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Ovation Ovation Elite TX A/E D-Scale Mid-Depth Textured Black

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Hardshell Case of Ovation Ovation Elite TX A/E D-Scale Mid-Depth Textured Black
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Product Description

The Ovation Ovation Elite TX A/E D-Scale Mid-Depth is a true one-of-a-kind. Its not your standard baritone. Tuned a full step lower to D-G-C-F-A-D, this guitar will fit easily into any style of music. Just capo the 2nd fret and youve got a standard tuned acoustic. Take off the capo and youve got a whole new instrument.

The D scale will open up a world of possibilities for open tunings. With a scale length of 28 1/3, this guitar achieves the voicing of a baritone with the playing ease of a standard 6-string.

The top is made of solid spruce with a lightweight textured black finish. A thin finish, along with scalloped bracing, maximizes top vibration and sustain giving the D scale a clear tone advantage.

The Ds neck is made from rock maple and finished in natural stain. This neck aint bashful.

The D scale is topped off in pure Ovation style with an OP Pro preamp and is mated with the Ovation high output pickup, which provides even string-to-string output with any string gauge and any open tuning.

Mid Depth Bowl
The Mid-Depth bowl blends elements of Ovations Super-Shallow and Deep Bowl designs. Acoustically, the Mid-Depth bowl delivers impressive projection and rich tone, yet even smaller guitarists find it comfortable to hold and play. Its no surprise Ovations LX, AX, and TX models all feature a Mid-Depth body: Its proprietary Lyrachord construction and roundback design let it outperform typical œbox guitars. For decades, hardworking musicians have relied on Mid-Depth Ovation guitars to cut through the mix, whether played acoustically in a living room or run through a concert hall sound system.

Designed in collaboration with jazz guitarist Al Di Meola and acoustic rocker Melissa Etheridge, the OP-Pro combines state-of-the-art audio quality with exclusive features designed to meet the needs of professional guitarists. The easy-to-operate unit offers 3-band EQ, a preset tone enhancement circuit, a battery status light, and a chromatic tuner. The OP-Pro will please even the most discriminating player.

Case sold separately.

Baritone pitch Medium depth for good comfort and strong acoustic sound Quality electronics Versatile Scalloped bracing Case sold separately

Add more depth to your music. Order today.


Ovation Elite TX A/E D-Scale Mid-Depth

Description: 6 String Acoustic / Electric
Body Type: Mid-Depth Cutaway
Top: A Grade Solid Spruce
Bracing: Scalloped X
Scale Length: 28 1/3"
Fretboard: Rosewood with Black Stain
Fret Inlay: None
Bridge: Rosewood with Black Stain
Soundhole: Mutli Bass Side Only
Preamp: OP Pro
Pickup: Ovation OCP-1K
Machines: Black Ovation

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For Reference, I normally play 1947 Martin D-28; 1 1977 Martin D-28 and a Rainsong as a "daily player". In addition, I have 2 other Martins, a Taylor Baby and numerous electrics. I also used to play an ovation extensively that belong to my daughter. I am very use to the "synthetic material" sound.

I bought this knowing "Ovation Sound" well -- which to my ears is little if any bass. The lack of bass is not a good combination with a guitar that is to be tuned lower. I went with this because of many audio samples and many glowing reviews but I am very disappointed with the sound.

I plan to put Baritone strings on this. When I purchased this guitar, Demiitri from Muscian's Friend told me it would fit the thicker Baritone strings without having to file the nut. But I am concerned that if this guitar can't reproduce the low D, it is not going to be able to reproduce a low C.

The separation between the strings is surprising too close to play chords without causing dead strings. I would say I have small to average diameter fingers, yet the stings on this guitar are too close to play -- I have never experienced this on any guitar I have before including a Taylor Baby Travel Guitar. It makes this guitar very difficult to play.

If you try playing it loud, the sound gets worse. No idea why, but this is not a guitar to do anything other than strum lightly. In addition, if you try playing loud, the low frequency strings do not get louder but the higher frequency strings do get louder. There is also a fair amount of string buzz if you strum even slightly hard. In fairness, I have not had a set-up done yet on this guitar but I sure don't want the action taken higher than it is to get rid of the string buzz!

The neck is way too heavy for this guitar. Normally an Ovation keeps slipping down on your lap. With this guitar, it slips down on your lap AND you have to fight to keep the neck from dropping.

It is a solid, well built guitar that will last a long time, but does that matter if I don't like the sound? I may end up selling this and it will be the first of about 20 new guitars that I have sold.

Summary: Poor sound; difficult to play without deadening the strings; string buzz; sound gets worse if you play hard; poorly balanced. If this cost much less, I would have given it 3 stars, but at the price of this guitar it should sound like more than a kids toy!
Ovation Ovation Elite TX A/E D-Scale Mid-Depth Textured Black
.If you're like me and have a vocal range a bit bellow that of your favorite artists, this guitar might be exactly what you want. If you want to keep the same chord voicings, capo-ing up to the 4th or 5th fret makes the instrument half of your performance sound a bit tinny as you've pretty much lost the low end. That's fine for a ukelele solo but since you're trying to cover a song and sound close to the original, eh not so much. This guitar lets you drop back at least a whole tone without losing brightness and without getting loose dull fluttery strings. I recommend stringing up with the heaviest strings you can find however, in order to keep the tension and the brightness up. I use a GHS 14-60 set and am able to drop mine back a full third, almost dipping down to baritone territory. The pickup sounds extradinarily natural without any extra processing. I like the fact that it's very easy to adjust the action at the bridge because it comes with a set of shims that you can remove or stack. Honestly I've never been a huge fan of the Ovation tone as it it seems to be lacking the high-highs and the low-lows that make a good accoustic sound really alive but this guitar provides what no other can: a lowered tuning with a scale, tension, and string size that is comfortable on the hand and for a reasonable price.
Ovation Ovation Elite TX A/E D-Scale Mid-Depth Textured Black

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