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Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic

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Hardshell Case of Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
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Product Description

The Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar is hand crafted in Canda using top-quality components and woods. With a select pressure-tested solid cedar top, wild cherry double-bound body, and a distinctive rustic burst finish, it makes a big impression visually and sonically. The slender neck has a familiar 1.72" nut width and C shape, which many players find immediately comfortable..The Entourage CW QIT is equipped with EPM Quantum I electronics that make amplifying the guitar simple, and incorporate a built-in tuner and 3-band EQ circuit. Taken together, the exceptional skill and materials used in building this instrument make it an amazing value too!Godin QI electronicsThe Godin EPM Quantum acoustic guitar system is simple in design and outstanding in performance. This single source system features an exceptionally responsive saddle transducer carefully matched to side mount electronics with rotary volume, bass, and treble controls. The electronics and controls are packaged in a small and easy to use format complemented with a finely crafted pewter cover plate. In combination with the transducer, the EQ control range and frequency content have been specifically contoured to provide a very rich and full sound reproduction resulting in performance seen only in far more complex systems. The Godin QI also includes a built-in high quality digital chromatic tuner with LED display.

Top: Select pressure-tested solid cedar Back and Sides: Wild cherry Neck: Silverleaf maple with the Seagull slim 1.72" nut width. Fingerboard and bridge : Rosewood Tusq nut and compensated saddle Finish: Rustic burst custom polished finish 6-string 3-layer hard wood laminate body 24.84" scale Integrated set neck joint Silverleaf maple neck Indian rosewood bridge and fretboard Soft C neck shape 21 frets Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Tuner Hardware: Chrome Pickup: QI Semi gloss finish Case sold separately SPECIFICATIONS

Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Single source: Saddle Transducer
Rotary Volume, Bass, and Treble controls
Built-in digital chromatic tuner with LED display
Simple format: Outstanding performance
Finely crafted pewter cover plate
Shielded metal enclosure
200 hours typical battery life

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In my 9 years of playing. This is my favorite guitar out of any that I have ever played, including electrics, acoustics, and whatever. At first I didn't like the way it looked, but the sound was heavenly. It's very bright and sweet with a velvety smooth tone. I bought it for that. But it has it's own personality that grows on you. The headstock looks silly to most at first, but as you play it more and more it becomes iconic. Most people would see someone playing guitar and not remember it. But anyone that here's the sound of this thing becomes captivated and the associate the look of it with the sound making it memorable. It's got a personality that grows on you. It's not flamboyant with elaborate laquer or paint. It's just real, it's humble, and proves itself everytime.

I will never buy another acoustic the rest of my life unless something disastrous happens to this guitar. It's become a lifelong partner, it's traveled with me from every part of Texas from South Padre Island, the rising plateaus of Palo Duro, the hillcountry of central Texas, east, west, south, mountains, and lakes. I drag it everywhere I go because it's sound is beautiful and it feels like it is one with your soul when you play it.

It's amazing to think that this is one of the lower end Seagull guitars. I've never played any above $800 and I shudder to think that some of the higer end seagulls could possibly sound any better than this. So if I ever have to buy another acoustic then money is no issue, I will go to Seagull first.
When I think of features on an acoustic-eletric guitar I think of tuners, pickups, electronics. The pickups are incredible! The sound is literally "rustic" and pure. I get no feedback or strange sounds. It's got an awesome chromatic tuner on it that is convienient when learning notes so you can find what note is where on the guitar. The tuners are top notch. I took "Grace" (my guitar) on a 10 hour roadtrip in the back of a friends truck in a hard case and was surprised to find it still in tune when I took her out. Especially in 103 degree weather. Another nice thing is that the Godin electronics are a high quality brass that complements the wood on the guitar. It's not huge and obtrusive or cheap like what you find on Ibanez acoustics.
What can I say? This guitar is perfect. The craftsmanship is superb. Silver-Leaf Maple Neck, Wild Canadian Cherry sides, cedar top, rosewood fingerboard. This guitar is a work of art. Just running you hand along the sides and top of the guitar scream beauty and craftsmanship. After a setup, the action on this thing is LOW. Really low! Lower than my strat with no rattling, intonation is perfect. The tuners are tight, they don't wobble or go out of tune. The bridge, the nut, pegs, are all high quality as far as those parts go (since they're plastic). The kind of quality I see in this guitar is something I would expect out of a $1200 guitar. To top it all off, it has the sweet smell of cedar!
Let's put it this way. After having this guitar 10 months, I've fallen in love with it. I've gone through 2 9 volt batteries. Each one having a 200 hour lifespan. That's not including the time I'm not plugged in or using the tuner. I paid this amazing price for this guitar. And if I had to buy it again I would pay any price for it. I don't care if it's $1500. So basically, you are doing yourself an injustice if you don't buy this guitar. It's unrivaled as far as value. I've played guitar a long time and few guitars have held a candle to this thing. And those that have were $1500+ Chaylors and Martins.
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
.I bought this as my first six-string guitar, Ive been playing bass for two years and wanted to mix it up. I played my friends seagull it sounded great. Another thing in what i was looking for in an acoustic guitar was wide string spacing i'm 6'5'' and have really big hands so i wanted to be able to have decent string spacing which was great. The thing i love most besides the overall sound of the guitar and the ability to play it through an amp, is the tuner. The tuner is awesome it's chromatic so you can tune a string any note you want, and also so you don't have to bring one every where you want to play, it's right there on your guitar, (it comes with a energizer 9v battery already installed).
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
.I went to Guitar center with the intention of buying a cheap acoustic/electric guitar while on a tight budget. I was alone in the sound proof acoustic room and started playing literally all of the guitars. I eventually picked this one up even though it was a little out of my price range. I played it and absolutely fell in love with it over all of them. The back of the neck feels like it was sanded extremely smooth and there is never any friction with your hand matter how long you play. The sound is amazing and the strings are so easy to push down (without there ever being buzzing) that i was blown away for it being an acoustic guitar. I also played a $2500 Martin acoustic and this was honestly very similar to the way it felt and played, and similar to how it sounded. I went into the store expecting to buy a cheaper guitar but held off until I could buy this one.

Eventually i bought the guitar on this site refurbished to save some extra money. Shipping was very fast and free. I was expecting maybe some wear on the guitar, anywhere, but I could not find any WHATSOEVER. The thing looked brand new and had a hand-marked check list of various people all signing off on different parts of the guitar passing inspection (im assuming the new ones get this inspection too).

Overall I am SUPER happy with this guitar and the easiness and playability of this guitar I believe has helped me tremendously.
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
.I haven't had this guitar for too long, but to give my honest opinion I have played gibson's, martin's, and takamine's and so far none of them have even compared to this guitar. The tone of this guitar is very bright and very loud. Whenever I plugged into an amp I just about flipped out cause of how much of a punch this guitar has. the action is low enough on it to where i can play for hours but there isn't any buzzing from the strings and the intonation is perfect on it. So all in all I love this guitar.
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
.I play a very wide variety of styles. Fingerpicking, very aggressive strumming, rock, blues, etc. This guitar works well for all of them. The cedar and cherrywood combo gives it a very rich and mellow tone. Sometimes it feels a little mushy when I'm really banging, but this is mostly a technique issue. Volume has never been a problem.

It is a little bit more prone to feedback on high bass settings than other guitars. Then again I played it through a PA system with the volume knob about 3/4 of the way up right next to my friend's bass amp on full blast and it was fine so this is only a minor knock. The sound through the pickup is excellent by the way and captures that rich rustic tone that makes this guitar so much fun to play.
Not a whole lot of features to talk about. Of course that's not a bad thing. Has a basic treble/bass adjustment option and volume knob along with a built in tuner that I've used with no issues. One feature of note is that the 1.72 neck is a little wider than standard, although still thinner than some such as the S6 Original with the 1.8 nut. I have smaller hands but I like it because it really gives room for fingerpicking while not getting so wide as to rival classical guitars. A very nice compromise.
This really is a gorgeous guitar. I thought the pictures looked good but they really don't do it justice. The craftsmanship is excellent. Right out of the box the setup is pretty good, which is what I would expect from Godin. I'll still have my local music shop give it a few adjustments but factory set ups really don't get any better than this.
For the price this is a fantastic value. This is one of those great guitars that compares very favorably with much more expensive models. Playing this next to many higher priced guitars I definitely preferred the seagull.
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
.I tried out several acoustic/electric guitars in the Seagull's price range before deciding on the Entourage. I have two Godin solid-body electrics, so the smaller neck profile immediately felt like home. I'm a bit concerned about the matte finish on the body (already dreading the first ding), but the build quality is good. And the guitar sounds fantastic acoustically.

The pewter control panel for the tuner/EQ is a nice touch. I haven't plugged into a PA yet, but I like how the Entourage sounds through a Roland Cube amp.

The not-so-good:

1. When I received the guitar, the string action at the nut was unusually high, making it hard to play open-position chords. My solution was to remove the GraphTech nut (did I just void the warranty?), sand it down on the bottom side, and glue it back into place. Now open-position chords are much easier to fret, and the intonation has improved significantly, especially when using a capo. That said, I shouldn't have had to do this sort of basic setup/quality control work myself.

2. Why the single Schaller locking strap post (with no corresponding strap-lock provided)? And why the oversized rear strap post (which also functions as an output jack) that won't accommodate a standard guitar strap without having to modify the strap for a proper fit?

With a better factory setup, I would have given this guitar 5 stars.
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
.Need I say more? This guitar filled every void my previous acoustics could not fulfill. I went to a local music store, and tried out just about all the acoustics in that room, including Gibsons, and nothing even came close to this Seagull. Besides its aesthetic perfection, and most importantly, it's sound is second to none. Use a humidifier and the sweet smell of cedar will never subside.
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
. Beautiful guitar, a pleasure to play. Unplugged the sound is fantastic, even better plugged in. If it had a strap button, it would be perfect!
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
.First off, I played numerous Seagull guitars at the local guitar shops, Seagull tone is fantastic, I do not think you can get a better sounding guitar for the money. My issues are that Seagull's fit and finish seems to be hit and miss. I currently own an SWS series and like it so much I decided to purchased this item as more of a kick-around buddy, take outdoors and traveling. I also wanted a cedar top for a little different sound than my SWS Mini Jumbo HG, which again, I love. The first Entourage Rustic I received had poor fit and finish. Sounded great, but it looked like a high school shop project. I do not know how it made it out of the factory. I sent it back for exchange. New one came, nice... finish was decent, sides to binding fit o.k., (was one of the many problem on the first one). The exchange item did have a large sliver of brace material floating around inside the body. I performed an inspection and found no broken braces. I will have to loosen the strings to get a better look. If I find anything wrong it is going back, again. The tone on this guitar is real nice, intonation and sustain are good, and action is decent, a bit higher than I like, but good for an acoustic strung with 12s. My overall impression; great tone and smooth neck, very playable guitar. My big fault with Seagull is the quality control, but the tone is sooooo nice. Seeing that sweet tone is the guitarist quest and Seagull seems to have that nailed at a fraction of the cost, (I sold my solid wood Martin with no regrets), I would recommend to buy one of these and swap it out if you are not happy with the construction. MF customer service has been great.
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
.This Seagull (as they all are) is actually made by the Godin shop in Quebec, and it's basically a Godin with some lesser trim to bring the price down. Good build, great tuners, nice internal bracing. It's made of Canadian Maple, Cherry and Cedar (which have different tonewood sounds than the Asian Mahogany and Western Spruce many guitars in this price range are made of). As a result it's got a full, mid-rangey sound.
The built-in electronics are a nice touch but are just ok, offering the familiar thinnish, and at-times brittle sound that has become the accepted standard today. Then again, you want great sound, you'll need to drop another several large for something better.

Anyway, for the dough it's a great guitar made on this continent. But not without a few cons. There's the pickup system (again good but dont expect great in this price range) and, its a cutaway yet it's got a HUGE volute at the neck/body joint, making picking below the 12th fret something you gotta think about. The plastic binding (you were expecting Abalone in this price range?) comes to a point right at the back of the guitar where the cutaway is and Ouch...I gouged the underside of my wrist on it the first time I ran the fretboard). I'm getting out the file for mine. Action is low low low, and needs tweaking on mine to avoid occaisional buzz (again not a big deal). And mine came with slight ravelling of the cherry body wood at the bottom of the bout where the binding was tapped in.

None of these are fatal flaws, and this is a good value for daily strummers who arent looking to invest a bundle in a big name guitar for hobby, semi-pro, or weekend playing. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic

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