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Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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Hardshell Case of Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
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Product Description

Gorgeous domestic wild cherry back and sides provide a unique tone blending the warmth of mahogany with the crisp definition of maple. Silver leaf maple neck on a shorter 24.84" scale with a rosewood fretboard is easy on the fingers while inline machine heads make for quick, stable tuning. A Q1T preamp with EQ, tuner and ribbon transducer assures you get faithful amplified sound.

Solid cedar top Wild cherry back and sides Rosewood fingerboard and bridge Tusq nut and compensated saddle Semi-gloss lacquer finish

The perfect combination of precision luthiery and low price. Make it yours today.

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My amazing wife surprised me with this fantastic guitar a few weeks ago and I've taken every opportunity to play it and thank her profusely. The S6's looks, feel, electronics, and rich sound are better than I would have ever expected from an acoustic-electric, especially in this price range. THANK YOU, honey, for grabbing this terrific guitar for me and thanks, Custom Guitar's Friend Customer Support, for helping her shop wisely. Great guitar!
The wild cherry sides and back are gorgeous. Seagull really uses choice wood grains. The wood and distinctive headstock immediately set this guitar apart from other acoustics. The neck/fret board is astoundingly comfortable. I usually favor my electric guitars for long sessions to save my fingertips, but the S6's slim neck, lowwww action, and smaller frets make it a dream to play. I routinely play hour-plus sessions with it and never get fatigued. The built-in tuner is a wish come true. I've hardly had to use it to actually keep the guitar in tune since the machine heads are so stable, but it allows me to change tunings during a session without having to waste time endlessly retuning by ear. Now I can tune down for Grunge/Blues and back up to standard in a flash.
The rich, acoustic sound is amazing! Bright, clean/clear, warm, and buzzless. Great resonance without being boxy. I use heavy picks and the guitar grabs every stroke with precision. I actually may switch to a lighter gage so I can strum harder/faster. The plugged-in transfer is so clean I actually had to crank the amp fairly high to be sure I wasn't just hearing the guitar itself. No hum, no buzz. Great acoustic resonance without being hollow, tinny, or weak. The strings are able to just sing out.
You won't find a better sounding acoustic/electric in this price range. Unlike many acstc/elctrcs that come up short of being great at either aspect, Seagull's S6 is an astounding acoustic with superb electronics that transfer its rich tone faithfully to your amp and audience. Everything I've found to compare this guitar to costs 2-3 times as much. Big bang for the bucks!
Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
I'm a journeyman old timer, been a guitar player for 48 years, retired music teacher, Berklee College of Music grad(1982), still gig alot. This steel string has intonation as good or better than ANY guitar I've played. No kidding. Very nice, balanced tone unplugged and the preamp produces a good tone. The craftsmanship is topnotch. The 1.8" nut width is nice for fingerpicking.
Excellent bang for your buck..... this axe will cut a pro gig.
Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.Combine amazing tone with beauty and quality and there's your S6 Original...Amazing guitar!
I wanted the cheaper S6 without electronics but I had very good deal on this one,so I couldn't resist.
Amazing guitar and sounds better than most more expensive guitars. I heard I lot about the Seagulls so I played few times at the local store and bought one.No regrets!Amazing guitar!
Outstanding quality,handmade in Canada. Out of the box it's playable but with right set up and good strings soon will be your favorite. So beautiful and worm sounding.Wow!
The electronics Godin will bump the price but it's always nice to have. If you don't need to plug-in buy the one it's the same guitar. Craftsmanship is outstanding and highly recommend this one.
Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I used to own an Ibanez AE, and this Seagull blows it away in every aspect. Tone and sustain are so much better, whether fingerpicking or strumming with a pick. I also tried Martin, Takamine, and Breedlove, but some of them were laminate top, whereas Seagull uses solid tops. I used to think Seagull was a lame name for a guitar, but now I don't even care! Seriously, one of the best musical investments I have ever made.
Attractively simple design, natural finish on sides. Action is perfectly low, for smooth playing. Punctuation and sustain are... dreamy. Tone is rich and superbly balanced. It all just comes together so nicely.
Solidly made. The sound is fantastic. The electronics are simple, non-intrusive, and they function well. I paired mine up with a small Behringer acoustic amp, and together they were amazing. The tuning machines are also very good. Only tuned it once right out of the box and it has held indefinitely.
I cannot believe I paid less than $1000 on this guitar. It blows away other models at this pricepoint. If one is budgeting $300-400 on a guitar, it is worth saving up a little more for this one.
Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I have owned this guitar for almost three years now and it plays as well today as it did when I first got it, if not better. I bought this when I was a beginner and now I play in front of hundreds of people and lead worship at my church every week. I consider myself a now intermediate to advanced player. Would I buy this guitar again if I had to? Yes.

Of all the guitars I have tried, especially in this price range, nothing beats this. Even years later when I play other guitars that are even more expensive I am blown away by my guitar. It sounds so rich and deep and its naturally loud. You can feel the guitar resonate with every strum like those expensive Martin's.

I always get complements on the design and people are amazed at how great it sounds. It sounds very natural. Strings do not deaden anywhere. The tone is very deep like a Martin and not super super bright lie a Chaylor so if that is what you are looking for, look elsewhere. However this has gotten the job done in every situation from stage to campfire. The fact that it is so naturally loud helps a great deal

I have now played the heck out of this guitar and its getting worn out but still very playable.

Now to the problems I have faced.
1. It dents/scratches easily- If you rub it against anything it will scratch due to the material of the top. However I do not really consider this a huge concern because you don't buy a guitar to sit around and stare at it, you buy it to play the heck out of it.

2. The preamp design is terrible. It almost impossible to see the notches that show the level of Bass/Treble and in low light-forget about it. It is so tiny and also does not have any numbers on it so its just a matte of hearing which is high and which is low setting. If you give your guitar to someone for the first time they will have no idea what they are doing. The paint on it also comes off easily and its just so minimalistic that it does not give you much to work with.

and that's really it. I love this guitar and would recommend it to anyone that's looking for an intermediate guitar that sounds as good as much more expensive guitars. Its also great for beginners that want something that will still be good as they get better. Do keep in mind that it does have a wider neck that may be difficult at first for newbies.
Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.After extensive research I decided to buy a Seagull S6. A year has passed and I'm happier every day! I have played many live concerts with this instrument and recorded many tracks: the electronics are excellent, as well as the tone and ease of playing. The guitar I received is flawless, a real beauty of an instrument. It really does look, play and sound like a much more expensive guitar! The action, however, was quite high upon arrival, but all I did was turn give the truss rod a few turns and it immediately suited my playing style and has stayed that way perfectly. It holds its tuning wonderfully! The on-board tuner is a very handy plus! The sound is even across the fretboard, with crispy highs, mids and elegant bass. Godin Guitars does a wonderful job on each of its instruments: every one of their Seagulls is truly a remarkable instrument! You cannot go wrong! Buy it!
Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I've owned this model for almost 7 years and it has withstood lots of abuse. It has better tone and sustain than any other inexpensive guitar out there from *any* brand, and its tone alone is comparable to brands and models over 2x its cost. It has above-average action and playability. Despite it being cedar topped it sounds "bright enough" to me while playing fingerstyle or single note, but you'll have to play a tad harder to sound as bright as a spruce top even if you're using the preamp. The L.R. Baggs is decent (but a tad brittle sounding), but the guitar sounds best when miked and strummed. As a final note, remember to change its 9v battery when you change the strings as it is not socketed like so many other acoustic-electrics and you must go through in the sound hole. That is the reason I dinged it a 1/2 star.
Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I typically play electric guitar and this was a very nice, easy transition to make. The setup was great out of the box with just a bit of tweaking to suit my style. A lot of folks are caught up on brand names without realizing that different models/brands are meant for different sounds. Yes, a Martin D-28 is well known, but more of a strumming guitar. Know what style and sound you want to play. This guitar can handle both finger style or a pick. Not overly bright or boomy. Volume is balanced throughout the frequencies. I had a deadbeat roommate which forced me to pawn my first one. As soon as I had my finances back in order, I purchased another. Sound and feel between the two were quite consistent. I really don't utilized the pickup system but testing it out it seemed fine yet basic. It doesn't have heavy lacquer which I prefer to let the guitar sing; so it is prone to dings. This is a great guitar for the working musician that wants real wood. Yes you can get a cheap Martin but you're dealing with high pressure laminate. The strings that came with it play fine but a bit to metallic sounding for me. Pick up a bridge pin puller while you're at it and you'll have a guitar that do you right for years and continue to improve as you break it in.
Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I'm a beginner having only played for two years. There many positive reviews of this guitar and after you read them I urge you to believe them.it is very easy to play chords which I have problems doing..This guitar inspires confidence.I have never played high end guitars but I don,t think you can do any better for this price point.
MF delivered on time and guitar came in perfect condition. Just tune and enjoy. If you are beginner buy one you won,t regret your investment.
Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I have a 1995 S6 acoustic-electric that my dad bought used in that same year. I was four-years-old when he got it and I learned to play on that guitar. I have it sitting in my room right now and I still love it. I like the wide nut width and fat neck. It's an ideal set up for those who like to finger-pick, but it's not so wide to where it's awkward to strum. I also prefer the sound characteristics of the Cedar top over Spruce top acoustics that I've played. The guitar seems to never go out of tune. I believe the headstock design and build quality have something to do with that. My 1995 model isn't particularly pretty, at least it looks worse than the newer models. However, I turn into Shallow Hal when I hear the sound it makes. I can't speak on the electronics because my '95 model has a totally different system. Overall, great acoustic guitar for the money, possibly even the best. Try picking up a Fender for the same price, yuck. No comparison. Another thing, it's hand-built in Canada. And make sure you take those stock Godin strings off and get some Martins or something.
Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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