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Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst

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Hardshell Case of Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
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Product Description

Loaded with classic Telecaster features.The Squire Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom guitar sports a gorgeous three-color sunburst finish over a double-bound alder body with mint green pickguard. Equipped with a vintage tint gloss maple neck with modern 9.5" radius and 21 medium-jumbo frets on a rosewood fingerboard. Loaded with a pair of custom Alnico V single-coil pickups for classic Tele warmth, clarity, and punch - ideal for country, blues, rock, or jazz. The Classic Vibe Tele also features vintage-style tuners and 3-saddle bridge with threaded saddles.Use the drop-down menu above to choose colors and other options.

Body: Alder Finish: Gloss polyester Neck: 1-Piece maple, modern C shape Fingerboard: Rosewood, Fingerboard radius: 9-1/2" (241mm) Frets: 21, medium jumbo Scale length: 25-1/2" (648mm) Nut width: 1.625" (41mm) Hardware: Chrome Tuning Keys: Vintage-style tuning machines Bridge: Vintage-style string-thru-body Tele bridge with 3 threaded steel barrel saddles Pickguard: 3-ply mint Pickups: 2 Custom single-coil Tele pickups with Alnico V magnets (neck & bridge) Pickup switching: 3-Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups, Position 3. Neck Pickup Controls: master volume, master tone Strings: (.009-.042) Nickel-plated steel Unique features: Knurled chrome controls Vintage tinted neck Parchment dot position markers, Gold Squire logo, Top hat switch tip

With the vintage look and tone you're after, this affordable Telecaster will be right at home in your arms. Make it yours today!

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On it's own I would give it a 9. When the cost is figured in it's a solid 10. I love Tele's and this guitar does it with style. I would recommend you go to your local store to try one but suspect they are hard to keep in stock. I'm tempted to collect the whole series at this price point.
All what a Tele should be plus a lot more style.
Nicely put together. I have the 50's CV Tele in butterscotch also which prompted me to get this model. No gaps in the neck pocket, tight fit, the pickguard and bridge line up pefectly, strings go over the neck evenly. I have two American Tele's and they aren't lined up as well as the squier's. Hardware looks solid with no need for immediate upgrades. It did need a little set-up work but afterwards plays very well. Perfectly cut nut, pickups sound very good. Finish is beautiful, the binding and three tone sunburst is stunning. I had to really looks closely to see where the body was glued together. The neck has a very nice flame along with a silky smooth feel. It has a gloss finish which some people may not like but this one seems to let your hand glide up and down the neck. The mint green pickguard compliments the overall looks. I gave it a 9 because nothing is perfect but this comes close.
Gets a 10 here. It doesn't need anything out of the box except for a setup to your playing preference as with any guitar. You could go to changing parts if you want but as is it's a great guitar. On it's own it's a very good guitar, for the price it's a home run, or I should say " A Grand-slam"
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.I've been playing for 60 years and cannot offer any advice on improvements what so ever. Fender has really out done themselves here !
Really decent quality guitar, especially for the price! Workmanship seems tops as does the wood and hardware selection. Maybe not USA or Custom quality but NOT far from it. Double bound body workmanship is perfect, finish is perfect, neck and fret work is outstanding as are the pickups, even though PUs are not ice pick clear. More mid range which still sounds great through my Fender Bandit set clean for country and older R&R. I've looked this CVC over from head to tail and cannot find one single fault, seems like these MIC Fenders are really well made and they just keep getting better. Also it was pretty well set up from the factory and it played out of the box.
The 2 piece alder body was very well finished and nicely grained as was it's maple/rosewood neck. Decent weight but not a back buster. Pure terrific workmanship! Should last for years and still be a winner.
You just cannot beat this value for a super classy looking and sounding tele.
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.I bought the CV-60 Custom about a MTH ago and am very impressed with it. The craftsmanship on it is very good. I suppose with Labor being what it is in China, it should be. But usually you could run your fingers over the binding/body line and feel a slight hump. This CV Custom is perfectly smooth in this area and you rarely see that on anything but Custom Shop electrics. The woods are nice in that they stick close to the 62 Custom combination of Alder body with a Rosewood board. Vintage Fender Telecaster parts are all a direct drop-in fit for this Squier which is nice for a change. First time I've seen this with squier. The Vintage style TMs are very good quality and perfectly stay in tune. I believe they are as good as the original Klusons. The Tonerider pick-ups "Alinco Vs" are a vast improvement over the ceramic MIM Standards. And they "are" Toneriders check the serial numbers on them. The vintage tele Twang is here in spades as is "all" Tele Tones. The vintage style bridge with 3-Steel Threaded barrels is also true to the original 62 Custom design. I had a Vintage Fender with 3-brass barrels hanging around so I used that just to warm the Tone a bit. As I said the Vintage Fender Tele hardware is a direct replacement. But theres certainly nothing wrong with the stock bridge. The steel is just slightly brighter. Neck pocket is perfect and snug. The fretwork is excellent with a comforatable modern C with a 9.5 radius and M-J frets. Nice fret work with good low action. I did a complete set-up on the guitar myself. And I believe this will need to be done for anyone buying a CV. I also own a CV-50 Tele and on both the Truss Rods were slack and needed to be adjusted. So its probly similiar on most of these. But with a set-up this Telecaster really plays as well as other Teles costing 7-8 times as much. Serious bang for the buck with this Tele. Yea it would be nice if the finish was Nitro. But hey this Poly finish is excellently applied. You can look all you want and you won't find a flaw. The Pots are Alpha and good quality as is the switch. The out-put jack is very snuggly assembled which always use to be an issue with Squier. I'll tell you, these Teles are going to be getting a LOT of action by a LOT of players. You just can't beat them for the bucks. And with Vintage style Fender parts being a direct drop-in replacement? Thats a HUGH factor for ease of upgradeing. BTW the neck is routed for a Humbucker as is the CV-50 Tele. Some may not like this but again I think its a super idea. Makes it a breeze to drop in a Humbucker or a Mini Humbucker. All those who complain about the neck pups on teles? Well upgrade your heart out. I dropped a Filtertron in mine. KILLER Telecaster. Don't miss this one. I find it hard to believe the CVs are going to be around long at this quality and price. The body seams match very very well and you actually have to STUDY the body to see the seams. Thats impressive, I've seen Fender Deluxe USAs I refused to buy because of this issue. I play Pro and have been for years. I own USA made Fenders and other USA electrics and Custom Shop guitars. IF I am playing one of these CV-60 Custom Squiers it really should tell you something. I pick "all" my guitars out in person and rarely buy on-line. I honestly cannot tell you how consistant these teles are, But fron the reviews and the Editors Pick Award from Guitar Player? I'd say they are pretty darn consistant. BTW my Tele weights a TOTAL of 7lbs. and my CV-50 is under 7lbs. Impressive weigh eh?
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.Absolutely the most amazing guitar look and playability wise I ever played. Setup was great out of the box. All i am going to do is install strap locks and 10s. Buy this guitar....you won't regret it.
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst

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awesome value for your money, its really hard to distinguish this guitar from its fender counterparts. Guitar was set up well, just some minor neck adjustments needed which is typical for most guitars out of the box. Sounds great, plays great, and looks amazing. No complaints
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.It was fine just not a match for my other more expensive fenders.
Pretty good for the price, really better than old starters but can't compare to a custom shop or many Mexican models(Baja)
Again, good for the mony. Beautiful finish, neck on mine was dry and had open grain in the rosewood fingerboard, bowed in the middle and really needed setup. I have better guitars and didn't need one at a lesser level so returned. Would have killed to have this as a new player.
Good for beginner or decent low cost guitar
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.This is an awesome guitar. If you're looking for an affordable Tele, look no further than the CVC.
I expected to have to change the pickups, but these have the Telecaster twang and they take higher gain settings very well--I have a Highway One, and the stock pickups were terrible, especially at high gain.

I may eventually upgrade the electronics in the guitar--pots, switch, wiring and jack, but they work well now, so no hurry. I did read on some forums of people having trouble with their jacks. While the action on mine isn't great--I don't get a real click when I insert my plug, it works for now...
This is a beautiful guitar--the standards of fit and finish are really high. It played perfectly out of the box. The fret ends are smooth. The sunburst is great. The mint green pickguard is sharp! The bridge does its job.
Great guitar, great price. Fender/Squier are doing some incredible things to build these guitars at this price point.
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
. Just a great little inexpensive guitar. Perfect for gigging in not-so-genteel venues. Great tones, fantastic action and feel. Great looks. If you're lusting after a Tele on a limited budget; you won't be disappointed in this little gem.
Single tone and volume controls with 3-way switching. Bound body, aged maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Frets dressed and action fairly well set up out of the box. Nice looking sunburst finish.
Amazing fit and finish for a entry-level instrument. If it didn't say "Squier" on the headstock, you'd be hard-pressed to distinguish it from a Fender MIM.
Fantastic value for the money.
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.I've been playing on and off since 1968.

The Telecaster Custom I purchased has a wide thin neck. Very comfortable to play, and was intonated very well the entire length of the neck. No buzz, no dead spots. I've never really felt a guitar neck with this exact neck shape. I did not feel the same mojo and ease of use with the Classic Vibe 50's Tele and Strat. Possibly an excellent setup would cure that problem.

Because of the low price of the guitar, the individual parts of the guitar, specifically the bridge and nut and pickups, seem less than perfect.

The pickups are a touch flat and lifeless. However, amplified through my Marshall Class 5 and a Marshall Guv'Nor, the bridge pickup is close enough to early Zeppelin to be satisfying. Buying a Fuzz box would make it even better. The neck pickup portrayed excellent blues tone.

In conclusion: If you take each individual guitar on it's own merit, the Classic Vibe series are excellent grab and go guitars, I would think the best choice for clubbing musician's. Just what Leo Fender envisioned.
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.I have many guitars including an orginal JV Squier 62 Strat, so i'm not biased or against headstock names. The finish on this guitar IS amazing. The body is a thing of beauty. It's the first tele I've owned and it's fantastic. How they do these for the money I don't know (well I do it's made in China). You could upgrade the pickups and tuners I guess if you wanted, not that it needs it. Pick one up before they decide to quit making 'em!
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst

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