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Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red

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Hardshell Case of Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Re
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Product Description

The all-new Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special puts classic Fender looks into a distinctively sharp-looking, great-sounding and super-versatile Squier bass model.

Features include a sleek offset-waist body and an ultra-slim fast-action neck, with the added one-two punch of a booming split single-coil Precision Bass middle pickup paired with a growling Jazz Bass single-coil bridge pickup and an active bass-boost circuit that adds additional low-end power.

Basswood body on 3-Tone Sunburst and Crimson Red models Agathis body on Black model Slim, fast-action, C-shape maple neck Rosewood fretboard Precision Bass and Jazz Bass pickups Active Bass Boost circuit Chrome hardware

Superior tone, smooth playability, great comfort, and fantastic value! Order yours now.


Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special

34" scale
9-1/2" fretboard radius
Width at nut: 1-1/2"

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I bought the Squier VM Jaguar Bass Special for 3 reasons:1) VERY affordable.2) Pickup combination and boost circuit (active).3) Transparent red finish and Jaguar body (my wife ... read more [+]picked it out for me).I was very pleased by the condition of the bass right out of the box. I liked the fit and finish very much, and the bass is very light (the lightest of 8 basses I currently own). No damage or quality issues to report.Right from the box, the setup was playable but not to my liking. I had to lower the action and intonate it; I replaced the stock strings with DR High Beams, and WOW! This bass plays and sounds incredible and can be adjusted to sound like either a P bass, J bass or an awesome combination of both. Add some boost from the active circuitry and the bottom end fills out very nicely even with medium/light gauge strings.I'm not happy with 2 things about this bass though:1) The balance is not great - the bass is a little headstock heavy and will drop if I let go the neck.2) The active boost works great on the E and A strings, but thins out on the D and G strings.Overall this is a great bass for the money. Quality and sound are above average for a bass this affordable, it sounds and plays excellently; plenty of presence and tone. Hats off to Squier again for another quality bass guitar. Worth the money - check it out!
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red
.If you're looking in this price range, or anything under 500, you're done looking.

I had to sell my American made Fender P-Bass and wanted something to replace it that was great for rock and metal, but also extremely versatile. I wanted decent quality, not something for a beginner but not something for an expert with tons of cash either because I'm primarily a guitarist who only plays bass when I'm writing/recording for my songs.

I'd narrowed it down to a Squier VM PJ after a sales rep turned me on to the solid reputation of Squier for basses, and an Epiphone EB3 or Thunderbird 4. I gave this Jaguar a go at a music shop and was blown away by how immensely it made the previously mentioned models sound utterly limited and boring, especially since it's the cheapest of all.

The pickups and eq give me the smooth speaking voice all the way to crisp metallic crunch to a full powerful punch/thump tone for slappin - in a few ways it's actually better SOUNDING than my USA P-bass was (just not as good FEELING).

The key is the bass boost: It covers the exact perfect frequencies to give a full, round, warm, BOOM that fills up the room... not too puffy, airy, subsonic-y if you will, or too brittle and poppy either. And I got the same astounding results from the in-store bass amps that go for 800 and my 25 watt crate combo at home.

The feel is quite good and I have no complaints at all even though it's not on par with a model that costs a grand. It's still easy and very fun to play.

This is THE bass you should get because you won't be able to truly "step up" from it until you start spending over 600 mark.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red
.Be careful here! This version of this new Jag-bass is the best of the two. The P& J-Bass configuration is perfect for it's punchy, funky sound. The single coil, humbucking version of this bass was not pleasing to the ear. Too much treble and distortion in the tone. This version is great! It rivals the IBANEZ GSR200 bass.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red
.This is great for someone who likes to jam out on the bass but it is also good for recording. However, you really have to mess with the knobs to get the tone you want. It can be too bright of a tone at times I found and had to use a Jazz bass instead which tells you how bright it can get. This isn't a negative, its just different. On a different recording (drums, bass, vocals only) the Jaguar was great. With the active pickup on and all the knobs turned up you get such a full sound its like a freaking jaguar is going to jump out of the amp and kill somebody! Pretty cool bass. BTW, I was playing some American standard jazz basses prior to this and the Jaguar is better in terms of playability and the fullness of sound.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red
.I am very impressed with this bass. The basswood bodies are very very light, and the tone sings with authority. I replaced the bridge to a Badass II. I would suggest pricing a bridge replacement into this basses price if you need to gig with it. The saddles sadly slid around and it was hard to allign the strings with the neck. The badass took care of this, and so will any high-quality replacement like the Babazics or Hipshot. Great bass for the money, the pickups are good but the J will buzz.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red
.Assuming I just got a bad one, this is a great value!
The features inlcuded in this bass are fantastic for the money. It plays extremely well, and the sound from the active pickups is nearly on par with my mid 90s Fender standard Jazz bass. I was very surprised at how good it sounds and how well it plays at this price point.
I may have just gotten a bad one, but the bridge on mine was off center by about 3/8 of an inch. Around the upper frets, the G string is out nearly to the edge of the fretboard, and the E string is shifted way too far toward the middle. It's not unplayable, but it does take some getting used to. Obviously I didn't expect complete perfection in a budget guitar, but that's something that should have been noticed during quality control. Also, the action was so high that the strings around the upper frets were a solid inch off the fretboard. I brought it into a local guitar shop and had it set up properly, and it plays great! The finish is flawless, but there was a big gouge in the pickguard - likely from shipping.
For the price, this is definitely a decent guitar. I'd recommend it to someone who is just starting out, or to a veteran player who wants a second guitar.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red
.Arrived sooner than I expected and in perfect condition. After a setup per the Fender website it played like a charm. I changed the strings to flatwounds and got exactly the sound I wanted. The bass boost feature really does work. I wish I could find more info on the Fender web site on this bass. It does not come with a scrap of paperwork like a diagram or similar. So, when it is plugged in on the upright stand is the battery being used or what?
Had a Samick P bass and bought this to replace it when the frets wore out. Couldnt believe the price and the features. Couldnt be any worse than what I had. Boy, was I surprised! Excellent quality and sound. How can they do that at this price point?
You are going to be surprised at the attention to detail. Very nice.
No way you can touch it at this price.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red
.I already owned a 4-string. I bought this one originally cause I was giving my bass to my son as a gift (since he loves it) and needed something in the meantime before I upgrade, but this right here is my new no. one 4-string. Really just floored at the how much bass you get for this price.....Buy this bass!! You will be amazed.
First let me say. Stop reading this, BUY THIS BASS NOW! then finish...:) The P bass pick-ups and Jazz bass pick-ups are a nice combination and allow for distinctive and warm variations for personal style. Bass boost does just that, and noticably so.
Fender really outdid themselves by placing a bunch of greatness into this baby. Really just an awesome bass. Smooth finished neck which makes for quick sliding up and down with ease. Nice weight to it, doesn't feel flemsy in the hand. Doesn't tilt forward while playing standing up. Chrome hardware and Basswood body.
Can't beat this price!!!!I It's unbelievably worth more hands down.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red
.Being in quite a few bands throught the past 10 years, i have played and used many basses. Any genre from Praise and Worship at church to Christian Metal. Have had Ibanez, Epiphone, ESP, Squier, and Fender basses. This little bass right here was extremely surprising! Not to knock on it or anything like that but i was thinking it would be a good back up or practice bass. Buddy was i wrong, this thing has become my primary bass that i practice, record, and travel with! The tone for this bass is just wonderful! The jazz and precision pickups are a very nice touch! You truly do get a good and solid tone with no hum or buzz to it! The neck is definitely the slim, quick, jazz neck and i love it! By far one of the best basses ive ever owned and would highly recommend it for anyone would is starting out or even if you have years of playing. You will know once you get it out of the box and plug it up that this bass will be just right. Can really cover all genres of music you could want to play and dont worry, this little thing can put out some tone and volume to cover even big venues!
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red
.This bass is very under priced for how well it performs. The sound and quality is top notch, i was a little hesitant being that it is a squire. But i was not disappointed the slightest. It's very diverse in the styles of music, Going from a very heavy punky to a smooth sound. This is my first PJ bass and I was blown away by how easy it was to transfer to completely different styles of music. Playing very heavy metal music was no problem, and then transferring over to Christian/gospel music was no problem at all. The only problem is, that is slightly heavier than most other bass's. But i would recommend this bass to anyone, beginner or a seasoned player.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special Transparent Crimson Red

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