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Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural

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Hardshell Case of Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural
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Product Description

Gorgeous domestic wild cherry back and sides provide a unique tone blending the warmth of mahogany with the crisp definition of maple. Silverleaf maple neck on a shorter 24.84" scale with a rosewood fretboard is easy on the fingers while specially aligned machine heads make for quick, stable tuning.

Solid cedar top Wild cherry back and sides Rosewood fingerboard and bridge Tusq nut and compensated saddle Semi-gloss lacquer finish

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I've been learning to play guitar on an electric for a few months. I was eventually bitten by the acoustic bug and really wanted one to learn to play songs via fingerpicking. There are lots of options in this price range, but I couldn't find anything that matched the quality of construction or sound of the Seagull S6(I'm new so take my opinion of sound with a grain of salt).

I went to a few stores and tried Yamaha, Takamine, and even one of the Martin 000 models in this price range. The Martin looked and sounded very good, but the neck was made from some laminate called Stratabond and I wanted more solid woods in my guitar. The Seagull still sounded better and definitely had more volume when I compared them back to back. The dreadnought size really contributes to the volume as expected, but you can fingerpick without nails or picks and get a nice loud sound, but if you strum this thing really makes some noise.

The other reviews are accurate. The quality of craftsmanship is top notch. My S6 arrived quickly with no defects or blemishes. Once tuned it sounded great. The only problem I had was it felt like I needed to press down REALLY hard to make the notes ring clear. After a month of struggle I had a professional look at it. He adjusted the truss rod and now it plays so much better. Other people may not need any fine tuning but this was all it took to make my playing much more comfortable. I was prepared to pay for a full setup anyway, but the minor adjustment was a nice surprise.

As for finding the right case you may have to look around as this dreadnought size is a little deeper than others. I initially tried the Gator Delux ABS Dreadought case but it wouldn't shut completely without putting too much pressure on the bridge/saddle. Oddly enough the cheaper Gator GL-Dread Lightweight Dreadnought case is a snug but safe fit. I've also been using The Art of Contemporary Travis Picking by Mark Hanson to learn. It has been very helpful and after only a month I've learned quite a bit.

Side note: some pictures online show the Seagull S6 as having a black pickguard. As of Sept. 2012 the one I received had a tortoise shell pickguard. I included a picture to show the difference. Looks sharp.
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural

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For those who have just decided to begin playing guitar, this is an excellent choice. I searched for a few weeks online and I kept coming back to the Seagull. All the reviews I read for it were great and I was convinced that there was no better guitar for the price. Although it may be a bit for expensive than most guitars recommended for beginners, it truly is worth it. The sound this guitar creates is so crisp and warm that no other "Beginner" guitar will compare. It has a simple yet elegant look and feels great to play. Having a solid guitar like this allows for an easier learning curve. I've only had this guitar for about 2 months but I'm already able to play quite well. Also, having a guitar that is top of the line makes you care and appreciate it more so that it will last longer. If this is the first acoustic guitar you buy, it may very well be your last. Really cool guitar, I highly recommend it.
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural
.This is a great guitar for beginners and pro. Combination of solid cedar and laminated wild cherry produce rich and loud sound even for slight finger picking. The nut and frets feel comfortable, a little wider than a standard nut but I did not notice big difference (it's perfect for picker picking and oversized fingers). What I really liked is frets, my fingers are resting on this guitar compare to some other brands. Overall great looking and sounding instrument well worth the price. Shipment was very fast and well packaged. When guitar arrived I installed brass bridge pins and Dean Markley Cryogenic strings, this guitar is screaming now like you won't believe. I love it! Great job Seagull.
Good quality except few flaws on finishing part. First, small area on the back didn't get enough sanding (not smooth to the touch compare to the rest). Second, disturbed finish on the side of fret board, looks like someone tried to pick it up before paint dried off...So -1 to quality control. Other than that everything else is flawlessly done.
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I love this guitar. I wanted to get an acoustic in this price range. I didn't have a chance to play a Seagull, but based on the reviews and the return policy, I pulled the trigger. I had a chance to play a Chaylor 110 and a Chaylor baby at a local music shop, which I had also considered, but wasn't impressed with either for the price. I have a Martin Custom D, and I love the volume and bass it produces. The S6 matches the volume and has great bass tones (not as nice as the Martin, but I didn't expect that). For the money, I'm not sure I could have done better. I am so pleased with the sound and playability of this guitar. I don't usually write reviews, but I read many before purchasing any musical equipment. I am so impressed with the value that I felt compelled to write one.
The wild cherry back and sides look fantastic.
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I hadn't looked at acoustics in years until I found I was spending more time working on my old Japanese Epiphone than I was playing it. I looked around for a year or so at various models in this range and was mostly unimpressed until I happened across an S6 original. To me, there is just a huge difference in quality and sound in comparing the S6 to similarly priced Asian-made instruments. I've had the S6 for a couple months now & I'm addicted to it. Appearance wise, the top and neck are beautiful. The cherry sides and back are a little "plasticky" for my tastes, but I suppose that's the nature of laminates. The wide & thick neck has both advantages (more room for your fingers) & disadvantages ( not the fastest). The satin finish on the cedar top is delicate; the slightest bump against furniture will leave a scratch, so this might not be the best choice for, say, a 12 year old. Plenty of volume and wonderful tone with very few compromises for the price.
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural
.These guitars are fantastic! I have an S6 with a spruce top. A while back I got a Martin (DCME) and at three times the price, I was expecting it to be leaps and bounds better than my Seagull, I realized after I got the Martin just how great a guitar the seagull is. I live in the desert and keep it out of the case, it has held up just fine so far. Compared to the Martin, it has a slightly different sound, I can't say I prefer the way one sounds over the other but they both sound great to me, all in all, to my ear, the S6's sound is on par with my Martin. Although the S6 plays nicely and stays in tune well for the most part, these are two area's that the Martin excels. In no way would I say the Seagull plays badly or doesn't stay in tune, the Martin just feels better and almost never needs tuning, even when travelling. Over all the Seagull is fantastic, I love mine and from my experience it is a better value than the Martin I own. It will be hard to find a better guitar for the price, you will not be disappointed.
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Nearly two years ago I decided to get serious about learning guitar, so picked up the Johnson JG-610-B that I had gotten cheap at a garage sale several years before and started playing. It was hard to play because the action was so high, but it helped me to see if I was really serious about learning. After 10 months I knew it was time to invest in something better. The Seagull S-6 came up in internet searches as being the best guitar for the price. So I purchased one from Custom Guitar's Friend, and have been playing it for the past 13 months. It is everything others have said about it. Set up nicely right out of the box and easy to play. Beautiful sound that seems richer as time goes by. Holds tuning very well. I love playing it more now than ever before, and play it daily. My supervisor has been playing guitar for 30+ years and was very skeptical when I told him that I was getting a Seagull (he loves Martins). He had never heard of the Seagull brand. But when he played it he conceded that it was a very fine guitar, more than worth the price I paid. I loved the guitar so much that I bought a 1996 S-6 off of eBay to share with my son and to take it on camping trips and not worry about scuffing up my newer one. The truth is that the 1996 model plays the same as the newer one, and probably sounds even better.
A very plain guitar
Beautiful workmanship
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I have been playing guitar for over 40 years. When my former acoustic guitar finally gave out on me I began the search for the "right one". That was 3 years ago. I have sampled high end guitars, low end guitars & everything in between, just couldn't find the guitar I wanted with the tone I was looking for. When I picked up this guitar (The Original S6 Seagull) I knew it was the "right one" when I played the first chord. Bought it on the spot. Light action.....great for fingerpicking. It just sings.......I look forward to many happy years with this little jewel!!!
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural
. This is an amazing guitar! Warm,full rich tone.Great volume and projection.I love the wide neck and fretboard-excellent for fingerpicking.I had the opportunity to play one before buying it-the rave reviews are accurate- it's a great guitar. For all levels of play.I love my Seagull Solid Cedar Top! I can see why it's an award winner. Thanks Seagull.
It's simple,but beautiful cedar top.
Excellent craftsmanship..
Excellent value.Sounds like twice the price.
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Best sounding ,and built to perfection if you have never played one of these , you are missing out on probably the best guitar on the market for your money .wider nut than last guitar I owned , but the sound is amazing for the price , in my opinion this is without a doubt best quality guitar for the money . Watch out Martin , and Chaylor there's a new player and there Canadian .
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar Natural

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