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Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic

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Hardshell Case of Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic
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Product Description

The Seagull Entourage Grand Parlor Acoustic Guitar offers an exceptional value for players of all levels. It's compact size recalls the shape and feel of a guitar from a hundred years ago, but that's where the comparison stops. This is a modern instrument with a modern neck, designed and built with the essential components of today's best hand-crafted guitars.

This finely crafted Canadian made instrument features select pressure tested solid cedar tops, wild cherry back & sides, cream double binding and the new Rustic Burst Custom Polished finish. Also this Entourage model features the Seagull Slim neck with a 1.72" nut width, which is great for players who are accustomed to a more traditional nut width.

Apart from the slim neck, the sound is what will surprise you. This Seagull Entourage Grand Parlor guitar is loud, with a strong midrange that makes it appropriate for just about any style, whether it's blues, swing, or folk. Add to that its portable size and you've got a guitar you'll want to take along wherever you go. Case sold separately.

Compact parlor size Select pressure tested solid cedar top Wild cherry back and sides Silver Leaf Maple neck with the Seagull Slim 1.72" nut width Integrated set neck Rosewood fingerboard and bridge Tusq nut and compensated saddle Semi gloss rustic burst custom polished finish Case sold separately

Add a new member to your musical entourage. Order today.

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I compared this to 2 other "top" manufacturers 3/4 size... this is MUCH, MUCH nicer and sounds
this is a great little guitar, Seagull quality, made in north America!

I started out with a full size deardnought and I like this size MUCH better

by the way I'm not a child or a small women....
Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic
.You can spend alot more money on a guitar that you'll be scared to death to play for scratching it. Do yourself a favor and buy a Seagull like this one. It plays great and you don't have to worry about marring a significant investment.
Got Martins. Got Lowdens. They're better guitars of course, but this thing plays like a dream. Easy action allows for great playability. Nice sound. I haven't picked up another guitar since I bought it. Great deal. Pick one up.
I've got two other Seagulls. An S6 Cutaway and a 12 string. Also have a Kamouraska Classical (predecessor to Seagull). All three are wonderfull playing guitars.

This guitar is as good of quality as they are. Looks great. Plays great. Costs less than $500. What more can you ask for.
You simply can't get any better value than a Seagull guitar.
Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic
.In my search for an inexpensive parlor, I've bought or played a Recording King RP1-626, Recording King RP-06, Epiphone EL-00 (not really a parlor but Gibson thinks it is), Aria AP STD, Alvarez AP 70, Larrivee parlor, and the Seagull Entourage Grand. I think parlor guitars must be an acquired taste. I keep trying them, but have yet to find one I like.

The Pluses:

1. The satin finish is very nice. A little more gloss than you find on a Chaylor.
2. The craftsmanship is nice. Seams and glue are very neat. Intonation is excellent. Frets are even and the ends are smooth. On the whole it's a pretty big step up from the guitars in this price range.
3. It was playable right out of the box. Action was 2.25mm on the low E and 2 on the high e. I could be off as much as .25. A straight edge with thin lines and old eyes leave lots of room for error. At any rate, it's in the area of 3/32 +.
4. It is super comfortable. The 13 inch lower bout makes a big difference.
5. Not a big deal, but it came with a truss rod wrench. You don't see that a lot any more.

The Minuses:

1. The nut is 1.72 inches but string spacing makes it feels much thinner.
2. The tone – Ughhh! Thin, dull, plinky.

The Tone:

1. Time to get practical. This guitar sounds as good as, or better than, any laminate parlor I've bought or played. Unfortunately, that's not good. As you might expect the Grand lacks bass and the balance leans decidedly to the trebles. It's OK for blues tunes where you mute the bass for a percussive effect. I tried a little strumming with a pick. Ouch! Shrill indeed. It sounds much better when lightly strummed with my thumb.

2. Some light - medium strings might kick up the bass a little, but that doesn't always work.

The Verdict:

It's comfortable, and it sounds as good as any other parlor, including the much more expensive Larrivee and Recording King RP-626. It might be a good first guitar for younger/smaller person, but I didn't keep mine.
Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic
.I play fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Usually standard tuning, open D and DADGAD. This was an impulse buy because of presidents' day deals.

I have a Martin 1928 2-17 and wanted something the same size. I also purchased a Alvarez AP710SB (not in stock though - 4-17-2013)looking forward to getting that. I have had Seagull S6 and folk guitars before. Always sound good. I also own a Alvarez PF-90SC. When I was heavy into acoustic I was playing Larrivee and Breedlove guitars. Unfortunately, I sold them when I started gigging in a band and needed gear for that endeavor.

I was truely very surprised by the sound of this Seagull Grand guitar. It has a rich tone with the right amount of jangly mids and highs. The bass is not boomy or boxy...just about right but not perfect. It doesn't seem right to hear the sound coming from this small guitar.

It was tuned low when I received it. Brought it up to pitch and the neck stayed in place for about 12 hours....then it bowed too much for my liking. There was NO tension AT ALL on the truss rod (two-way). I adjusted it about 1/4 turn clockwise to yield almost no relief at all. I worked the sadlle to make the action finerstyle low (like an electric). There is NO buzz at all. The guitar is very lively. It responds to the most delicate touch. Harmonics are pleasingly loud. The intonation is very good but not perfect. Close enough....I rarely go beyond the 12th fret soloing on acoustic. I have never had an acoustic guitar that was dead on.

I will be adding a 3 transducer pickup system that Jessie Vallad of JJB Electronics built for me. This will become my gigging guitar for my acoustic shows. I wanted something cheap that sounded good....something I would not worry about. I think I got more than I expected. I am over the top pleased with it.

Godin, Larivee, Seagull...all of the builders from the Canadian consortium (is that what it's called?) produce fabulous instruments at reasonable prices. This guitar is a keeper. I like it so much I probably will worry about it. As of this writing I have had it for less than a week.....but I can't put it down. It's made me start playing all the old Rick Ruskin tunes I had learned 10 years ago. We'll have to see how it holds up over time.
Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic
.I have 2 Seagull Rustic Entourage guitars, a Mini Jumbo & a Grand Parlor. I love them both...but the Grand Parlor I can't put down. My daughter has a Martin & a Chaylor and they're nice....but my two Seagulls were half of what either of her guitars cost. I did have to set them up....but I do that with all of my guitars.
Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic
.Good looking little Seagull. Scale length is 24 3/4 inches, of course adding the compensation it's a bit longer at both the treble and bass sides. Well compensated and the Tusq nut and saddle are nice. Comes with good strings too, a bit overwound though, no space at the bottom. Two thumbs up for Seagull on this guitar, great authentic size and so comfortable. The solid cedar top lets it's voice soar, great tone for such as small guitar. We love it. Thank You Seagull and MF, great doing business with you. bd
Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic
.I've had this guitar a few months now and have gradually grown to love it.
I had originally ordered this guitar after picking up a friend's 3/4 sized guitar and finding that I could bend the strings almost as easily as an electric because of the short scale length. That and the comfortable size is what appealed to me.
Upon receiving this guitar I found it to be impecably made and finished. All of the wood has a tight consistant grain.I really like the unique look of it.
I swapped out the medium gauge strings that it came with right away for a 11-50 gauge strings to suit my style.
My first impression of the sound was how suprisingly loud it is for its size and how bright the sound is. At first the brightness bothered me. I'm not sure if it has just opened up or if I've gotten more used to it. Now my other acoustics seem a little dull. As one should expect from such a small package,the base notes are a little on the thin side.
Comparing this guitar to a Dreadnaught is like comparing a Jack Russel Terrier to a Golden Retriever. They suit different purposes.
Most of my guitar picking is done at home and this is the guitar that I usually have sitting on my lap when I'm kicking back on the couch to play some music.
Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic
.I have played for over 50 years and enjoy most any guitar music. I have several guitars and other instruments and want my 8 year old granddaughter to play and enjoy music among many other things. She has been taking lessons for over a year and for the most part enjoys it. This is a Christmas present and will be her first "real" guitar. I was very pleased with the guitar. It is certainly loud and the sound is balanced. This is not a deep throaty guitar but does have a pleasant voice. Like most guitars I have bought online it needs a setup. The nut seems ok. The truss rod will need to be tweaked. I like the neck with only a very slight relief, almost flat. I had to sand down the saddle some to make it easier for her. The string spacing is very good. I would be very happy with this guitar for myself for a variety of settings. You won't go wrong with this guitar unless you are looking for a deep sounding guitar. Some may say it is thin or brash sounding. I wouldn't, like I said it is loud but balanced and would stand out in a mix of other guitars and instruments.
Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic
.I wanted a rich and tonefull small guitar to play at work during lunch or at the park. I was seeking an affordable boutique guitar made in North America. This is what I was looking for.
Seagull Entourage Grand Acoustic Guitar Rustic

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