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How To Start a Tribute Band | How to Promote a Tribute Band

Page updated 3/1/2016


Feel free to browse our pages for the information you have been seeking regarding the most popular tribute bands in the USA and in other countries.  We plan to make tribute band resource a one stop shop for tributes on the web.  Feel free to browse our articles as well.  Read through our articles and website resources to help your band get moving on its tribute journey.  Please submit your tribute band info through our tribute submission page.  Submit your band info now and reciprocal link with us to get listed within your band category.  Visit Media Web Source for general band promotion, press kit tips, demo submission info and more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tribute Bands:

How To Start A Tribute Band - How To Promote A Tribute Band

Would you like to start a Tribute Band.  There are many questions to ask yourself when starting a Tribute Band in the current music scene:

  • Can my band pull off a Tribute act?
  • How do I learn the music of the band I'm emulating?
  • Where can I play this genre of music?
  • Should we dress up like the act we are tributing?
  • Will this Tribute pull in an audience to a club?
  • Can my band pull off a tribute? 

These are all good questions you should ask yourself and your band mates when thinking about starting a tribute band.  When starting a tribute act you must be able to emulate the band to a great extent.  Of course, when you start out much practice is needed to see if this can be done by the band members.  Can your band perform to an extent where people are going to say "Wow they sound like the real thing."  So if your band mates have a good bit of talent and skills, your band should be able to perform a tribute act.  Sometimes it's hard to take the leap to a tribute act if your band performs their own music.  Decide whether you and your band want to perform the music of others instead of your own original material.  Once you decide to perform in a tribute band it's hard to jump back into your own music.


How does my band learn the material for a tribute act?  Well, if you decide to do a tribute most likely you have a band in mind that has enough material to play a show.  Most popular bands have tablature or music books with much of their music and lyrics.  For Example, Pink Floyd or Van Halen have a number of Fake Books or Guitar Tablature books our there for you to purchase.  You can also try free guitar and bass tablature sites on the web.  Check out lyrics for your singer on these sites as well.  While it's not always necessary to read music, learning guitar and bass tablature is quite good for learning your chops on others material.  Decide if your band can perform quality material from the act you are looking at emulating.  You don't want to perform and have people saying that you sound nothing like the band your emulating.  A good singer is usually the key to having a successful tribute band.  Does your singer have the tone and can he reach the notes of the singer your emulating.

Where can my band play this genre of music?  Check out local clubs in your area that cater to your type of music.  Look at local music listings in the paper and free music newspapers in your area.  See where similar acts are playing in the region and approach those venues.  Check out our page on how to get gigs as well in order to help with gig bookings.  Try open mic nights, make a press kitdemo, offer to open for other tribute bands, and build a website for your tribute band.  Self promote your tribute band any time you can.  Check out our article on Self Promoting Your Band as well.  

Should the tribute band dress up like the act your emulating?  This is a question you'll have to research.  Do other similar tribute bands in your area dress up like the act?  Does it look stupid when similar acts dress up like the band they are emulating?  It comes down to what you feel comfortable doing.  Will this help sell the tribute?  Do some research of other tribute acts and see what they are up too.  For the most part as long as the music and singing is there, you should not have trouble booking your tribute band.  Any extra might help sell the band in different venues.  

Will this tribute act bring in an audience?  This is the key question to ask you and your band mates.  Ultimately you want to pull an audience.  Not only does the band need an audience but the club owner wants to make money.  So keep this in mind when trying to get booked.  Not every tribute band will bring in an audience in certain areas.  For the most part, you are going to get more hard core fans to your shows.  Fans that really want to see a tribute of the act that they love.  It's important that you know the material well and perform it well.  Word of mouth is a big part of tribute band success.  So make sure you advertise and promote your show whenever possible.  List your show in the local music listings and try to have them list your band name and the act your emulating.  For Example, Pink Noise - Pink Floyd Tribute.  Not everyone will know that Pink Noise by itself means a Pink Floyd Tribute.  Send flyers to the club your playing, promote your shows on concert calendars on the web, always list your contact information on every self promotion item.  

Above are a few tips on how to start your tribute band.  Keep in mind that hard work, knowing the material, and good self promotion goes a long way.

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