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Locate Band Listings, Directories, and Tributes in general on this web page.  You can search for you favorite tribute bands below listed by the band they are emulating.  Just click the band of interest below, and view the pages with the listings of tribute bands for that band of choice.  

Clubs and venues please feel free to use this page to locate talented tributes to possibly be booked in your venue.  Musicians involved in a tribute band can submit an email to us for a free listing on this page.  Please follow the link below with submission instructions.

Tribute Band Listings and Directory

Alice in Chains Tribute

Alice Cooper Tribute

AC/DC Tribute

Amy Whinehouse Tribute

Beatles Tribute

Bee Gees Tribute

Blues Brothers Tribute

Billy Joel Tribute

  • Glass Houses - World class Billy Joel tribute act. It can be booked as a 4 to 6 piece group, solo to tracks, or voice and piano.- Canada
    Black Sabbath Tribute
  • Black Sunday - PA , USA

Bob Dylan Tribute

Bon Jovi Tribute

Creedence Clearwater Revival - CCR



Dave Matthews Band

Dean Martin Tribute 

Def Leppard

Eagles Tribute

Earth Wind & Fire Tribute

Elvis Presley Tribute

Fleetwood Mac Tribute

  • Fleetwood Max - Florida, USA  - The Fleetwood Max experience captures the mystical atmosphere, look and sound of the enigmatic Fleetwood Mac with outstanding vocal and character performances bringing the haunting melodies,  harmonies and punctuating rhythms during every show.
  • Mirage - CA, USA

Genesis Tribute

George Benson Tribute Band

Godsmack Tribute

Grateful Dead Tribute

Grand Funk Railroad Tribute

Guns N Roses - G N R Tribute

Grunge Tribute

Heart Tribute Band

Iron Maiden Tribute

Jimmy Buffett

Jimi Hendrix

Joe Cocker Tribute

Joe Satriani Tribute

Journey Tribute

Jethro Tull Tribute

Janis Joplin Tribute

KISS Tribute

Led Zeppelin 

Metallica Tribute Bands

Michael Jackson Tribute

Motley Crue

Neil Young Tribute

Neil Diamond Tribute

Nirvana Tribute

No Doubt Tribute

Oasis Tribute

Ozzy Osbourne Tribute

Pantera Tribute

Pearl Jam Tribute Bands

Perfect Circle Tribute


Pink Floyd Tribute Bands

Police Tribute

Platinum Rockstars - 70's - 80's Tribute

Queen Tribute

Rage Against the Machine Tribute 

Radiohead Tribute

Ray Charles Tribute

Robbie Williams Tribute 

Rolling Stones Tribute 

Rush Tribute 

Santana Tribute Band

Stone Temple Pilots STP Tribute

Soundgarden Tribute

Scorpions Tribute Band

Steppenwolf Tribute Band

Steely Dan Tribute

Tool Tribute

Take That Tribute

Tom Petty

  • Totally Tom Petty Hosts the Women of Rock - Vacouver, BC Canada - Tribute Artist Phil Dunget as: Totally Tom (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) - Tribute Artist Linda Maze as: Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) , Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), Pat Benatar Deborah Harry (Blondie).

U2 Tribute

Van Halen Tribute    

The Who 


ZZ Top Tribute Band

  • SHARP DRESSED MAN - Kansas City, MO - Closest match to ZZ Top’s raw Texas Rockin Blues sound and concert experience, complete with the beards, the outfits, the moves, etc
  • Bruzzler - ZZ Top Tribute - Austria Europe - Long bearded with spinning guitar