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Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo

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Hardshell Case of Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo
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Product Description

Re-create the jingle-jangle sounds that defined a musical generation with this semi-hollowbody featuring a very playable slim neck, and comfortable, all-around contoured body. The body is carved from a single piece of maple and precision fitted with a solid back. The maple neck features dual truss rods and a rosewood fretboard with dot inlays. Single-coil pickups deliver an output range from clean tones to biting overdrive. Click or call to order your piece of rock Americana! Includes case.

Semi-hollowbody Playable slim neck Comfortable, all-around contoured body Body is carved from a single piece of maple Maple neck features dual truss rods and a rosewood fretboard with dot inlays Single-coil pickups deliver an output range from clean tones to biting overdrive Includes case

Click or call to order your piece of rock Americana!

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I lusted after a Rick 12 ever since I first heard the Byrds, and finally bought a new 330/12 about 10 years ago. I immediately learned every Roger McGuinn and George Harrison Rick lick, of course, and played it nearly every day. But slowly I began to notice things that made me less thrilled with the guitar.

Restringing, for example. The straight/slotted headstock is confusing, and will tear your hands up. The intonation: Using only 6 saddles for 12 strings, some of them an octave apart, guarantees you'll never get this guitar to play completely in tune. And then there's the design and choice of components. The pickups are screwed in over a block of foam that will eventually breakdown and start to crumble.

If the neck starts to warp, you'll never get it as straight as it was new. And a respected custom repairman told me that using to the neck design, and the way it was set in the body, a broken neck means you can basically throw away the guitar. There's no way to repair of replace it.

And yet Rickenbacker's prices continue to rise to the point where they're far in excess of similar guitars. That worked out for me, as I actually sold my used Rick for more than I paid for it. But the current price is almost twice what I paid for mine just a decade ago. At that price, If I get the urge again I'll look for an Eastwood or a used Danolectric.
Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I have kept this since I got it 20 years ago, and it has never let me down.
I own several other big brand guitars, but no other guitar quite matvh the appeal of Ric.
Feature level is professional with sparate bridge & neck volume and tone controls.
The pickups are higher gain than you would expect. Plugging in after a strat or a tele, the volume is surprisingly high. The one thing you miss is slightly higher frets.
The Rickenbacker standard quality is equal to the custom shp quality of the 2 main competitors or better.
Mine is an entry level, stock model, and it has flame maple top & birdseye maple at the back. If you get that on a Custom shop Fender you're one of the lucky few!
The oft mentioned gloss finish is legendary.
It's not a cheap guitar, but it's worth every cent.
Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I bought it used at the local Guitar Center a few years ago. I had it restrung recently and am now using it more than ever before. I am glad I did because this guitar produces the perfect 12 string tone, the same tone that Rickenbacker fans have come to know. The neck is perfect for those with smaller hands like me. I love this guitar. The only thing I would change is having the famous "toaster oven" pickups over the stock ones this guitar has. They sound a little flatter than the "toaster ovens" but still sound amazing. All in all, a great 12 string!
Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I've had my Ric 12 for about 5 years now. Nothing can take it's place. Swapped out the hi-gain pickups for some toaster tops and then it was way better. ***Use Ric 12 string packs!*** There's a reason - they are made differently - the inner core is smaller and creates less tension on the neck. If you swap out to another brand you'll have to intonate and do truss-rod adjustments.I don't work for Ric but I have learned this much. Just sharing what I know.
Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I bought a 1998 model 330/12 in fireglow in September 1998 (manufactured June 1998) and have been very happy with it. I had to adjust the truss rods one time and overall i would give it 10 stars on every catagory if it had come with individual adjustable saddles for every string, but even so, there is no noticable problem with intonation variable from the nut to beyond the 12th fret. I believe that RIC makes their own pickups and these are equiped with the single coil type that deliver good jingle-jangle vintage sound. Pickups are also adjustable for spacing to the strings. If you have fat fingers, don't buy it.
Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Hey I gotta tell you, the verdict is in. This thing is like butter. The new strings are set now and its holding its tune. Im playing into Guitar Rig threw headphones because I really want to hear whats going on. First off right out of the case, its set up real nice. Not one buzz of a string or hum, nothing. The tone is phenominal. I can't believe the harmonics and the tones it gets out. You know how a good accustic 12 will get thoses cool harmonic mids and highs. Well this thing really gets them good. Sometimes its sounds like theres a hammond organ in the distance. Friggin unreal. They say its the maple, the construction and the way it's cut out on top that gets that famous ring tone. The only thing I don't like so far is that where a would normaly rest my hand, on top of the bridge, I would be able to to dampen the strings with my wrist. This has a very thin removable string cover there so I rest it on that. Your really not suppose to dampen the strings anyway. your suppose to let it ring out. maybe I will take it off its not a big deal. A non issue. It came without a scratch too and a very nice hard case. Good quality. I play guitars probably two to three hours a day so I'll get use to it real fast. Im almost there now after around 2 hours. So, All and all I have to give the Ric 330/12 and A+.
Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.There is no other guitar that can match the simplicity yet elegance and warm sound of this 12 string electric. The sound is rich and the looks and craftmanship is second to none. Play it through a VOX and you're set. Check it out.
Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Rickenbackers are the last of the classic American electric guitars- still built here, with no company approved Asian clones. Every Rickenbacker is a real Rickenbacker. Quality is absolutely first rate on my 33/12, and on every one I've seen, without so much as a lacquer drip seen. Perfect fit and finish. Some prefer the fancier 360- and it doesn't cost that much more, really- but I like the unbound neck and slightly more acoustic body of the 330 series.If you want that real, authentic, jangley Roger McGuinn-George Harrison 12 string sound, the only way to get it is with a hollow body Rickenbacker and Rickenbacker or Pyramid strings. I first lusted after one when I heard a friend play his way back in middle school in 196 he still has his, and now I have mine, too.
Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Bottom line: this is a great guitar. It's also a beautiful guitar. It arrived basically set up. A couple minor tweaks and tuning were all it needed. It has a wonderful feel and sound. It's balanced and feels almost light compared to my Les Paul. I like the narrowness of the neck. Admittedly, I've had the guitar for only about a month so I can't speak to longevity yet, or changing strings, but I've played it almost every day since it arrived. I'm finding a lot of songs, other than Byrds and Beatles, can be adapted to 12 string. It's also another option for helping me create new tunes.
Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Great sounding guitar. Narrow neck ( Rickenbacker ("trademark"), best suited for small-medium sized fingers, but opportunity exists for different shapes for 1st position chord shapes. Gorgeous finish and workmanship. I love it.
Rickenbacker 330/12 Electric Guitar Fireglo

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