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An all-new SE Santana!Carlos Santana's impact as a proud player of Paul Reed Smith guitars led to the introduction in 2001 of the SE guitar series. In recognition of his legacy, PRS developed the all-new SE Santana. The first guitar in the SE series offered with a 24-1/2" scale length, the SE Santana is also the first SE using the same body shape as the American-built PRS Santana models. With a fat, wide mahogany neck and 22-fret fingerboard inlaid with the classic PRS birds, it' got plenty of visual mojo to match the PRS humbucking pickups™ shimmering clean or rich, creamy distorted tones. Tuners and tremolo, also designed by PRS, are meant to be used, abused, and still keep you in tune. The all-new SE Santana honors Carlos™ legendary tone and incendiary playing, with incredible quality at a great price.Use the drop-down menu above and to the right to choose colors and other options.

Mahogany body Maple top with flamed maple veneer Mahogany neck Wide-fat neck shape Rosewood fretboard 24-1/2" scale 22 frets PRS "Old School" birds PRS-designed Santana humbuckers Master Volume and Tone controls with 3-way toggle switch PRS-designed tremolo PRS-designed tuners NIckel hardware Case Sold Separately

Live the legacy - order the SE Santana today.

Custom Guitar's Friend Gold Coverage

Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty to protect your gear from unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage from handling and failures. This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date of purchase, costs just pennies per day and gives you a complete "no-worry" solution for protecting your investment.

Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

*Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for program details

Term for New Gear begins on date of purchase but does not replace the store return policy or manufacturer coverage.

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Paul Reed Smith Guitars were always the gold standard when it comes to great tone and unique craftmenship, and their US-made guitars had the price tag to match. When the Korean-made PRS SE series debuted about 10 years ago, it allowed the guitarist or beginner on a budget to play the same brand more and more musicians were turning to without breaking the bank. But the SE models lacked the unique characteristics that made the American originals such a prize. No bird inlays, few artist specificities, and a lack of models all left the SE consumers wanting more. Turns out, Mr. Smith was listening. The PRS Santana SE is simply the perfect union of quality and value. The guitar replicates the specifications of the legendary Carlos Santana's custom axes, and offers colors rarely seen across the guitar-iverse. My orange flame-top finish really pops. The "old school" bird inlays are iconic, while the dual 245 humbuckers and PRS bridge (with tremolo bar) provide a wide-range of possibilities for tone and style. I love the wide fat neck of my PRS Santana SE, and prefer it to other brands and models. I enjoy playing with complete comfort, and that is what the wide fat neck allows. The PRS Santana SE is a beautiful instrument and I cannot recommend it enough!
From hard rock to bluesy-pop, this guitar delivers!
Has the look, sound, and feel of a much more expensive guitar.
Worth every penny, and thensome!

.This is my second Korean-made PRS, as I bought used SE Custom 24 a couple years ago, Took advantage of the Leap Day coupon from Custom Guitar's Friend to but this one in Santana yellow.

The build quality on this guitar belies its small price tag. Volume pot was a little scratchy at first but seems to have worked itself out. Fingerboard is very smooth and frets dressed properly. Not a book-matched top, but what does one expect at this price point? IT is comfortable to play, and pickups are very good, nice range of tones with the 3-way switch. I particularly like the PRS guitars I have played because of their rather thick and wide necks. For some reason, this style is much more comfortable for me to play than the thin, narrow necks on a lot of guitars - my Parker fly, for example.

I don't gig, just home studio stuff and song writing, but I try to play every day and this is my go to guitar now. Highly recommend.
Nothing unusual or lacking - two humbuckers, nice trem bar, 3-way switch, volume and tone knobs.
Very, very good at this price point. No rough edges, paint spatters, etc. Fit and Finish are excellent.
So I purchased this with a 15% off coupon which brought the price to less than $700. Can't beat that with a stick.

.This is one really sweet guitar. The PRS Santana SE is clearly inspired by the old Les Paul doublecut jr - (same body style & neck scale), but this is a huge improvement. It's the guitar Gibson should have made if they weren't stuck in some bizarre time warp of endless reissues of the same old thing. Well made, ergonomic, balanced, and nicely appointed for the money. Plays beautifully, has a great tone and stays in solidly tune even with heavy wammy bar usage. (It came out of the box perfectly in tune.) While it's not quite as nice as the American made Santana model, it's close. And it's a fraction of the price. Best of all it doesn't have that hideous taste-fail abalone stripe down the body that the American model has. The neck's a little fatter than I would deem perfect, but it's nowhere close to the beam of wood you experience on a Gibson 50s neck.

.I can't put it down!
PRS SE Santana. Pretty basic features. Non-locking tremolo stays in tune fairly well. I opted for the black finish and like it a lot. It has a sort of wood grain stripe around the edge, which makes it look classy to me. I secretly wish I had opted for the yellow at times. Very lightweight compared to my Epiphone LP Custom, looks tiny sitting beside it.
The guitar seems to be really high quality to me for the price. Most people that I have showed it to assumed it was much more expensive than it is. No problems. Came set-up perfectly. The gig bag is nicer than the other ones I've had through the years.
I think it is a great guitar for not much more cash than an entry level guitar.

.Overall rating on this guiatr is a 10 plus! I've owned mulitple guitars over the years and this may be the final 'keeper' for me. I was more than satisfied with this guitar in every respect. Great job, PRS!!
I have owned several PRS SE models and the new Santana SE is, by far, the best SE made by PRS to date. From the shaped body, to the beautiful flamed veneer this guitar is beautiful! Great sounding pickups and totally playable neck make this unit a dream come true!
I looked intitialy at the PRS Santana signature and the SE version keeps pace even with its much more expensive conterpart. The finish is beautiful, the detailing superb.
Amazing value....you really can't go wrong with this guitar if you're looking to move up from and entry level guitar. I've been playing guitar for almost 40 years and this guitar suites my abilities to a tee.

.I already had 6 guitars that consist of a Fender Strat Jimmy Vaughn, Fender American Deluxe Strat and Tele, Gibson Les Paul Class Gold top 1960 reissue, Epiphone Custom model made in Japan with two P-90s, and a Ibanez S series. My only reason for giving the kind of guitars I have was to establish that I know a little about the quality of guitars. When you take into consideration that the American Deluxe Strat and Telle are now going for a lot, the Les Paul was more than they were and not even being made now, there is a lot of money in just those 3 guitars. Because of that, I was always under the impression that there was no such thing as a non-American made guitar under $1200.00 worth having. After reading one article after another about the PRS SE series, and seeing how low they were priced I didn't think they could be sold that cheap and still be really good. Then an add caught my attention that talked about PRS making a Santana model SE with the birds on the neck. With nothing more to do I decided to go and try one out. All of my guitars are made well and play great but I paid a high price for them. When I picked up the PRS SE Santana and started playing it over one of the amps, I couldn't believe the price tag on this guitar. Not only does it look like a guitar that would cost more, it plays like a much higher priced brand. The pickups on this are amazing, and when you switch from the neck to the bridge or both pickups you can really hear a difference. Because the neck is a 50s style it takes a little getting used to but once you do it is amazing on how well it plays. This is a must try guitar for any type of player, and after trying it out I purchased it in a heartbeat. When I got home I plugged it in my Marshall JVM410H and the different sounds I could get blew me away. I wouldn't tell PRS this but I would even pay more for a guitar like the SE Santana. It is a great addition to the guitars I already have and much lower in cost.

.At the outset I need to say that I think that this guitar represents an amazing value as I purchased it on sale at a deep discount. I think it is well made, sounds great, has a variety of tones and is very comfortable to play.

This guitar was purchased as an every day guitar for practicing and taking to lessons. My "go to" guitar is a 59 Gibson Custom ES 335 reissue and I bought this guitar to take the wear and tear off my Gibson. I have really large hands and I find the wide/fat neck very comfortable although not as large as the baseball bat on my Gibson.

I play mostly Blues, Classic rock and have been learning some Jazz on an electric and Classical on a different guitar. The Santana more than replaces a Mexi Strat which I find less comfortable to play because of it's thin narrow neck. I am not saying that it sounds like single pups, but I am saying it is pretty versatile for lots of musical styles.

The frets were smooth (although not hand rolled), flat, set-up was pretty good out of the box with good intonation but I HATED the very light strings (8's or 9's) that come from the factory. I think 10's would be far more appropriate for this guitar. I play 11's.

I brought it in for a professional set up because I had read reviews saying that the nut would bind badly if larger gauge strings were used and I did not want to play with the slots on the nut. I also knew that changing the strings to 11's would alter the intonation, action height, etc.. Given the cost of the guitar the money spent for the set up was well worth it.

I find the neck carve very comfortable and very playable. I appreciate the wideness and while this is fine a bit more thickness would have appreciated. All in all, well designed, well executed and an EPIC value given what I paid.

Using a modeling amp (Fender Mustang III) I found that I could get pretty decent clean tones for Jazz chords when I used the neck pickup, rolled off the guitar volume and selected an amp model known for clean tones. It sounded pretty good with the light strings, but it sounded much more fat and rich with the 11's. Huge improvement in sustain too.

With a Blues Jr. and appropriate settings it would growl for Classic Rock and snarl for Blues. With a Boss BD2 modded by Keeley on the Blues Jr. the Santana was a beast. While it wsan't exactly like my Gibson I was shocked at how good it sounded. Made me wonder how good the made in USA Santana sounded for the extra $2500.

While I wouldn't say that there are problems with the tuning when you use the trem bar, I would like to see the tuning be a bit more stable. I don't play metal and I don't dive bomb. Locking tuners would be a great addition and I think I will invest in replacement Grover locking tuner's after I play it for a while.

Now for the bad news. I have bought lots of items from MF over the years and my wife constantly says they have too much of my disposable income. Their service is normally exemplary and it keeps me coming back for more guitars, amps, etc..I have been more than satisfied. This purchase was the first time I had a problem.

When I had purchased the guitar I asked the salesperson if they would be kind enough to have someone inspect the guitar before they shipped it to make sure that it was cosmetically good and there were no visible defects. I did not ask them to play it. I was told absolutely not.

This surprised me as this had been done for me before when I purchased a Rodriguez FC. The guitar that I received had badly mismatched wood grain on the body panels with a large part of the wood grain was running at a right angle to the other panel. The finish was fine, color was great, neck wood looked excellent, but the top panels on the body were poorly matched.

Only a fool would expect cosmetics on a guitar in this price range to be like those on the US made guitar at over 5 times the price. What I do expect is that the wood grain on the body should at least run in the same direction.

I had a 15% discount coupon that wasn't honored because this was a sale item, even though the coupon did not have an exclusion on it for sale items. I can understand why they didn't want to give me the discount, I just think it should have been clearly stated on the coupon if excluding sale items was going to be the situation.

When I called to buy a hard case I was sold a case for a Gibson SG that did not fit. When I called to return the case and discussed the sale with customer service I was told that the salesperson should have and could have easily arranged for the guitar to be inspected before shipping. This was annoying to say the least.

No one wants to go through the hassle of shipping guitars back and forth while you wait for UPS to deliver. The guitar was well constructed and sounded quite good, although it was cosmetically disappointing. I had paid for the set up and the tech told me it was a well made guitar (apart from the wood grain issue) so I decided to keep it.

My problems could have been remedied if my initial request for an inspection had been honored. I don't think it was too much to ask.
My otherwise excellent recommendation for this product has just these reservations. I hope MF is going to read this review.

. overall this is simpilly one great guitar and if i didnt know better without a price tag would have expected it in the 900 to 1300 price range ive done a side by side with my sg and this guitar is my new prefrence
from begginer to pro this is a guitar u could have for the next 15 years
im probially not buying another eletric
Nothing special here it does what a guitar needs to do
three way pick up selector and two santana series humbuckers
what it does it does verry verry well
THIS is where this guitar shines ive own this amazing guitar for three months and am in love
ive owned much more expincive guitars usuially ranging around twice this price but out of all my expirence by far the smoothes action sleek quick neck and quailty looks simply not found in guitars of this price range
no finish blemishes and no rough fret spots simply a joy to play
ive been looking and looking at the next eletric and was planning on and had money for a guitar 3x this price but once i tryed it it beat out the other competitors

. I'm completely happy with the purchase of this guitar! I've been playing guitar now for 11 years, and have played and own Gibson (SG's and Les Paul's), Fender USA (Strat's), and Jackson USA guitars.... this guitar is just as good as those USA guitars!! (The reason i purchased this guitar was so that i didn't have to carry around my expensive guitars everywhere to play)
The tone that comes out of those SE Santana Pickups is amazing, before I played I thought that i was going to swap the pickups out with a Gibson BurstBucker 3 bridge and a P94r in the neck, but nevermind that!!! Also, the build quality on this thing is awesome..... I checked it over and over and was amazed that this guitar came from Korea. You can actually buy a guitar at this price point and be confident that you bought something that you'll love. looks great (orange color), stays in tune, awesome tone, neck is smooth and very playable, and affordable........ buy it! Thanks also to Custom Guitars Friend for the help and fast overnight shipping.

.I have been playing since 1968. I am currently in a power trio trying to emulate Gov't Mule. I own two Gibsons(Les Paul Standard & 61 reissue SG) and a Fender (Coronada Stratocaster).

I recieved the PRS Santana SE yesterday. I have been unable to put it down. I am impressed with the quality of workmanship that has went into this guitar. It is actually less flawless than my SG(pick gaurd not fitted properly).

The intonation was dead on out of the box. I adjusted the truss bar and the individual saddles to get the super low action that I prefer. It only took 5 minutes to adjust the action and reset the intonation.

I like the fact that the first thing you see in the documentation is instructions on how to adjust the trust rod if the action is not to your liking. I was planning on installing Schaller strap locks, however upon closer examination the strap retintion knobs are at least 1.5 the size of the strap retention knobs on both my Fender and Gibson.

The vibrato seems to be much more responsive than the vibrato on my Strat. The sound is sweet and the guitar is simply beautiful. For an off shore made instrument I am truly amazed at the quality of workmanship.


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