky not too thin. The body shape is sexy. Its not bland like most Fender designs but nothing too fancy and rediculous like a B.C. Rich. This bass isn't neck heavy at all like a Rich either. I loved the strings it came with also. They weren't some crappy factory strings, they were Ernie Balls. Great sound and lasted me a while.
This bass is crafted like a high dollar bass. The picture doesn't even begin to tell the story of how greatly designed and crafted this bass is. It's made with the top of the line woods including Bubinga and Mahogany. I cherish this bass because I saved up for it, but I didn't have to rip my leg off to get it. This bass plays like a high priced bass, looks like one, and sounds like one. I have had endless compliments on sound, and looks.
Like I said before, this bass is my baby. I have sold a few of my instruments because of lack of assets, I will never let this bass go. Ever.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.This bass is really a steal at the price it markets for. I have had mine for about 4 years now and it is a workhorse with a brilliant tone. Plenty of onboard eq options , high quality pickups , a solid bridge , excellent hardware , and supreme finish. The Stilleto shape is unique but not wierd or quirky. I have received many compliments on the sound of this bass. I want a musicman and another fender but I will never let go of this bass. Hopefully more people will discover what a fantastic instrument Schecter produces.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.I ordered this bass w/o ever having a chance to play or lay my hands on it, strictly based on the many positive reviews here (See-Through Black Satin, although it looks more like a stealth fighter). Now I join the choir of praise. The bass is beautiful and high quality is immediately visible. It came with excellent strings (Ernie Ball). The sound is incredible, the low B is well sustained and gorgeous deep. The neck is easy to play. The slapping requires more accuracy, but it is still easy due to the string spacing. The EQ can be dialed in to many styles. Overall I could not be happier with this bass.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.This bass is unique for its vaule and price. Its a work of art and will amaze anyone that sees it.
This bass has the standard 4 nob controls that most basses do. The option of changing the pickups is nice because you can go from a jazz sound to a lighter sound with more action. The emg pickups sound great and can have very diverse tones. Although this bass doesn't have the amount of features and controls as some fenders, it delivers on the ones it has.
Needless to say this is a beutiful looking bass so when you have it people will ask if it was well over this price. The paint may wear off after years of use but I have had mine for over a year and a half and it still looks great. It has great action on the neck and you can move very quickly.
As I said it look as if it is worth a lot. The craftsmenship is absolutley amazing for a bass of its price. It is hard to find a bass of this caliber for this price. The body it amazing and looks great because it is one solid peice of wood.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.For the money, this bass simply cannot be beat. You have complete control of the tone, from biting razors edge snap, to a tone so smooth you could slide a house off it's foundation with it. I played a helluva lot of basses and bought this one with extreme prejudice. A buddy of mine owns a Stuart Specter, played my Stiletto, and is now officially pissed, 3 times the price and he likes the action and tone of the Stiletto better. Buy it. If you don't, you are wasting your money.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.I have had this bass for 3-4 years. Rare is the occasion that I will plug it in and someone does NOT comment on how beautiful it sounds. I have had sound techs who have been sound techs for decades tell me that it's one of the best sounding basses they've ever heard.Not that it matters but in addition to that I regularly get the "That is one beautiful instrument" comments as well. I've got the Honey Satin finish and pictures simply do NOT do it justice. It's not shiny or flashy and the woodgrain that shows through is gorgeous.The price on this baby has gone up considerably since I bought mine so if you're considering,buy it NOW! You won't be disappointed.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.This is a GREAT bass! The 35" scale keeps the B-string nice and tight and the neck-thru body design makes the whole assembly stiffer than a bolt on neck. The EMG pickups sound great and the EMG tone controls shape the sound to suit my needs. There are more expensive neck-thru 5-string basses on the market, but I've looked for a "better" bass, and what I've found are basses that are prettier and have a few more features cost a LOT more money. This is a classic case of QUICKLY diminising returns. You can't go wrong by buying this bass.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.I've had this bass for YEARS and I love it! It has a great tone, The EMG - HZ's in it are amazing along with the 3 - Band EQ, and blend. It feels great to play too! I've tried a lot of other five strings before I decided to get this one and this bass defiantly blew my mind. I have a Traben Phoenix - 5 string and an Ibanez Sound Gear 4 string model. The Traben and the Ibanez are still great basses, my Schecter Stiletto Studio - 5 is still my favorite one to play. You can play any genre of music on it and it'll still sound amazing and I will be using this bass on tour, in the studio, band practice, writing songs at home and so on. I love this bass and it will NEVER let me down! I defiantly love the 24 jumbo frets because you don't feel as limited as far as frets go and with it being a neck - thru, you can reach the higher frets. The mahogany with bubinga body is a great combination for the body of this bass and the Maple and Walnut neck feels amazing and my favorite fretboards have rosewood and this bass has it along with my Traben and Ibanez. The low B is very punchy and doesn't buzz. With a 5 - string you also can do more scales and write a lot of different styles on it. The same goes for a six string, seven string, and so on. And it this bass holds tunings really well too. This is a great 5 - string bass.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.This is a very good quality instrument. It is well built with great hardware and electronics. The see through black finish is absolutely beautiful. Looks grey in some light and slightly green in others. The visibility of the wood grain is awesome. The fretwork is very good for an instrument of this price range. Low action with no fret buzz right out of the box. It has a very growly, angry tone, but is also very bright, which may be due to the Ernie Ball strings loaded from the factory. I'm not a fan of Ernie Ball strings, so I will probably replace them soon with GHS. Just my preference. This is a high grade instrument at a mid range price.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.I just got this for Christmas and I have to say, this is one of the best basses I've ever played. Getting used to a 5 string took some time, but the string spacing is perfect. The EMG's are great, but give a slight hum always, but that's not a big deal. Tuning doesn't hold the best, but it works. Runs through batteries like nothing which can get slightly irritating, but that's a problem that comes with most basses that require batteries. Overall, this is one of the best basses out there, and I know I'm going to schecter every time I want a new bass.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio-5 Bass Satin See-Thru Black

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