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Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo

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Hardshell Case of Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo
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Product Description

Its unique hollowbody construction, slim neck, and all-around contoured body make Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar so comfortable and so easy to play that it has held its status as one of the great guitars over decades. Its body is carved from a single piece of maple and precision-fitted with a solid back. The maple and rosewood neck features dual truss rods and a rosewood fingerboard with dot markers. Single-coil pickups deliver an output range from clear, ringing tone to saturated overdrive. Includes case.

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Semi-hollowbody Playable slim neck Comfortable, all-around contoured body Body is carved from a single piece of maple Maple neck features dual truss rods and a rosewood fretboard with dot inlays Single-coil pickups deliver an output range from clean tones to biting overdrive Include case

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Seriously beautiful made in USA guitar. Fit and finish on my Fire Glow excellent. Other than on the owners warrenty card I could not a serial number on the guitar anyplace. Sounds excellent through or without amp. If I only had to keep one guitar, the RIcky might be the one.
Slimeline hollw body 2 single coil pickup guitar perfect for Byrds,CCR, Petty, Buck Owens, Dwight Yoakum or any such folk rock country music you may play. Carved from a single piece of maple with a fitted maple top and neck with rosewood fret board. I think this fits better in your lap and less prone to slide off than the rounded edge body of the 360.
The tone knobs are on the top and volume knobs on bottom, reverse of most guitar electronics. No buzz, no hiss, wiring fine. Everything perfect. Lowered action about 1/32 inch or 1-2 mm and put 9s on mine. Use pure nickle strings for incredible single coil jangle and use 9 strings for some extra twang..
no buyers remorse, a real keeper and value improves with age. Ricky's seem to hold on to resale value. Compared to a new gibby 335, this has some serious bang for the buck and should be on everyones contender list for those wanting a hollow body electric.
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.OK - where to start? I already had a black Ric 360 so I'm happily surprised with this 330. The finish (FireGlow) is surperb as all Rics are. The thing is - it's even nicer than my 360. I really like the neck with just the dot markers and the light rosewood grain really shows through. It plays like a dream. The neck seems just a tad wider than the 360 but according to the Ric website they are the same? Oh well - for some reason I don't feel like i'm fighting to keep my fingers from bumping into each other on the 330. It was set up well with maybe a higher action than some people would care for but still reasonable. The two high- gain pups are consistent from bridge to neck. Warning - this is not really a good "metal" or "hard rock" guitar - this is the one for that chiming, ring and sustain you need for classic rock, alt, folk-rock. It can do some distortion but not the best for heavy gain or metal. Plus the look says Beatles, Byrds, CCR, etc. This was "the" guitar to have in the mid 60s to early 70s. After that it kind of died off until Tom Petty and others brought it back. The FireGlow is THE one to get - it's finish is so sweet. The JetGlow (black) is also way cool. But if you can get a FG go for it - you won't be sorry. Some folks have complained about the action, set up out of the box. That's not a problem - they give you the wrenches and the manual shows you how to adjust the truss rod and the action so with a little work you should be able to set it up easily. It may take a few tries as the neck will need to re-set between adjustments so if you over-adjust then check it a few days later and it's off then re-do it. It took me 3 tries till i finally got the neck to set in. Since then it's been rock solid. I highly recommend the 330 FG if you can swing it. Cheers!
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I have owned this guitar since 2006, and it is just a fabulous guitar. I own Gibsons (Les Paul and SG), a PRS McCarthy Hollowbody 1, and this guitar is right up there for tone and above them for looks. Regarding looks it is my favorite guitar to look at (Fireglo finish). Playability is excellent. Has a very unique sound. I play it through a 1976 Fender Vibrolux and a couple Marshall 2204 amps. Has a nice woody sound. Not as jangly as most people describe it. The sound is very unique. It does what it does and that is what can make your tone/sound unique. Its only limits are ones people set for it, and by that I mean you have to spend time with it to dial it in with your amp of choise. A great tube amp does it wonders. If you have limited experience with a 330 then it may not give you what you want. Be patient with it and think outside the box. It does a lot more than the Beatles.
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Let me start by saying I've wanted a Rickenbacker guitar since I was 17, ever since I saw Tom Gabel from Against Me! with his Rickenbacker 360. This was 7 years ago before that band turned into pop ballad playing sellouts. 7 years later, while not the 360 of my teenage dreams, this Mapleglo 330 was all that and more! I just could NOT walk away from this guitar. It still has the crazy looks, it still sounds AWESOME shredding folk-punk like a maniac on it, and it still brings me an IMMENSE level of joy to say I own a Rickenbacker. All my guitar buddies HATE me because I own this guitar and they don't. No joke. I could NOT be happier with this guitar. Nothing even comes close to this. I thought about a Casino because its more budget friendly and still an amazing guitar, but I would still want the Ric eventually anyway, so I went and cut the middle man and went straight to the Rickenbacker. Greatest decision ever. This is the guitar that revived my passion for playing music!
Maplego is GORGEOUS in person. Just absolutely STUNNING! The single coil pickups? AWESOME. From beautiful cleans to blistering punk blasting distortion, and all in STYLE! The whole shape and look of this guitar commands serious respect. To own one is to be a part of a special level of players who have to have a certain look to meet their certain style.
Just hold one. I did. I played it and played it, tried talking myself out of it because of the price tag, but alas, IT JUST FEELS SO GOOD, I walked out of there that day with it. Actually did get a great deal on it, used, and WITH the Ric hardshell case included for about $1600 all together. Everything comes together with the American quality of this guitar, right down to the smallest detail, you won't be dissappointed!
Like I said before, I got a really great deal. Its not often you see a Ric IN PERSON for that kind of price AND with the hardshell case thrown in.
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.The 330 is a wonderful instrument. I ordered a Fireglo (from MF great price and great service). I opened the case and wow ! I own some nice guitars by Gibson, Fender and Fender Custom shop. But the finish on the 330 was just so striking. The quality of the workmanship is really something you have to see. The photos just do not do any justice to the beauty of a Ric. The action was set perfect out of the box. I plugged it into my practice rig (cube street, Boss ME - 50) and was just blown away by the sound (Jangle loud and clear). The note definition in particular is something to be enjoyed. In my tube amps Marshall JVM410 and Fender Supersonic... it is simply amazing. This instrument is much more versatile than you expect. Overdriven and Crunch Tones ! Cool ! I cannot recommend the 330 enough. And compared to an American Tele, the price / quality sum is really good. Do yourself a favour... you wont regret it. I love it and so will you.
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Before you buy this insturment, "learn the insturment". By this, I mean know the 330 for what it is. I was lucky- I only had to wait to weeks for mine!!! Got it from my local music store, took it home- cool. I can't say enough positive comments about it. I did run into two slight problems: 1., the bridge has this strange buzz/ rattle. It was happening before and after I had it setup. 2., The bridge pickup on mine is very low output, which isn't correct. The neck pickup is twice as loud! The bridge pickup on all 300 Series Rickenbacker guitars have an extremly high out bridge pickup, which is one key trademark Rickenbacker is known for. I've played other 330's, and my friend just recieved his 330- it dosen't have the pickup problem, but it does have the bridge buzz/rattle problem, but his hasn't been setup yet. So, with that, I sent Rickenback several E-mails about two weeks ago, none of which they have to replied to yet. I feel that with such a name as Rickenbacker, they would be on to of such issues- I guess not. I feel neglected as a coustmer and am not certain of buying another Rickenbacker product in the future. My next move may be to purchase the classic toaster pickups, have them installed, and take my 330 somewhere else to have it "properly" setup. This insturment shouldn't be having these problems. But on the lighter side of it, the guitar is great. Neck feels amazing; its very "fat" horizontally, but as for the fret board, it is decently narrow, which feels so right to me as a rhythm player. Build is great, feels like an aircraft carrier (not a tank!!!), and the finish is immaculent, but may be found difficult to maintain, as for it shows dirt, oil, etc... easy. Holds tune unbelievable well, and the body is very comfortable- not to heavy. As for they fret board, I don't understand why so many people run into problems with it, it feels similar to most maple necks, although it potrays the characteristics of the rosewood neck. It's not difficult to play at all. Overall, I would highly recommend this guitar, just make sure you know what you're purchasing and be sten with coustmer sevrice!
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.This guitar is sweet. Rickenbacker makes guitars like no one else. They invented the electric guitar, so how could you go wrong with them? This guitar sings. The hi-gain single coils are very versatile and will not disappoint, clean or dirty. Many people think you can only get Beatle or British Invasion tones from a Rickenbacker, but that is simply not the case. It's a guitar to own and keep.
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Nice guitar,price a little high for what it is
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Love this guitar. I played Gibson SG, Fender Tele and Hofner President for many years both professionally and for fun but this sounds very different. Beautiful rich warm tone, excellent craftsmanship, looks cool, superb playability.
If you buy one new I would recommend a professional set up, maybe an hour at most, just to set up the neck and intonation. This guitar has dual truss rods which is great for rigidity but needs thought before doing an adjustment.
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I,m strictly a rythym guitar player. Most comfortable guitar i,ve played.
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo

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