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Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst

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Hardshell Case of Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst
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Product Description

The Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI is an acoustic-electric guitar that features the beautiful Rustic Burst custom polished finish, Seagull Slim neck with slimmer nut width, cream double binding, select pressure tested solid cedar top, and the Seagull QI pickup and preamp system.

Seagull Entourage guitars offer exceptional value for players of all levels. These finely crafted Canadian made guitars feature select pressure tested solid cedar tops, wild cherry back and sides, cream double binding and the new Rustic Burst custom polished finish. Entourage guitar models feature the Seagull Slim neck with a 1.72" nut width, which is great for players who are more accustomed to a more traditional nut width.

There is something classic about a sunburst finish on an acoustic guitar and it has always been a popular choice. The burst finish exudes some of the flash of the various brightly colored acoustics that are available these days but with earthy colors that retain the natural look of wood.

The Godin EPM Quantum acoustic guitar system is simple in design and outstanding in performance. This single source system features an exceptionally responsive saddle transducer carefully matched to side mount electronics with rotary volume, bass, and treble controls. The electronics and controls are packaged in a small and easy to use format complemented with a finely crafted pewter cover plate. In combination with the transducer, the EQ control range and frequency content have been specifically contoured to provide a very rich and full sound reproduction resulting in performance seen only in far more complex systems.

Top: Solid cedar Back: Wild Cherry laminate Sides: Wild Cherry laminate Neck: Silver Leaf Maple Fretboard: Rosewood, 21 frets Body: Dreadnought Finish: Rustic Burst Nut: 1.72" Upper Bout: 11.38" Lower Bout: 15.87" Waist: 10.54" Body Length: 19.8" Body Depth: 4.9" Electronics: Seagull QI Handcrafted in LaPatrie, Qu'bec Canada Quantum Features: Single source: Saddle Transducer Rotary Volume, Bass, and Treble controls Simple format: Outstanding performance Finely crafted pewter cover plate Shielded metal enclosure 200 hours typical battery life

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Don't take my word for it, try one of these for yourself you'll see what I mean.
This is a follow up on this instrument. I ordered this from MF and, it was everything that I hoped for and, more! Fast shipping,packed extremely well and, in perfect shape right out of the box. I have ordered a Gator dreadnaught case, Kyser humidifiier and a set of strings for this beauty and, I could not be more pleased.
As I have stated in my first review this a wonderfull guitar in every way. Get one for yourself you'll be very glad you did. Actually if I could have rated this guitar higher than a 10 I would have it's that good! With some instruments it's kinda hit and miss getting a sound you like when plugged into an amp; with this one it's no problem. I put it into the first amp I had setting out which was just a regular combo amp that I use for my solid body elelctrics, not an acoustic amp and, it sounded Super! A very slight EQ adjustment on the amp and, the guitar and, I was done.
For the money spent it can't be beat.
Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst
. I have done reviews on other musical gear and, I don't usually rate anything at 10 but, this is definately an exception. I still can't believe what I heard when I first started playing this guitar. It will stick with me until I have one of my own in my hands. To look at this instrument it will fool you because it doesn't really stand out appearance wise but, what beautiful sound! Isn't that what it's really all about? I can't wait until I have one of these for myself.
I stopped in a music store yesterday and was trying out acoustic electric guitars and, I tried everything from Martin to Chaylor and, everything in between and, this Seagull blew them all away! I was totally taken because I had never heard of Seagull before. The Chaylor I tried before I tried this one was a truly beautiful instrument to look at but, once I had this in my hands and,I started playing it I never looked back and, for half the price of the Chaylor WOW! The Seagull didn't have pizazz look of the Chaylor but, the sound that came out of it was UNBELIEVEABLE in every way! I will have one soon. Check out the Seagull guitars they're AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could not find one thing that showed me any lack of quality.
The price of these instruments is way more than competetive for what you get in return for your dollar spent.
Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst
.Overall, if you are in the market for a guitar that will sound amazing, look great, and play easily, and will be easy on the wallet, what are you waiting for? Buy this guitar. You should be very pleased.
Things I would and will change soon. Plastic nut, saddle, and bridge pins to bone.
The quality of this guitar is unmatched in it's price range and beyond. I am very particular about my instruments, and I have to say that I am very pleased. I can find no quality issues whatsoever. The action is low. The neck is fast and flawless. The sound is tremendous. I have owned 2 Chaylors, and 2 Martins. As a matter of fact, I traded in a Chaylor for this beauty (not to mention, a tremendous amount of store credit to boot). The other reviews don't lie. The tone is much like a Martin, but has it's own voice. It is very warm, but has some chime. Great resonation, and volume. Seagull guitars are amazing instruments. Get your hands on one soon. I have a feeling these things will skyrocket in value, that is if Godin keeps up the good work.
Value? You wanna talk value? Let me assure you, you won't get a better deal.
Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst
.i'm just starting to play acoustic and the guitar stores all say the taylor is the best guitar for its value. im gonna go against the grain and say that the seagull is just as sweet to play, and even sweeter on the pocketbook
Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst
.I was at first skeptical about picking up this guitar. I've been playing on and off for a few years (mostly off) but I find that every time I come back to my seagull, it has something to teach me! I don't regret this purchase at all, I feel like it grows on me, and with me as I learn to play. I wouldn't recommend anything else!
Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst
.This is my first review of any product that I have gotten through MF. First let me say that I'm am a beginner at playing the guitar. So I had three other guys that have all been playing for 20 years are more to check out the Seagull. They were all impressed with the sound, and quality of workmanship of the construction of this guitar . They were also impressed with the ease of keying the notes and the frets This guitar has a very clear and loud voice with or with out an amp. I went over the finish from top to back, front to back looking for any flaws with the finish of the guitar. There were one very small spot on the neck near the body of this guitar that I found. To be true full I would have never notice it . With out looking very hard for something wrong. This guitar came to my home five days after ordering it . well in the delivery time stated by MF's for stander trucking. It was well package in two boxes. If you are on a budge this will be a good guitar to get. There are better guitars out there for twice the money. But Seagull also make the same quality gear for twice the money. The other reason that I went with Seagull is they are not made in [*]. One thing that could be improved with is product would be that it came with at least a gig bag. A hard case would haven been much better.
Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst
.Love IT!! Played it in a local music store. I' m starting to play a few concerts, and need a good acoustic electric. I'm going to buy it well before my next show, because my style of music, kinda folk rock alternative, requires this kind of guitar. Again, Love it. It's far better than some guitars that are double its' price. If your not familiar with seagull guitars, take my word, and take a chance with this true work of art.
Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst
.The Seagull line are great value for the money. I should say that I would have preferred to have a thicker finish on the top, as it will show significant wear. I didn't want to spend in the neighbourhood of $1000 for an acoustic and I am quite satisfied with the sound. I think my next one will definitely have a gloss finish.
Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst
.Well let me start off by saying this is one of the best sounding acoustic guitars I have EVER played. I just got it today after falling in love with it. It looks drop dead gorgeous, and let's be honest, it outmatches guitars three to four times it's price in the sound area. This guitar sounds like a nice Martin, but with it's own unique qualities. It's got a nice slim, fast neck, and great action for an acoustic guitar. If you are in the market for a steel string, don't hesitate with Seagull guitars. They are one of the best deals on the market right now. Go try one!
Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst
.I bought the Takemine G series EG363sc and got it home played it for about three days and took it back and picked up this Seagull QI... FAR better. The electronics do have less features but sound so much better without the bells and whistles. Not to mention unplugged it's like ever string is that of an angles voice... The weight and craftsmanship on this is far better too. Something made in canada just feels better than something shipped over seas from korea. Get this guitar.
Seagull Entourage Series Dreadnought QI Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic Burst

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