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Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3

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Hardshell Case of Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
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Product Description

The Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3 will add incredible-sounding drums to your music! Dr. Rhythm's loaded with acoustic and electronic drum kits, as well as a selection of bass sounds. Great for jamming, the DR-3's Rhythm Progressions and multiple variations make it easy to create a realistic-sounding drum track for any style of music. The Total Sound Control (TSC) feature allows you to tweak your kits to perfection.

The Rhythm Progressions feature lets you choose from 100 preset styles and use the 8 panel buttons to switch between different sections of your song. Up to 3 variations can be selected for each Intro, Verse, Fill, and Ending.

TSC lets you change the sound of a drum kit with specialized effects. The Sound Shape function can be used to adjust the 3-band compression and 3-band parametric EQ, or add some spaciousness with the Ambiance effect. An optional footswitch can be used to control anything from Intro/Start and Ending/Stop to Verse Change, Variation On/Off, Loop On/Off and more. Battery power lets you take the DR-3 just about anywhere.

Affordable drum machine for jamming or practice Realistic drum, percussion, and bass sounds with velocity-sensitive pads Programmable rhythm progressions with 3 variations each for Intro, Verse, Fill, and Ending Total Sound Control with Sound Shape function and Ambiance for professional drum sounds 100 preset styles and 100 user styles programmable via realtime or step recording Footswitch input for easy live control SPECIFICATIONS

Dr. Rhythm DR-3

8-7/16"W x 2-1/8"H x 7-5/16"D
1 lb. 10 oz.
12-voice polyphony
120 drum and percussion sounds
12 bass sounds
20 - 260BPM
Realtime or step recording
13 velocity-sensitive pads
Backlit LCD (16 characters x 2 lines)
I/O: L, R (RCA), L, R (1/4"), footswitch jack (stereo 1/4"), MIDI in, DC in (AC adapter jack)
Power Supply DC9V: dry battery (R6/LR6 (AA) type) x 6, AC Adapter (PSA-series)
Power Consumption 200 mA * Expected battery life under continuous use: approx. 5 hours (This figure will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.)
Accessories Dry Battery (Alkaline LR6 (AA) type) x 6, Owner's Manual, Roland Service (Information Sheet)
Options AC Adapter: PSA Series, Foot Switch: FS-5U, Foot Switch Cable: Roland PCS-31

The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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I purchased this for a drum backing for the duo act that I am doing and, so far it is giving me everything that I was looking for. Plenty of sounds and, choices for programs. I haven't found a song yet that I can't use it on. I would definately suggest using the double pedal for starting and ending the programs and providing fills, even though if you keep it at arms reach it's fairly easy use the buttons manually,if you're playing a guitar footswitches are always easier. I have also added another switch between the unit and my amp to stop the sound or add a drum break at any time. It's really a Great little unit with a lot of features for a decent price. I found a tilt stand that will clamp to any mic stand to hold this unit and, it just made the whole thing come together perfectly. Stagg MUS-ARM 1 is the stand. The cables will go through the holes in the stand even making it more secure and stable. I would reccommend this unit for anyone looking for a drum machine and not wanting to spend a lot of money and, also for ease of operation.
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
.The DR-3 does everything you would expect from a unit that costs less than $200. The sound is pretty standard, and I am satisfied with its capabilities overall. Its major flaw is its complicated interface. Given that much can be accomplished with this thing, the user must navigate through many lengthy menus even to use it at a basic level, which is confusing because each menu item is displayed individually on a small screen. Moving through these non-linear menus with a linear interface is extremely complicated, and the manual is only somewhat helpful. There is an instructional video available for it, but of course it's $30-40. I figured the thing out myself, but it took a long time and was very frustrating. If you are willing to spend many hours figuring it out by yourself in addition to reading the manual thoroughly, the unit does everything a hobbyist will need.
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
.Not a bad unit for practice. I have had a lot of fun jamming with it. So much better for your playing than standing their by yourself. Fun to have a fake band to play around, in and out of the pocket, helps your technique and development as a player. You can adjust the key of the bass or remove it which is cool. I cannot for the life of me program a drum machine so I use the canned "song" patterns. Some cool ones in there, but I am getting tired of them. I find I can change the tempo and use the kit and option buttons to vary the patterns but I need new patterns. If you can program useable drum tracks you are a better man than me.
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
.This device works well for jamming but obviously you would not want to use it for live performances. Just practice jams. It is 1000 time better that a metronome!
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
.I'd recommend it for practice. I don't know if it really provides sounds of the caliber to use it for live performances or serious recording. Get a decent sequencer and sampler for that.This thing actually has quite a few features I will probably never use due to the complexity of the interface. I did try programming it once and got very frustrated after getting just a few bars programmed. If you're really into that, you should have a PC sequencer. For what I want - something to practice chops without always doing it solo - this thing is fantastic. I think of it as a super metronome. Add the dual footswitch and you'll really have a blast and a great practice.I've had mine about two years and tossed it into bags anddropped it on the floor a few times and it is built like a tank! I never had a problem with itI guess it's a decent value considering a high-quality metronome costs almost half the price of thing.
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
.I HAVE HAD MY DR3 for four years and I can say for the bucks you can't beat it. I use it live in my one man gigs. Most songs I can use with out too much trouble. setting up the bass parts are somewhat of a problem. Once you get use to the programing it get easer. I use #3 #10 #19 #76 I pick my key for the bass and off we go. I Play classic country some old 50s stuff.In my case I will recommend the DR3. By the way when I'm on the bass, I just turn the bass part and off we go.I have two Yahama That I use for recording.
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
.I bought this because it's advertised as an entry-level model that allows a musician to construct rhythm tracks for individual songs (I write a lot of original material). I hoped to be able to use it in small live settings as well.

I don't know how many hours I've spent trying to figure out how to do this, and I'm no closer than the day I bought it. After my first attempt, I bought the DVD instruction manual. That didn't help in the least, and it feels more like a demo video than an instruction video. There's a whole lot of "You can do this and this and this" with no explanation of how or why.

The preset styles don't seem to follow any kind of common chord progression, they're mostly just random patterns strung together, so they're not really helpful even as a practicing tool.

I'd say, if you want to spike your blood pressure, if you want a grey box with a lot of flashing lights that makes random sounds, then this is the product for you. If, however, you're looking for an easy-to-use backup player for practicing and performing, then give this a miss. It's far, far too difficult to use to be considered entry-level.
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
.I use this for jamming, either by myself or with another guitarist, bassist, or both. For that purpose, it is excellent! I run it direct into the PA and it really sounds awesome! Turning the bass on or off is very simple to do, as is changing the tempo. I didn't need it for crafting entire songs with custom beats, but you can do it.Definitely get a footswitch. I have the Boss FS-6 which is great because I can do intro/end or fills between verse while still playing guitar. To jam by myself with this is great because I can practice endless leads and the drummer and bass player never get tired of it. There are hundreds of rhythm combinations to choose from. Personally I think a lot of them are overkill. Finding a good solid rock or blues beat is very easy to do though. Again, for jamming and having fun without your human drummer, this thing is fantastic. Remember, it is only going to sound as good as what you are running it through. If it's some dinky playback device, yes it will sound like crap. If you run it direct into a nice PA setup, you will be blown away.
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
.This machine is OK! It's great for jammimg and for keeping time. You may program it for your own style. The styles that come with it are somewhat basic, however this machine is only for jamming. It will help you with your timing and also will help in constructing drum patterns for your own music. This is a great deal for the price! Buy it, play with it.....then find a real drummer!
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
.As long as you know up front what to expect it's a nifty little device for the price. I basically was looking for a metronome on steroids to practice - and it's that and more. For a guitarist or keyboardist looking to practice/compose simple ideas it's more than adequate. Clearly you won't use this to perform (except maybe playing Christmas carols at the mall:). Despite being plastic it has a sturdy feel to it. The keypads are small, but I was able to tap quickly with index fingers of both hands. It's very programmable. The sounds aren't as bad as some purists' rants, but of course it isn't going to sound like real drums nor like a $2000 digital sampler. Negatives: the out-of-the-box presets are disappointing - nearly every one has four measures of one pattern followed by four measures of a second pattern followed by two measures of a third pattern and then repeat over and over. They're more like demos. Some realistic song structures would have been nice. But it is easily programmable and very portable.
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3

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