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Ibanez Euphoria Steve Vai All Solid Wood Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar High Gloss Black Pearl

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez Euphoria Steve Vai All Solid Wood Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar High G
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Product Description

The Ibanez Euphoria Steve Vai All Solid Wood Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a high-end, extremely well-made guitar. This black beauty is best summed up by Mr. Vai himself: "The Euphoria is made to be sleek and thin with a large acoustic-electric sound. Its size gives it a bright crisp tone that allows it to sit on top of a mix." - Steve Vai

The Euphoria has a thinline body for comfort and feedback resistance. It's made of solid mahogany with a solid engelmann spruce top for a brighter, immaculate acoustic sound. Refinements include an intricate "Tree of Life" neck inlay, body binding, an original rosette design, rosewood bridge and fretboard, and Ivorex II nut and saddle for increased focus and sustain.

Includes a Fishman Matrix Undersaddle Pickup that features the amazing AURA Image Casting (IC) Technology. The system comes with four Aura IC images created specifically for Vai. Aura Image Casting Electric (ICE) Technology was used to create four ethereal and rich acoustic tones. Each image was generated using a full-body guitar, top-shelf microphones and an undersaddle pickup in a professional recording environment. The EP10 is also fitted with a compact preamp with simple volume and tone controls that are just right for a lightweight and thin body performance guitar.

Case sold separately.

Body Shape: Thinline Original Body Neck: Mahogany Neck Back/Sides: Solid Mahogany Back and Sides Top: Solid Engelmann Spruce Top Rosette: Original Metal Plate Rosette Tuners: Gold Grover Tuners with Brown Pearloid Knobs Pickup: Fishman Acoustic Matrix Pickup Electronics: Fishman Aura IC Preamp with Steve Vai Original Pre-set Sound Preamp Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge and Fretboard Saddle: Ivorex II Nut and Saddle BridgePins: Advantage Bridge Pins Strings: D'Addario EXP Strings Case sold separately

Experience the custom acoustic sounds of Steve Vai for yourself. Order today.


Euphoria Steve Vai All Solid Wood Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Body dimensions
Body Style: EP
Width: 16"
Depth: 2.75"
Length: 20"

Neck dimensions
Scale/Length: 643mm
Width at Nut: 43mm
Width at Joint: 55mm
Thickness 1st Fret: 20mm
Thickness 7th Fret: 21mm
Radius: 300mm

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

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Overall, I'm really pleased to have it in my arsenal of acoustic-electrics. It's just different enough from my other guitars, and the looks are killer. And, it's so thin against my body that, plugged in, I almost forget it's an acoustic guitar. Neck speed and bending "approach" a solid body. Quite versatile.
Beautiful guitar. Beautiful brown side and bottom binding (in addition to the abalone on top) that I couldn't even see from the pictures. The brown binding goes all the way up the neck and head stock. Really nicely done. Low action out of the box. Had to order a case separately.
Wow. Plays nice, more like an electric. A thin acoustic sound which you expect from a thin guitar. But, plug it in and there's plenty of sound. I don't hear a huge difference in the 4 acoustic settings, but there are two I really like.
I think the value for money is pretty good. Again, I would have liked a case with it. I bought a used, slightly scratched guitar to bring the cost down. It's still a beautiful guitar.
Ibanez Euphoria Steve Vai All Solid Wood Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar High Gloss Black Pearl
.This thing is really excellent. I was totally surprised at how much I liked it, given my bad experience with the EP9. I loved the EP7, but had to part with it. This is my favorite of the three, with one exception: The strong paint smell, which I have noticed on several Chinese guitars lately. Well, if the guitar is going to kill me with chemicals, then at least I'll enjoy the heck out of playing it. (My EP7 smelled really good... kind of like a cedar chest, Don't know if it was because of the guitar or the previous owner, but a smelly guitar can be a buzz kill... or in the case of the EP10, practically give you a buzz! I'm sure that the smell will eventually go away, which is why I am still giving it 5 stars.
Ibanez Euphoria Steve Vai All Solid Wood Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar High Gloss Black Pearl
.During a summer I played 15-20 easily acoustics from Taylor , Martin to Ovation which will surprise people which I liked most of the three but this guitar in particular was a huge disappointement. Never bothered plugging it in as thats after a guitar wows me I'll give it the time of day. Put it this way I'll never play another ibanez again they are a total disappointment acoustic and electric.

a boring sound , no life or umph to it , even if I was to put a brand new pack of strings on the guitar it wouldn't give this guitar an extra star. It's just something for collectors , second rate bar bands to play a steve vai cover to actually get the crowd to go a bit wild for once in the set list or maybe a fan who will buy it with false promise that he can play building the church , for the love of god or anything acoustic that steve has done in his career.

the frets where even , no splinters or chips to make playing it difficult. Seemed an average acoustic with huge price tag on it. I'm somewhat of a steve vai fan and don't look at the fretboard when I play but to beginners they will hate the tree of life inlays. Go with a company founded by a guy who used to design helicopters instead.
Ibanez Euphoria Steve Vai All Solid Wood Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar High Gloss Black Pearl
.Set up was non existant. Had to sand down bridge to lower action. Neck was flat and truss rod was non-responsive, therefore high strings buzzed. Fishman Aura did not effectively amplify the B and High E strings in measure w others... Sounds like a cheap toy unplugged.

How dissappointing this was, being a Steve Vai Signature guitar. Quality Control in China is severely lacking as is their final check proceedures and non existant 'set up' before shipping. No Hard Case and is very difficult to find one and then priced over 159 + shipping!
Ibanez Euphoria Steve Vai All Solid Wood Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar High Gloss Black Pearl
.First of all, I'm an Ibanez eletric guitar die hard. Nothing in the universe can touch an Ibanez neck, and I've tried and owned top of the line guitars from over ten major brands. I currently own and play jems, PGM's, and RG prestige electrics daily. So, when it came time to buy my first acoustic , it was hard to overlook the Euphoria. First of all, it is amazing to look at (like my Jems) and immediately fetches comments from everyone who sees it (like my jems again.) Out of the box, I really had to tweak it. I'm well read on both acoustic and electric guitar setups, and feel right at home. First, the truss rod was out of whack, and then I went with a lighter gauge of string. Finally, I spent several hours with a Stew Mac fret file carefully sanding the top of the saddle on a few select strings to really get the action into "amazing" territory. However, it was time well spent, because now this guitar plays much like my Ibanez electrics. I was a bit hesitant to buy a guitar from Ibanez not made in Japan, but I'm very pleased and this guitar is a keeper. Just be willing to put the time in to tweak it, but that's no different than any guitar I've ever bought, acoustic or electric.
Ibanez Euphoria Steve Vai All Solid Wood Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar High Gloss Black Pearl

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