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Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black

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Hardshell Case of Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
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Product Description

John 5 takes the Telecaster places no one else has gone before, and the Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar is a double-bound beauty based on the frequently modified workhorse of a Telecaster guitar pieced together for him by the folks at the Fender Custom Shop. The Squire J5 guitar has John 5's distinctive black and chrome look-an alder body finished in gloss black, 22-fret maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and black painted headstock, a striking polished stainless steel pickguard, and chrome hardware. The guitar's custom-designed humbucking pickups are operated via a unique dual volume set up with the bridge pickup control in the front position and the neck pickup in the back position. John 5 prefers this setup as he spends a majority of time giving the bridge pickup a workout. Using rapid movement of the 3-way toggle between positions, you can get that signature "kill" effect by turning off the neck pickup volume and leaving the bridge control full up.

Body: Alder Neck: 1-piece maple, '60s C-shaped (gloss polyester finish) Fingerboard: Rosewood, 12" radius (305 mm) Number of frets: 22 medium jumbo Scale length: 25.5" (648 mm) Width at nut: 1.65" (42 mm) Hardware: Chrome Tuning Keys: Die-cast Bridge: Tele 6-saddle for humbucking pickup saddles Pickguard: Polished stainless steel Pickups: Custom Alnico II humbucking (neck), Custom ceramic magnet humbucking (bridge) Controls: Volume, Volume Pickup switching: 3-position toggle: Position 1. Bridge pickup Position 2. Bridge and neck pickups Position 3. Neck pickup Strings: Fender Super 250l, Nickel Plated Steel (.009 To .042 Unique features: Matching black painted headstock Bound top and back Toggle switch mounted on upper bout Stainless steel pickguard Chrome switch tip No jack flat spot on body perimeter Dot Position Inlays Silver Squier Logo Synthetic bone nut

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I couldn't have asked for anything better as a guitar. Telecasters have always been a good guitar for any type of music, but the J5 version just makes it that much more well rounded.
Features are exactly what you need for a guitar, The medium jumbo frets make sliding fret to fret glide like nothing is there. It stays in tune and really does what ever you ask for it.
Best guitar I've ever played, and that's no joke.
For this price you're crazy not to buy it.
Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
.I may be a bit biased as I'm a fan of John 5 but could only wish to afford the Fender John 5 signature guitars. When I heard this was coming out I was psyched but was skeptical about how good of a guitar I could get for the price. When I finally got my hands on one I was blown away! It far exceeded my expectations as far as the appearance and playability. It gets more compliments than any of my other guitars, even the ones that are more expensive. Everyone who has played it is impressed that I was able to get this sweet of a guitar for such a great price!

I have to give it top marks for looks, quality and playability. The only thing I will ever do with this is maybe upgrade the pickups. But otherwise there's not a thing I'd change. Nice tone and works for all the styles I like to play.
This is an impressive looking guitar, it looks and feels like a much more expensive instrument!
Fit and finish are great! Humbuckers are pretty decent for stock.
You'd be hard pressed to find a better looking or playing guitar for this price!
Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
.I've spent the last couple of years collecting Telecasters. I just love the sleek body style and the huge amount of variety out there. I've got teles with single coil pickups of varying output/power, and I've got a really cool G&L ASAT (tele) with HUGE single coil pickups that look like P90s (but aren't).

I bought this guitar because I wanted a tele with two humbuckers that was alder instead of mahogany. Mahogany is too heavy for my tastes, and those teles tend to have huge neck radiuses (I have small hands). It came down to this guitar versus a MiM Fender Blacktop. That guitar has a 9.5" neck radius, but this guitar just looked cooler. The 12" neck feels great, BTW. Almost exactly like the 'slim taper' neck on my Epiphone Les Paul. I never thought that I would play a Squire that felt this good!

The lack of a tone knob is turning out to be somewhat maddening for me. The bridge pickup is nice except that it has too much treble, increasingly so as you go up in tone. The neck pickup is mud when I play chords but my leads sound better on this pickup because of the excess treble on the other one. Both pickups have a lot of gain and the bridge pickup would be quite usable with a tone knob. I will probably eventually replace them with something from Seymour Duncan (SH-4 [bridge] and '59 [neck], maybe?).

The setup looks great out of the box, BTW. I am still going to take it to get setup and ask the guy if he can arrange the knobs in the typical Telecaster setup... This is one of five teles that I own, and my amp settings work well with the other four.
Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
.I have several Fender Telecasters and for a Squier this is up there with some of the Mexican Fenders that are coming out. Best Squier that money can buy and best Squier they have ever made! I am a deployed Soldier so you know I am not going to lug my good teles around so I bought the John 5 Squier from musiciansfriend and didn't have any expectations that it was going to be a good guitar. I just wanted something to play. When I recieved the guitar I was blown away buy the overall looks, sound, how it feels. The fret board is absolutely amazing even though that there are some rough frets here and there I can work with that for the price. The pick ups are not to shabby though I do like tone controls this suits me just fine. This is by far the best Squier they have ever made. I hope Squier starts getting better with their craftsmanship like Epiphone has over the years because this John 5 tele is worth more than what they are selling it for.
Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
.I purchased that after reading the reviews on line here.Out of the box I was very impressed heavy (needed a set up so very badly) nice neck feel action was clean (no buzz) when lowered to a reasonable height so the frets were reasonably level. A quick polish also helped.Plugged in I was dissapointed right away. The bridge pickup howeled like crazy with any gain. Also the pickups are miss wired and the schematic from the squire site also shows them soldered in wrong so they can not be turned off to do the kill effect. I moved the hot to pole one and hot to jack to the middle sweper position allowing the sweeper to ground correctly and the controls work perfectly now. I replaced the pickup to find the hum was not the pickup but the bridge plate did not sit against the bidy and vibrated causing feedback. There are only screws at the end allowing it to freely vibrate. I backed it with a slim rubber shim to stop this and installed the stock pickup (good pickup like a super Distortion) stock pickups were very nice.So with a litte more effort this would be the steal of the century !! The body double binding is fantastic and the neck feel is a dream. I contacted Fender/Squire over a week ago about the schematic and wiring mistake on these and they never returned my inquiry.
Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
.Wow! Thats all I can say after playing this guitar several times. This guitar is truly something extraordinary to hear and play. The construction is top notch and the pickup combination is sublime. The neck and frets are flawless and the satin finish on the back of the neck feels great giving it an organic feel thats very smooth and playable. The frets are very well dressed with no snags and the quality of the rosewood fretboard is very high and has none of the dry brittle feel of rosewood boards on most guitars in this price range (and adds a beautiful warm tonality to the tele sound). The ceramic magnet bridge humbucker blew me away. On a clean setting it has all the snap and twang you expect from a tele except it is extremely articulate with virtually no hum, every nuance comes through with microscopic precision without being so overtly hot as to force any unwanted break-up in your clean tone. The alnico magnet bridge pick-up is very much in proportion to the bridge in volume and tone. The neck pickup in a clean setting is capable of doing anything with ease. Blues and jazz spring forth with amazing clarity and warmth with just the perfect amount of subtle snap that I defy anyone to squeeze out of any gibson guitar in the bridge position. As far a rock tone goes except no substitutes! The bridge pickup can take even the mildest of amplifiers and make it roar like a savage animal. I plugged directly into a fender blues jr. turned up the preamp all the way and this guitar made it roar with marshall like authority! Through a hot rod deluxe this guitar will melt faces, god knows what it would do to a marshall, mesa, or orange! Most importantly, the bridge pickup maintains a ridiculous amount of clarity and definition through even the nastiest of high gain settings. Do not fool yourself into writing this guitar off as a heavy metal guitar because of its endorsement by John 5. Much like the man himself this guitar is capable of dishing out anything. I've never experienced a more truly versatile and infectiously playable guitar in my life. I don't know whats going on with Squier nowadays but their putting out some game changing guitars with this j5 and their top-notch classic vibe series. This guitar puts american/mexican tele's to absolute shame. I am truly shocked something this exceptional could cost well below a grand or two!
Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
.Ive recently played this J5 model yesterday in a Guitar store somewhere out here in the middle of nowhere, Ive been looking at this model for quite sometime now and Id have to say its well worth its price. Everything is built solid, the body is very heavy, I guess its what you would compare the weight of a Les Paul??? I wouldnt know I dont own one but I have owned a Tele and this is everything I would have wanted a tele to be! The looks and the Black and Chrome just make this beast even look more wicked. Plus the 2 humbucker pickups and the toggle switch with two volume controls to get the killswitch effect. I would like to play the other models in Fender to compare all three, but this Squier plays and feels top of the line!
Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
.Not an exact replica of my Fender J5 Telecaster, but plays pretty damn close to the real deal. Fender made a spot on replica of the real J5! I have 8 Fenders and I find myself playing the Squire J5 more often than not. Out of the box, no adjustments to date. Would buy again and recommend to best friends!
Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
.This is a great telecaster no matter what the headstock has on it but it sure is not your average squier and it kills my made in mexico standard tele. It lives in a squier world of its own mabey the new squier world its a top shelf tele that is so versatile that you can cover metal,punk, classic rock and get a tele twang out of it. the neck profile is sweet and wider than a standard tele neck fast playing and smooth fretwork. I love that you can split the humbuckers up and play one at a time I also dig that one is alnico and the other creamic best of both worlds and yes the stock pups are great on this guitar no need to swap them out. I love this guitar!Thanks squier and John 5!!
Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
.love it ,do agree with a fellow purchaser, there is some bleed through when pick-ups are off, I noted he said to take the green and red leads and resoder them from the first post to middle ,,I may , but feel this should have been done at the factory
Squier J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar Black

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