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Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard

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Hardshell Case of Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard
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Product Description

Squier welcomes its first-ever Mustang guitar to the family in the sleekly diminutive form of the Vintage Modified Mustang. With its distinctive 24" scale, dual pickup switches and floating bridge with dynamic vibrato tailpiece, it's a classic modded with present-day touches including full-sounding Duncan Designed pickups and a 9.5 fingerboard radius.

Players have done it for years. Whether installing hotter pickups, different pickguards or just plain personalizing their instruments with distinctive paint jobs, modified means adding new twists to familiar designs. Squier's Vintage Modified series excels at just that, imparting hot-output chop-shop sound, feel and value to traditional instrument designs.

Maple neck with vintage-tint gloss finish Rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and parchment dot inlays Mustang single-coil pickups with aged covers On/Off-phase (in/out) slider switch for each pickup Master black skirted volume and tone knobs Tortoiseshell or white pearloid pickguards Floating bridge with dynamic vibrato tailpiece and vintage-style tremolo arm

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Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar

Body: Basswood
Body Shape: Mustang
Series: Vintage Modified
Neck: Maple, "C" Shape
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Finger Board Radius: 9.5" (24.1 cm)
Frets: 22, Medium Jumbo
Scale Length: 24" (61 cm)
Nut Width: 1.650 (42 mm)
Hardware: Chrome
Tuning Keys: Vintage-style white-tipped
Bridge: Floating Bridge with Dynamic Vibrato Tail-piece
Pickguard: White Pearloid, Tortoiseshell
Pickups: Duncan Designed SC-101B single-coil Duncan Designed SC-101N single-coil
Pickup Switching: On/off, phase slider switch for each pickup (in/out)
Controls: On/off, phase slider switch for each pickup (in/out), master volume, master tone
Strings: NPS, .010-.046 Gauges
Unique Features: Duncan Designed pickups, floating bridge with dynamic vibrato tailpiece, white-tipped tuning machines, gold-and-black Squier logo, engraved neck plate, parchment dot position inlays, Vintage appropriate gap between the control plate and the pickguard

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I want to preface by saying I almost NEVER write reviews for products. However, I've been so happy with my Vintage Modified Mustang I felt I had to. I've been playing guitar for about 14 years now. I've owned and played a variety of quality instruments. I own a Gibson Custom Shop Firebird, American Strat, Gibson Les Paul, etc. I have to say that when I got my Mustang a couple days ago, I was completely blown away. I originally bought this guitar as a project guitar to learn how to do some luthier work and I've always liked off sets so the Mustang made sense. Out of the box it looked absolutely stunning. Aside from my Firebird it might be the most aesthetically pleasing guitar that I own. The first thing I figured I would do is replace the pickups at some point. I expected the Duncan Designs to sound better than you're average Squier pickup... but these honestly sound WAY better than I expected. It looks amazing, sounds really, really good, obviously when I first got it I had to stretch the strings out (strings that come with it aren't the best but good enough to leave on until a change is needed). So out of the box I just made sure to stretch the strings along the fretboard, bend each one behind the nut and bridge a bit and now it almost always stays in tune. I know a lot of people had issues with the bridge so I was a bit worried, but I've had ZERO issues with it and it's obviously much better than a jag bridge. I would say that I'm pretty average in regard to how "hard" I play and I haven't had any screws in the bridge or the strings themselves slip. If I were to say there was something not so great about this guitar I'd say maybe at some point if you're serious about it you might want to change the pots at some point. This is to be expected since almost all guitar companies regardless of their status try to save money (toggles, pots, etc). I feel that the range of the pots could be a bit better but they roll smoothly and do the job. the pickup switches are great and work really well once you understand how they operate. Intonation and everything was good, seemed like the guitar was set up well. I don't say any bow in the neck at all. I've played this guitar literally every day for hours on end since I've had it and I absolutely love the sound. Bridge pickup bites enough without being too hot, the neck pickup is super smooth and both of them together whether they're in series or not sound great. At some point will I switch out the pickups? Probably. However, this isn't due to the fact that I dislike the pickups, I think they're great, but I want the experience of learning how to wire pickups and I'd love to put a set of really nice boutique pickups in it. So, overall, I absolutely LOVE this thing. A bit bummed out since you don't get any gig bag or anything, but I also figured the money I spent was ALL GUITAR. If you're considering buying any of the vintage modified series, DO IT! My first guitar ever was a Squier and let me tell you... they have come an EXTREMELY long way. Leaps and bounds. I honestly think I'm going to wait a while and just enjoy this guitar for what it is before I actually start to do work on it and that was not my intention at first. I expected a below average or average instrument perfect to mod and do work on and ended up with an excellent guitar for the money and I'll probably enjoy it for some time before I even think about touching it.
Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard
.Got the Sonic Blue, which is a bit lighter than the Sonic Blue Strat I had a decade ago, but still nice. Careful inspection showed no finish flaws, tight neck pockets, and great alignment of all parts. After making sure there were no flaws, I took off the strings, removed the bridge and unscrewed the baseplate of the tailpiece. I moved the springs from the loosest to the tightest position, lowered the tailpiece and bridge just a bit. They weren't bad, but I was looking to lower the action and increase string tension. Shimmed the neck with a bit of business card, again not necessary, but looking to increase the neck angle a smidge. Restrung with .11s with a wound G (which I ordered at the same time as the guitar). Intonation was dead-on after raising the saddle for the G just a bit to get clearance over the front edge of the bridge. Tuners felt great. Frets are smooth, no string buzz. Neck is good and chunky, like the vintage "C" on my Stratocaster, and I really like the shorter scale length (smallish hands). The volume and tone pots are very responsive, the switches seem solid, and I like the pickups. I couldn't be happier with this guitar. It plays and sounds like something twice the price. None of the stuff I did was necessary (other than raising the saddle), as the guitar was absolutely playable out of the box. I just like to get under the hood a little once I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the guitar.
Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard
.This is a very cool guitar. It looks great and the Duncan pickups sound really good. The neck on this guitar is feels great. The only problem is the bridge rattle and buzz. I order a new bridge it is an easy drop in and it fixes the problem. The extra cost for a new bridge is why I gave this Mustang 4 stars instead of 5. I love Squier guitars and I think this is another winner.
Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard
.I bought this Mustang from MF as a "Condition 4 - Needs Repair - fret buzz" used instrument. The problem wasn't the frets but the bridge. The intonation screws angle upward and touched the strings because the screws are to long ( at least on this guitar ).It was impossible to intonate the guitar. The fix was simple, I installed shorter screws. Another minor problem was the trem arm which is to sloppy and flops around. The set screw adjustment for it only lasts a short time before it becomes loose again. The fix was to put a small piece of rubber, cut from a surgical glove, over the hole then push the arm in. Now it stays put but still moves easilly.
I owned an original '65 Mustang back in 1967 and this new VM model is pretty faithful to the original. The main differences are a flatter neck radius and jumbo frets on the Squier VM. The color is also more of a faded red then the advertised fiesta red. The pickups are hotter than vintage mustangs but sound good. I was able to set the action pretty low and it plays great. The Kluson style tuners work fine and tremelo stays in tune pretty well.
Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard
.To be honest, this has become one of my favorite guitars. I used to own a Kurt Cobain Mustang and I actually prefer the feel and sound of this guitar. It has a thick neck that feels great in my hands, and the short scale is ridiculously fun to play. However, the bridge is the weakest part. The saddles wouldn't stay at the right height (but some Loctite fixed that) and I had to flip it upside down to stop buzzing, but after that it hasn't had any intonation problems and hasn't buzzed. If you don't mind putting a couple hours into getting a proper setup and messing with the bridge, this guitar is worth every penny.
Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard
Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard
.I'm glad I bought it. Got it for a good price during the sale. Worth the money.

The Sonic Blue is very, very pale. Appears mint green in certain light.

I've never had a floating trem before, and I'm not sure if it's indicative of all such, but this does not stay in tune well. I'm researching how to set it up. I'll see if that helps.

Love the short scale. I've got a Les Paul DC that is a joy to play. This is similar but with jumbo frets. Nice change of pace.

Overall good, but hopefully with a setup it'll be great.
Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard
.I love this guitar; I've wanted a mustang for six years but could never afford one until this model by Squire came out. The shorter scale neck length is fast and fun to play on. This guitar gets very nice out of phase and hoopey sounds, especially through a distortion pedal and i'm going to be using it when i record my band's demo; however, there are a couple things I don't like about this guitar (1) the bridge is terrible; i have to constantly adjust the action because the screws that are used for fine action adjustment don't stay in place. i'm not entirely sure what's happening here because I got it used without an owner's manual but i will be purchasing a Fender Mustang bridge soon. (2) the tremelo system is a bit wonky; i haven't used it much because the first time i ever played with it i pushed it down and it flew off with all the strings attached to it. (3) the high e string groove on my guitar's nut is too close to the edge of the fretboard so it makes the e string awkward to play on, i know it's not the neck that's too small because there's more than enough space on the other side of the string to push it back a notch.
Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard
.Arrived with no obvious flaws or blemishes. Great sound and tone with clean and distortion. 24" scale makes it much easier to reach difficult chord patterns. After a week I replaced the poorly made saddles on the bridge, because the height adjustment screws kept loosening up, causing buzzing. Replaced the entire bridge assembly with a genuine fender mustang saddle and the problem was solved. A 30 buck investment made this the guitar it should have been. In the long run, this guitar was worth the money.
Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard
.This Squier Mustang comes very close to the mid '60s models that I let slip away decades ago. The "Fiesta Red" color is a bit milky and nicer than the original color. I love it! Most importantly the neck is done well with very good fret work like the originals.
Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard

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