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Line 6 StageSource L3S Powered Subwoofer Black

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Hardshell Case of Line 6 StageSource L3S Powered Subwoofer Black
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Product Description

The L3S subwoofer from Line 6 is a 1200W powered 2X12 cabinet with bass reflex configuration for low distortion and extended bass response. Using StageSource L3s with your existing live sound rig is easy. The I/O section includes stereo inputs to accommodate mixers and line-level sources, and stereo outputs to connect to additional loudspeakers.

StageSource L3s combines versatile design with Smart Speaker modes, automatic speaker configuration via L6 LINK digital networking and a tour-grade enclosure for the widest variety of live sound applications

With a precision bass-reflex design, StageSource L3s delivers 1,200 watts of powerful, extended sub-bass and incredible fidelity. Based on an innovative new technology platform, StageSource L3s combines intelligent DSP and multi-function design to provide outstanding performance and easy system integration via L6 LINK digital networking.

Smart Speaker modes
Low-end clarity is crucial for powerful musical performances, but different scenarios can require different bass tunings to ensure the best results. Designed for the widest range of applications, StageSource L3s subwoofers feature Smart Speaker modes that allow you to tune the subwoofer output to deliver the perfect low-end performance at the touch of a button. Whether you need huge punchy kick and bass sounds for a live rhythm section, or deep, controlled sub-bass for DJ performances, Smart Speaker modes make setup simple and deliver stunning sound in every application.

StageSource L3s Smart Speaker modes include:
PA modes - Optimized for live music applications
¢ Reference mode features smooth and powerful low-end performance optimized for use with a PA. With a flat frequency response and maximum extension down to 30 Hz, the L3s delivers stunning sub-bass clarity.
¢ High Punch mode provides extra power in the kick drum frequency range, delivering the right amount of energy to help the kick and other low frequency instruments cut through the mix.
Playback modes - Optimized for pre-recorded music applications and DJ rigs
¢ Extended Bass mode provides an extra low-frequency accent at the very deep end of the frequency spectrum, right around 40 Hz to deliver that huge sub-bass sound that DJs need to move their audience and energize the dance floor.
¢ Ultra Bass mode delivers powerful sound at even lower frequencies by employing extended low-frequency response with a bump at 30 Hz.

1,200-watt bi-amped design
Easily capable of delivering powerful low-end to large audiences, StageSource L3s features a dual 12-inch bass reflex configuration with 1,200 watts of power for maximum headroom and superb low-end definition.

For maximum flexibility depending on the application, the enclosure can be used vertically or laid horizontally. For integration with StageSource L3t loudspeakers, a threaded pole mount insert is located on the top of the enclosure. Two additional threaded pole mount inserts can be found on the side of the enclosure allowing two L3t's to be arrayed together. Indicators on the enclosure clearly show the optimal speaker splay angle.

Integration with your existing live sound gear is easy via stereo inputs and out/thru connections.

Digital networking via L6 LINK
L6 LINK digital networking takes the complexities out of configuring a multi-speaker rig. In an L6 LINK network, StageSource L3s automatically detects other StageSource speakers and automatically configures its settings accordingly; crossovers and polarity are set, stereo signals are summed, through signals are passed, and more.

When connected via L6 LINK, StageSource speakers and the StageScape M20d digital mixer are capable of unparalleled power and flexibility. Together they redefine the typical mixer-speaker paradigm and create an intelligent live sound eco-system rather than merely a linear combination of components.

Rugged construction
StageSource L3s was built with the road in mind. The heavy-duty plywood enclosure has three threaded pole-mounts to support multiple configurations with other Line 6 speakers. A solid steel grille with protective screen keeps the drivers secure of dust, objects and liquids. StageSource L3s has rattle-free wheels for "tilt-and-go" portability, making it easy to transport.

Digital Networking Flexible Crossovers Multi-function Design Innovative Bi-amped Design Stereo In/Out/Thru

Order today and add the bass response you need to achieve your sound.


StageSource L3S Powered Subwoofer

Dual 12 in. Bi-amplified Subwoofer
Frequency Range(-10 db): 34 Hz to 2.8 kHz(P.A./Reference Speaker Mode, half space)
Frequency Response(+/-3 db): 38 Hz to 910 Hz(P.A./Reference Speaker Mode, half space)
Low-Pass Frequencies: 80Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, Off(User-selectable)
Stereo Line-level XLR-1/4" Balanced
Output High-Pass Frequencies: 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, Off (User-selectable)
Controls: Master level, Speaker Mode, Crossover Frequency, Polarity
Indicators: Signal Present/Clip, Limit, Polarity Inversion, 4 x Crossover Frequency, 4 x Speaker Mode, L6 LINK Status
Speaker Modes: P.A./Reference, P.A./High Punch, Playback/Extended Bass, Playback/Ultra Bass
Digital Networking: L6 LINK intelligent Speaker Networking System
Power Amplifier: Class D
Power Supply Voltage Range: 100-240 VAC, +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, automatic voltage selection
Pole Mount Plates: M20 x 2.5 thread, qty 3
Dimensions (H x W x D): 34.125 x 16.5 x 23.25"
Weight: 82.5 lbs.

Custom Guitar's Friend Gold Coverage

Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty to protect your gear from unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage from handling and failures. This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date of purchase, costs just pennies per day and gives you a complete "no-worry" solution for protecting your investment.

Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

*Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for program details

Term for New Gear begins on date of purchase but does not replace the store return policy or manufacturer coverage.

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So I wanted to come back and update everyone on this very important information bit that I was NOT aware of before I invested in Line 6 L3s's and L3t's....

There is firmware on these speakers and the only way to update the firmware is to have a StageScape M20d mixer.

Now, it was in my original plan to buy this mixer (which I just did 9-11-14) several months after I bought (2) L3s's and (2) L3t's. So I'm not incredibly hurt by this information. However, you need to know this, if Line 6 does any enhancements to the L3 series speakers you will need the M20d miser to push the update from. Or if you are having any issues with your L3 series it most likely may need a firmware update.

I'm assuming this goes for the L2 series speakers as well.

Note, I love this system and don't believe there is an easier, better sounding, versatile, system out there.

Please copy this link to your browser to see the Line 6 forum conversation:
Line 6 StageSource L3S Powered Subwoofer Black
.New product from Line 6 in 2012. This is their first entry into the pro audio FOH world. Very hard to find any reviews on StageSource L3s or L3T's. I found a couple of youtube vid's but just didn't satisfy my reservations about this product. All the youtube vid's on this product only had a few hundreds 'views'. I wasn't very happy with Line 6's website on their info. for these sub's.

Here is a web link burried in their website (hope this link works...
http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d9ac8502007180aca2/application/pdf/StageSource L3 Quick Start Guide - English ( Rev C ).pdf

Weighs 83 pounds, which I don't mind. Caster on the cabinet are very nice and needed. Very solid cabinet.

Bought 2 of these with 2 L3T's. I use a Mackie 802-VLZ mixing board. So far I only used them in my basement (too cold outside right now 12-30-13). Bass is favorable upclose, a little dissapointing when you move several feel away, but I may just need to adjust crossover freq. on the cabinet. I also don't know how much power I'm drawing as all 4 cabinets are plugged into the same outlet...Probably need seperate power circuits to truly test these. I am a bass player by trade, so I'm pretty particular about how the bass sounds through the FOH.

I can definately see why most of the video's of the StageSource L3t's and L3's show (4) L3T tops and (4) L3S's subs. I would feel more comfortable having 4 of each box performing outdoors (8 total boxes). But having 2 L3t's and 2 L3s's give you 5,200watts. That's pretty good in my book for not having to haul around seperate amps, etc.

Can't beat all the features Line 6 put into these subs. I bought these speakers to review because I'm considering installing these in my church as FOH (500 seat - 1,000 seat).

Overall I am really happy with these Line 6 StageSource L3S's. I'm waiting to see what happens now that Yamaha has purchased/bought Line 6. I'd like them to come out with a more robust Line 6 StageScape M20d mixer. A mixer you can do an In Ear Monitor feed to a Aviom system (ethernet). The M20d does not have any line outs any channel inputs or any eithernet...dissapointing because I'd like to purchase this M20d to take full advantage of Line 6 software integrated with the L3T's and L3S's, but I can't justify buying it with not being able to provide an In Ear Monitor mix.

Still with that said, you can still use the L6 Link to hook up the speakers. Very great feature(s) on this sub.

Bottom line, the good way outway the bad. Features and versatility won me over on Line 6 StageSource L3T's and L3S's. Sub's are a great cabinet and I haven't experienced any clipping, but then again, when you spend the kind of cash it takes to purchase this luxury sub cabinet you take extra time to verify input levels to your board and your output levels to your powered speakers. :)
Line 6 StageSource L3S Powered Subwoofer Black

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