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Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000

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Hardshell Case of Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000
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Product Description

This Rickenbacker bass case fits all 4000 series basses. Vintage reissue case features silver vinyl covering, crushed plush interior, and vintage style nameplate.

Your case should be as cool as your instrument! Order now.

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The classic Rickenbacker case by G&G. The 'MF' pricing makes it a great value for the money.
Stylish and well made, my 4003 'SnoGlow' fits perfectly into the case with minimal movement allowed. Of course, the all white bass looks spectacular, bathed in the blue interior. The case is well padded.

The photos used here on the MF site are printed backwards. The case arrives as standard, with the accessory case on the 'latch' front left side as normal.
While alignment of the closed case halves is perfect, the latches open overly easy, leaving the impression they would open, if inadvertently bumped. The bass resides in the house, or at best, light travel only. When not be played I store each bass in their cases.
If I was still gigging, the original plastic SKB style RIC case would be sturdier, and most likely offer better overall protection and has better, and more latches.

Lastly, the accessory compartment, while large is separated in the middle with a stiffener that divides the compartment into two halves. The compartment is 1.5 inches high. As such, I cannot place my 'Brookwood Leather' vintage style strap into the compartment. The stiffener is most likely structural, it makes for too small a compartment when compared to say a Fender Jazz, or Lakland, case.
I have been playing for 40 years, so the case has more sentiment value than practical. It depends on your needs and desired appearances.
I hope this helps.
Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000
.Nice case but is too small for a 4005.
Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000
.I owned the same case for a 4001 bass, and it is tough enough to give the right protection. Also, the bass guitar fits inside perfectly. Has a very durable construction and look, great for a vintage style case.
Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000
.I purchased a Rickenbacker 4003S bass guitar that came with the black case but I wanted to silver case because that's how they were in the 1960s that's what Paul McCartney head and to me it was worth every penny when I buy Rickenbacker guitars I'll make sure they have the silver case
Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000
.This is a great vintage style case for your Rickenbacker bass. I have several of them.
Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000
.I have a 1973 Rick 4001 and after 42 years, the case had to be retired. I looked around and did not like any of the universal cases I found. Most had too much room or didn't fit. I finally took the plunge on this one and wow, it's great! The bass fits snuggly in the case without any movement. The only thing I noticed is, I have strap locks and it's so snug that I have to remove my strap. No big deal, that's what the compartment is for.
Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000
.It's hard to find a proper Rickenbacker case, but this is it. My original case from '84 had gotten damaged, and I lived with it a long time before finally biting the bullet and getting a replacement. It's not cheap, but is high quality and affords great protection for your Ric. Looks great too. I was able to use a 20% off coupon, so it was a bargain at that price.
Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000
.I bought this case for a recently acquired RIC Model 4000 Fireglo Bass from 1979, just like my very first RIC bass in 1975 - a vintage case for an almost vintage bass (missed it by 6+ years).
Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000
.Gave it 5 Stars because it is a Rick Bass case, which is just about the only case that will work for Ricks. However, my bass is left-handed, and the case is for a righty. I did call MF, before I bought, and the sales rep wasn't sure, thought it was symmetrical, so I took the chance. Finally have a cardboard box that will fit it, and will return it, and hope MF can get me a lefty case.
Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000
.My 4003 fireglo Ric is my baby with toaster and horseshoe retro pups. Case is perfect addition.
Rickenbacker 94550 Vintage Bass Case for 4000

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