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Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural

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Hardshell Case of Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural
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Product Description

Seagull acoustic guitars put this idea into motion after realizing that certain players love the S6 Original but prefer a more traditional feeling nut width.

'The S6 Cedar Slim features a comfortable, slimmer than traditional 1.72" (4.37 cm) nut width. The same nut width as its parlor-sized little brother with the big sound, the Seagull Grand. The Slim's cream binding also helps differentiate this model from its S6 Original counterpart.

The combination of the solid cedar top and wild cherry back & sides gives this guitar a full, warm contoured sound, further accentuated by the comfort of the silver leaf maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and double function truss rod.

Another key characteristic to this guitar, as with all Seagull guitars, is the use of genuine lacquer finish, which enables the top to breathe and vibrate freely. This in turn promotes the aging process of the guitar, meaning that your instrument will actually sound better the more it is played over time. The S6 Cedar Slim keeps with the same Seagull high standards of quality and musicality.

SPECS: Neck: Silverleaf maple Fingerboard: Indian rosewood Top: Solid cedar top Back & Sides: Wild Ccerry Bridge: Indian rosewood Saddle: Tusq (fully compensated) Top Nut: Tusq Finish: Genuine nitrocellulose lacquer Scale: 24.84" (63 cm) Radius: 16" (40,6 cm) Nut Width: 1.72" (4,37 cm) Optional electronics: Godin Quantum 1 system

Naturally beautiful and plays like a dream.

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The S6 slim is an excellent guitar for [$] (or buy it when there's a sale -- I paid like [$] over Fourth of July). I don't think you could find a better one in this price range. I got it as a backup guitar that I don't have to worry about. It's no Martin HD-28 or Gibson AJ, but for the price it sounds very good. Balanced (not too boomy -- probably because it is has slightly more sloped shoulders, slightly narrower waist, and slightly less depth than a typical dreadnaught, and the wood is, well, a little cheaper). Pretty good volume. Some sparkle. Decent sustain. For this price, getting a solid top is pretty impressive (it's cedar, not spruce, but resonates pretty nicely). Yes the back and sides are 3-layer laminate, but at least it's three layers of actual wood (even though it's cherry, not mahogany or rosewood), unlike a lot of cheap guitars. I would definitely recommend the "slim" neck, which is in fact a normal neck. The standard S6 has a nut width that's significantly wider than most acoustics and electrics, and a bit hard to play. Not impossible, but unless you're a huge fingerpicker (in which case you probably have a better guitar than this), I don't see the point in getting a guitar with a wider nut than all the other guitars I own. Just makes it hard to swap back and forth. I also like the cream body binding on the slim model -- just looks nicer than the chocolate binding on the standard S6. Even so, it's not the most attractive guitar on earth. The cedar top is pretty bland looking, and it is very soft and so scuffs easily. The color and grain of the cherry sides and back are not that attractive and don't look that great with the top, but who cares, it's not a beauty contest. I ordered mine online. Normally I'd have reservations about buying an acoustic instrument without playing it first, but at this price I wasn't worried (and could return it if necessary). These are production guitars, they don't vary that much. You could probably find a gem or a dud, but most of them sound quite similar. The setup out of the box was very good. Neck is practcally straight (tiny bow, as it should have), and the action is pretty low. Could probably go a mm lower without buzzing, so I may tweak it someday by filing the saddle a bit. Bottom line, it's an excellent choice. I haven't played a better guitar for [$], or even $600-700.
Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural
.I've gone to numerous music stores to find a truly good acoustic guitar on a budget. This little Seagull won by a landslide, everytime. Sure, it was a slightly more expensive than the other guitars I was considering, but the difference was lightyears apart. Stays in tune practically forever, no obnoxious heavy lacquer on the neck to stick you up, gorgeous tone, great sound projection. For the price, I can find nothing truly wrong with it. In fact, I would consider the tone to be competitive with double priced guitars from rival brands. I'm a Seagull fan for life now.
Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural
.I have been hearing that Seagull is an excellent value for years. I started researching the best dreadnoughts in this price range and found that Yamaha, Washburn, Alvarez, Takamine, etc. make some quality guitars in that range. When I went to the store to play them, however, the Seagull rose above them all in my book. Part of it was the cedar top, that produces a warmer/richer tone than spruce. The clincher for me was the quality of construction. The lacquer is really thin, allowing the grain of the wood to breathe. You feel like you are touching wood when you pick up this guitar, not touching a thick coat of glossy lacquer. The fit and finish is first rate. You won't find much better quality for under a grand.
Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural
.This is one of the best laminated acoustics I've played - and I've played many. The balance leans toward the bass, but not overwhelmingly so. It has excellent sustain and a surprising tone for a laminate. In terms of sound quality, I'd place it on par with the Chaylor GS Mini that also gets surprisingly good tone from a laminate. The cherry is beautifully grained and the satin finish is very well done. This is an excellent choice for someone who wants a nice dreadnought without dropping a bundle of money.

When I read many of these guitar reviews, it seems like each guitar is the best in the world because someone just bought it. Well, it isn't the best guitar in the world, but it's a nice one. To put my comments in perspective, I've been playing off and on for 50 years and have owned in the neighborhood of 40 guitars. I currently have a slew of nice guitars, including a Martin D-18vs, OM-28v, a Chaylor GC8 and GS-Mini, a Gibson CJ-165,and others of equal caliber. [PS I still might not know what I'm talking about :-)].
Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural
.I had the S6 original but changed to the slim because the S6 was not as suited to chords and rhythm - the nut width makes barring harder. The S6 may be better for finger-style. The slim is a better compromise. Seagull are no-frills guitars with excellent craftsmanship. You are paying for quality material and pride in craft. A $x plane jane is a better instrument than a glossy $x foo foo guitar. There is no evidence of rushing the manufacturing process in Seagull guitars. They are flawless. I can only imagine what a higher end Seagull would be like.
I often play expensive guitars in stores just to see what they are like. Sure, they are better than a $x S6, but not considering the extra cost. It's hard to justify an expensive guitar when Seagull makes quality. You definitely pay for the name on the headstock on expensive guitars.
Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural
.I looked at every acoustic here and competitors' sites. Read every last detail I could about them ALL. This is what I chose. Realize I live on an island. There is no driving to music shops and checking out everything on the rack. It was a blind shot in the dark and my decision couldn't have been better. Yes, I was on a budget and this guitar fits the bill perfectly. It was straight and ready to go out of the box AND it was "used". It looks as if someone just took it back to the store after one night deciding they didn't want it! Why they wouldn't beats me unless there was a better deal? It sounds magnificent, plays beautifully, and feels great. The slim neck is another selling point for me. I've played other acoustics and they always felt like you were hugging a tree when I played them! This one, not quite so. It's a perfect match of slim neck with dreadnaught body. I would highly recommend this guitar to anyone out there no matter what experience or age. The Canadians got it right with this model! Couldn't believe I could get something that wasn't from Korea, China, Japan, or Mexico that was worth purchasing. The U.S. brands are all pricey and seemingly "iffy" in their reviews unless you were looking at the Chaylors, Martins, and Gibsons top dollar models. So it was nice to purchase something made in North America!
Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural
.These guitars truly are exceptional. It sounds and plays amazing. For less than $700 you can get a guitar worthy of gigging that will compete with any of the better known, expensive brands. It would also be appropriate for someone learning too, as it is a little easier to play than the average dreadnought. Order a pick-guard for it though. They're cheap and they will protect it and make it look better (IMO).
Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural
.Just received this guitar on time as promised. What a beautiful sound and great workmanship. You weren't kidding when you said this guitar is everything a guitar should be. Great action, beatiful wood and workmanship, an incredible sound, pure, natural...as it should be. I have owned and presently own a few acoustic/electrics and this is without a doubt one of the best acoustics I have.I play it daily cuz it's so enjoyable!What a great guitar!
Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural
.I am a newbie and this is such a wonderful guitar from what I have seen and heard so far. I am only 5'2" and have really small hands, so I was concerned before I purchased this but once I started practicing and replaced the strings with silk and steele Martin strings, it was all wonderful. The silk and steele strings were easier on my hands but what came on the guitar were great too. Worth every penny!
Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural
.I just received an epiphone masterbilt from online. Heard a ton about it. But I believe I made a mistake. Yes, the neck had a bump to it, but when I played it I was a bit disappointed. You see, I went with the masterbilt because it was a solid wood and I figured that would be what I needed, particularly after all the great reviews stated it was the best midrange guitar available. Now, I did visit the local music emporium about a month ago and picked up this cedar seagull, after trying taylors, martins and other higher end guitars. It easily was the one that made me take notice. I had heard cedar guitars were more of a "mellow" tone. It certainly sounded bright enough for me, ringing beautifully, and I like a bright sounding guitar. Today, I sent back that epiphone and plan to run out and buy that Seagull as soon as I am refunded. Those Canadians are certainly doing something right.
Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Dreadnought Natural

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