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Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo

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Hardshell Case of Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo
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Product Description

The Model 660/12 features a maple cutaway body based on an innovative design from the 1950s. A rosewood fingerboard is punctuated beautifully with triangular pearloid inlay markers, while the maple double-bound neck and body are solid through and through. Rickenbacker's trademark "checkered" black and white binding sets off the body, while white binding graces the neck. The 660 is electronically engineered to the exacting standards of the vintage reissue series, complete with Rickenbacker's own vintage reissue-type pickups. Includes case.

Solid maple body Maple neck Rosewood fretboard 21 frets 24-3/4" scale length 12-string, neck-thru body design 2 vintage reissue Toaster Top pickups Trapese tailpiece Vintage Schaller tuners Includes case

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I am a Rickenbacker fan from way back. The first time I saw George Harrison playing a prototype 360/12 on the "Hard Days Night" film, I knew eventually I would have to own one. I presently own a Ric 360/12 with vintage pickups and an aftermarket 12 saddle bridge. If I were to do it all over again, I would of purchased the 660/12 instead. Why you may ask? Overall the 660/12 is a much nicer guitar with such a keen 1950's retro look that really blew my hair back the first time I saw one. And second, the neck on a 660/12 is not a challenge at all to play like the 360/12 is. Also the 360/12 comes standard from the factory with a 6 saddle bridge and you will play hell trying to get this guitar to intonate if you do not upgrade to an aftermarket 12 saddle bridge. The 660/12 comes standard from the factory with a 12 saddle bridge and also standard are those killer vintage(toaster)pickups if you are seeking the "holy grail" of sounds of The Byrds and The Beatles. My recommendation is simply this, buy the 660/12 and be happy for the rest of your life. Only suggestion/recommendation I can make here is upgrade to a set of Pyramid Gold strings for your Ric as I am not that crazy about Rickenbackers strings. And you will be jinglying and jangling until your hearts content. I rest my case.
Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo
.I have been playing guitar professionally and teaching off and on since 1968, Playing mostly 12-string guitar with my little female hands. In my opinion, there are two "excellent" or "perfect" 12-string guitars: the acoustic Guilds from the 1950's - 1970's, made in the USA, and the electric 660/12 Rickenbacker. I own the Ricky in Flameglow and it is a marvel: with luscious action and balance, it tells what to play and how to do it, making me look good. It's size is perfect for a lady, too, and the color is perfect, but the real thing is...the darned thing practically plays itself and it plays extremely well, thank you! By weight, size and proportion, this is a great guitar for everybody!
Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo
.Top notch construction quality, with neck-thru stability. Ringing, sustaining bell-like tone when used with thru a slightly overdriven amp. Piano-like quality to leads played in middle ranges. Output level from "toaster" pickups not as hot as a Gibson humbucker, so have to have your gain a bit higher from the amp. Low E pair is louder than the other strings, but may be my somewhat heavy attack. Best used with Rickenbacker strings vice the fabled Pyramids, in my experience. Can be used in place of a Tele-type sound in most styles, which many old songs a new kick. Dropped D tuning on this is so fat and full it's like a cathedral pipe organ.
Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo
.Headstock is bad news. The slots in the headstock do not go through to the back of the headstock making it much harder to wind strings around the pegs. The strings that go to the pegs in the slot rub against the Rickenbacker plastic logo. Since the edge of the plastic logo is rough cut, the strings do not tune smoothly. In fact, it is extrememly difficult to tune because the string jumps in pitch as it rubs against the plastic. Forget about a quick string change if you break one of these slotted strings. Therefore, this guitar is not good for stage.

Fortunately you can remove the bridge cover with two screws. Then you can palm mute the strings.

The single pole pickus are very noisy and prone to hum. Maybe the guitar can be better shielded for less noise.

The tailpiece has only 6 holes for 12 strings. Why not drill 6 others to make it easier to restring?

Gaps between the binding and the body are sloppy. The rest of the finish is nice.

Why use inferior Kluson pegs on the 660 12 when the less expensive 360 12 gets better. Schallars?

Mine came with two cracks in the pickguard. It seems the 660-12 uses a more brittle plexiglass that is prone to cracking especially around the lowest screw.

The wider neck accomodates bigger hands better than the 360 12. The 12 saddle bridge allows for better intonation. But, as stated earlier, tuning is a nighmare.

Of course, the tone is iconic. So I cut down the plastic logo to avoid the sloted strings and I'll ignor the pickguard cracks...and keep this guitar. I guess I'm a sucker for the tone. These flaws might be tolerable on a guitar that costs one-tenth the price of this one. But this is the last Ric I will buy until Mr. Hall and Co fix these guitars.
Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo
.A collector's item in the making. this is THE best Rick, even though it's not the most expensive. The best feature is the slightly wider neck than the other Ricks. Extremely versatile. With proper amp/pedal/tone settings, this can pull off near acoustic sounds.
Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo
.As others may have said, this is the sleeper of the Rickenbacker line. It nails the classic Beatles and Byrds 12 string sounds with the vintage reissue toaster pickups (the 330, 360, and 620 do not have these pickups). It's one of two Rickenbackers (the 381 is the other) that has gorgeous checkerboard binding on the body. It has the better tailpiece (the R tailpiece is not as good). It has 12 saddles for the strings as opposed to 6 on other 12 strings (good luck with intonation). And perhaps the most important feature of all - this is the only one with the wider neck to make chording easy. It's also light and comfortable. Mine is in the rare Blue Boy color from 2004 that is absolutely stunning. I recently had it setup and it plays like a dream. I cannot recommend it enough. My friend who owns a 360/12 is thinking about selling his to upgrade to this. If you are a Beatles, Byrds, Petty, Wilburys, 60's fan, you will be in heaven.
Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo
.I've had this guitar for 5 years now. You can't be Rickenbacker for quality and value in a US made guitar. This is the one for you if you don't like the narrow neck on the more traditional Rick 12's. Nice wide neck on a rock solid guitar.
Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo
.This Ric is a precisely made instrument of high standards and quality control. The tones to be had from this guitar are numerous. The feel and body fit are great for standup playing and even relaxed in your favorite recliner! Fit and finish are second to non except maybe a Gibson and even then it is by a nats hair.
Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo
.I wanted a short scale (24.75") guitar with a wide neck (1.75") and vintage tones. This guitar does it. Love the sounds from the "toaster" single coil pickups (especially with a compressor in the chain. I'm into Beatles, Tom Petty, Who, and vintage rock in general, but do play more modern stuff also.
Rickenbacker 660/12 Guitar Fireglo

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