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Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply
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Product Description

Works with Line 6's Desktop POD, modeling pedals such as the DL4, stompboxes, Variax, POD, and the PODXT. Plugs into 120V wall socket.

This is the one you need. We guarantee you won't find it anywhere else for less, so go for it!

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It's pretty much just what you'd think it is.
You NEED to use the correct AC power adapter for your Line6 POD and...this is it.
It's well packaged, well made, a bit smaller than before and NO flimsy cable ends like the older ones.
Works great for POD 2.0.
Good price, fast shipping, thanks MF!
Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply
.This is just one of those necessary purchases if you want to power your digitech DL-4. It is big and clunky, and inconvenient. It is unfortunate that line 6 makes such awkward things. But you need it, unless you want to go through a bunch of C batteries every 30 hours or so.
Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply
.Overall this PS does what it is designed to do, but has some serious quality issues.
I suppose it does what it is suppose to do.
This is my THIRD power supply like this in 2 years. Under moderate use it WILL eventually break.
because they don't seem to be made to last the value I place on this product is significantly reduced.
Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply
.Ok, so I beat the heck out of my gear, what can I tell you?

I ordered a replacement power supply for my pod xt live because the original has frayed wires and cracks, splits, etc. I was unhappy with the quality of the original to begin with ( i mean, really, this is intended for gigging purposes IE on the floor, covered in beer, stepped all over by your horn players, cigarette ash everywhere, and the BOARD stands up to it like an irish bare-knuckle boxer. I just can't kill the thing.) I ordered a replacement with the intention of at least trying to keep it in decent shape. The replacement, though, is more flimsy than the original and there is NO way i'm taking it to a gig. I'll keep it for backup, but i'm really displeased with it. If you're going to make something intended for gigging musicians, BEEF IT UP.
Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply
.The brick is pretty large and there is a skinny cable on either end. Of course I knew this when I bought it. Purchased as a 2nd power supply so I could leave one at home for practice and have the 2nd one setup and ready to go when I play at church.
Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply
.If you own a dl4 then the power adapter is a must. I've had the dl4 for almost a year and I've probably spent close to $60 if not more on batteries. My pedal lost power in the middle of a show and crazy riots soon followed thereafter. Don't make the same mistake.
Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply
. I have a Variax 700 and a PodXT. I work three times a week, and these unit are exceptional. I t a shame the power supplies do not do them justice.
The strain relief on the PX-2 power supply where the cables meet the transformer is way below the quality I expect from Line 6. I have two Line 6 products and this will be the third set of power supplies I have purchased in six years. I take extreme care of my gear, so I know it is not abuse, just normal wear. Worse still the replacements are not as good as the originals.
Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply
.Works great.
Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply
.Great price and works great.
Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply
.You sell defective material then pass the buck and want to sell me yet another defective item.
Line 6 PX-2 Power Supply

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