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Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm
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Product Description

This Line 6 POD Studio UX1 package includes the POD Farm plug-in and Reason Limited recording software, an ideal platform for recording guitarists. This collection of studio-standard hardware and software provides instant pro guitar recording right out of the box.

NOTE: As of April 2010, if you order this product, you'll automatically be upgraded to POD Farm 2.0.

The Line 6 POD Studio UX1 boasts extremely low noise for recording guitar plus 12dB more dynamic range than similar interfaces, for clear and dynamic recordings. The exclusive Line 6 ToneDirect monitoring eliminates latency and allows you to record with amp and effect modeling without sacrificing tone or feel.

Compact and powerful, the Line 6 UX1 recording interface features a 1/4" guitar input, a balanced XLR input with high-quality mic preamp, a pair of 1/4" line inputs, a 1/4" stereo monitor input, and a pair of 1/4" analog outs for a truly professional recording experience.

Public Service Announcement: Latency Kills

Recording with latency is like driving with your eyes closed. Line 6's ToneDirect monitoring allows you to record and monitor a fully processed guitar tone while virtually eliminating latency and taking all the guesswork out of recording great-sounding tracks.

What's latency? Latency is the delay caused by the time it takes your guitar signal to travel all the way through your hardware interface, through your computer's processor, through your plug-in software, back through your hardware interface, and out of your speakers or headphones. This delay is significant in your monitoring signal and makes recording almost impossible. With a Line 6 POD Studio UX1 interface, latency is something you'll never have to deal with.

Provides low noise for recording guitar with 12dB more dynamic range than similar interfaces ToneDirect monitoring virtually eliminates latency and allows you to record and monitor a fully processed tone POD Farm plug-in Provides 18 guitar amps, 24 guitar cabs, 5 bass amps and 5 bass cabs, 29 essential stompbox and studio effects, and 6 mic preamps in Mac AU/RTAS/VST and Windows RTAS/VST formats Free FX Junkie model pack adds 35 more effect models, including synths, filters, delays, and more Reason Limited software

Get rid of latency and give yourself some better recording results. Order the UX1 today!


Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm

Allows 44.1/48kHz, 16-/24-bit recording (88.2/96kHz with sample rate conversion)
Mac and Windows compatible
Compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0

Inputs and outputs:
1-1/4" guitar input
1 balanced XLR input with high-quality mic preamp and trim knob
2-1/4" line inputs
1-1/4" stereo monitor input
2-1/4" analog outs
1-1/4" headphone out

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

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*Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for program details

Term for New Gear begins on date of purchase but does not replace the store return policy or manufacturer coverage.

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This seemed like a good purchase but the Reason Limited software associated with it couldn't be installed out of the box. I've had to contact the software company (from what I've read online so have many others)for an id number that didn't come with it. Sadly, this company is in SWEDEN and four days later they've not gotten back to me. Without that software, the interface is useless.

According to what I've read from other consumers, it should take about a week for the Sweden company to get back to me with the proper info. Needless to say, I can't recommend anyone else buy this interface and would caution them against any of the other Line6 interfaces as it may be a company wide problem.
Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm
.This Line 6 UX1 is a great value for the money. This is low latency,I subtract one star for the cheap plastic feel of it. I subtracted another star for the lack of instructions. I had to look around on the internet for instructions. You install the Pod Farm CD-ROM first. Then, you plug in the USB interface. Keep the Pod Farm software running in the background. Then you load up your recording software, in my case Acid Music Studio 8.0. Go into the Acid Music Studio menu to choose the UX1 as your audio interface. Voila! you are recording. It took me two hours to install and download necessary drivers and such. But it was worth it.
- works smoothly with my software, Sony Acid Music Studio 8.0
- works with my operating system, Windows 7, 64 bit
- comes included with upgrade to Pod Farm 2.0 which isn't really that different from Pod Farm 1.0, at least I can't really tell the difference in sound quality.
- this USB interface really is low latency. I was previously using an M-Audio interface which had noticeable latency which I didn't like. After the M-Audio interface died, I decided to give Line 6 interface a try.
- KEEP IN MIND: THERE IS NO PHANTOM POWER. I am using a dynamic microphone with this. You need a separate phantom power adapter if you are going to use a condenser mic.
-made of lightweight, somewhat cheap looking plastic.
- I really don't know how long this thing will last, but so far it is working great in my Acid Music Studio 8.0, so I am not complaining about the lightweight plastic.
I got this when there was a sale, so for the price it was well worth the money.
Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm
.Im not going to tell anyone not to buy this, because im sure someone else has had a great time with this. i bought the ux1 and installed all of the programs on windows 7, because it says it is compatable, but it turns out its not. Im plugged my bass in, and even to be sure i set everything the way it told me to in the manual, but sure enough, no sound whatsoever came through the box. There was no signal. there was nothing. then the programs would just freeze up. i dont understand because there is nothing wrong with any of my basses and i am not challenged in anyway when it comes to equipment and my computer is very fast, without problems or viruses. it was one of the worst experiences as a consumer that i have ever had because i saw it came with 3 different programs and read so many good things about its easy use, quality and capabilities. only to be highly disappointed. Technical support was not much help either.
Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm
.POD Studio UX1 with POD FARM. The unit itself works fine and included everything promised. However, as a novice with this type of equipment, I had a very hard time figuring out how to install and launch the software. There were no instructions included in the box with the unit - just the unit and three CDs. It took me two days to decipher the online manual and video tutorials to get it running. I still haven't figured out how to get the POD FARM up and running. I cannot get mine to resemble the examples in the video tutorials. Even a card with simple instructions as to which CD needed to be loaded first would have been helpful. I realize that we need to cut down on the amount of paper we use each day, but I think important installation information should be a priority for new equipment. I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He is not technologically inclined and would never have gotten this up and running by himself with no instructions. He had actually boxed it back up and given up on it.
Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm
.This thing is perfect for goofing off at home. I use it with Sony Acid Pro 7. I haven't had any problems with it and I swear by POD Farm.
Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm
.After using the Toneport UX1 for 7 years, I found the improvement in amp modelling to be fantastic. Tremendous tones for both guitar and bass (haven't recorded vocals yet). Much easier to move pedals around in your signal chain to get the tone you want.
Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm
.i've just bought it and i already love it.line 6 has a great quality.good sound,easy to use,pod farm is excellent.recording with this device is just amaizing.
Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm
.This is my first recording/interface equipment, so up to this point I have been experimenting and mostly playing around. I have owned this product for a little over a week now, and without having any long term experience I must say I am very satisfied so far.

The equipment and software does not come with specific instalation instructions, but the Line 6 website has a video which explains the process. It also has user manuals and guides available for download. The Ableton software takes you through the process of linking it to the UX1 and Pod Farm. As a first-timer, it did not take me long to be up and running.

The direct monitoring does work very well. There is no audible latency whatsoever. If you compare it to Ableton's built-in monitoring (which you can disable), there is a noticeable improvement with the UX1.

Overall it is a very simple setup. Just a roughly 8" square box with a USB, one guitar cable, and a pair of headphones. The included tones from famous artists and tones are very entertaining, and of course you can create your own. There are also several expansion packs available. I will be having fun with this for a long time.
Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm
.I switched to this after a HORRIBLE experience with the iKey RM3. This device is incredible. Not only is it cheaper than the other, but it is significantly better, and much less of a hassle. The Pod Farm software, so far, sounds surprisingly good. I'm not a huge fan of Ableton Live, but I was planning on using Adobe Audition anyway. I also love how it allows you to use your studio mic as a microphone in any computer application you want (Recording, skype, movie maker, anywhere your computer normally uses one). I can't speak on the Mac issues, but I can say it works perfectly in Windows 7 x64. The only thing holding back a 5 star review is the lack of phantom power. I don't know why so many devices leave out this essential feature. However, for $50 more, you can go with the UX2 and get extra inputs and phantom power, it just wasn't really in my price range. So, all that being said, if you're looking to begin recording your music, do not hesitate to buy this device! It really is an incredible little device.
Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm
.A great product by Line 6 I must say. Easy to use, easy to install, best of all sounds great! The only thing missing for me is Phantom power but I guess that's why they have the UX-2.
Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 with Pod Farm

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