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Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo

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Hardshell Case of Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo
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Product Description

This traditional Rickenbacker bass style with dot inlays and no binding was prized by Paul McCartney and Chris Squire when they got their first 4001S models in 1964. Players cherish its traditional look and rounded edges that many claim make it more comfortable than the 4003.

The updated 4003S version comes with the improved dual trussrod system. Of course, the famous solid bass tones, ringing sustain and treble punch we'e known for make it a dream. It' no wonder we™ve received a steady demand of requests to bring this back.

This design was once exclusive to the British distributor Rose Morris in the sixties. Iconic curves of maple form the body with a traditional Rosewood fingerboard. Dot inlays and no binding make this stand out from the standard 4003.

Includes hardshell case.

Neck Shape: C Wood: Maple Neck joint: Neck-through Scale length: 33.25" Truss rod: Yes Finish: Info not available Pickups Active or passive pickups: Passive Pickup configuration: SS Neck: Single-coil Middle: Not applicable Bridge: Single-coil Brand: Custom Series or parallel: Parallel Active preamp: Not applicable Special electronics: Not applicable Fretboard Material: Rosewood Radius: 10" (25.4cm) Fret size: Medium Number of frets: 20 Inlays: Dot Nut material: Info not available Nut width: 1.688" (42.9mm) Neck width at 12 fret: 2.125" (54mm) Body Cutaway: Double cutaway Construction: Solidbody Body wood: Maple Top wood: Not applicable Body finish: Info not available Orientation: Right handed Controls Control layout: Info not available Pickup switch: Yes Coil tap or split: Not applicable Tone switching: No Special switching: No Hardware Bridge type: Fixed Bridge design: RIC Tailpiece: RIC Tuning machines: Schaller Deluxe Color: Chrome Other Number of strings: 4 Pickguard: Yes Special features: Not applicable Case: Hardshell case included Accessories: Info not available Country of origin: USA

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This is my third Ric bass and easily the best. Unless you've been sequestered on another planet, you know what your going to get if you buy one. Rics are not like a P or J bass. If you're a pocket bass player this shouldn't your first choice unless you expect to use flat wound strings. The neck is fairly wide and a little awkward at first but you'll quickly adapt. I would call it a "tall D" shape. They are well balanced, no neck dive. A few bars of Siberian Khatru will tell you immediately what you bought. The finish is first rate, Not many manufacturers are in the same league as Rickenbacker when it comes to picking pretty wood and painting. Genuine eye candy.

The frets were level and even. The action, intonation and feel were perfect for me right out of the box. Be aware Ric strings are a weird gauge. I normally play Rotosound swing bass 66 45-105 sets. Rics are like 45-55-75-105 so unless you plan on using Ric strings expect to have to recut the nut for the A and D strings as soon as you get it. Intonation will have to be addressed as well. The bass comes stock with Schaller style strap locks but doesn't include the mating side that attaches to your strap. Expect to buy some. The "S" only has a single 1/4" phone jack so if you want "Ric-O-Sound" you'll need to spring for the regular 4003 or rewire it like Chris Squire did.

The bass arrived double boxed and in it's case so damage was extremely unlikely. One detail I didn't consider with the "S" model was the fact that the edges that are normally covered in binding are now radiused. That makes comfortable playing much easier to achieve. Normally that binding will cut into your forearm and after an hour will be pretty tender. Not so with this one. I brought it to band practice a few days after getting it and played it for a few hours without any issues.

If you've never played a Ric and you normally use your fingers, expect to remove the bridge pickup cover. Initially that cover was a horse shoe magnet and was part of the pickup. For whatever reason (even though nobody likes them) Rickenbacker still uses them....ah, tradition. Consider getting a "treble bezel" which covers the hole nicely. Otherwise you'll be catching on it regularly if you pick/pluck over it.

Overall this bad boy is an amazing creature, timeless beauty, will last a lifetime and will hold it's value as well as almost anything you can buy....admittedly it's kind of a one-trick-pony but it's a VERY cool trick...
Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo
.This is a great bass. I've already used it on a large show, and it sounded great. I've read complaints about weak pickups and only one good sound, but I have not found any merit in those claims. Yes, the bridge cover is a pain. The neck is huge in a good way, the string spacing is very P-bass like, and the push-pull tone cap is pretty usable. I find the best tones can be had with both pickups engaged and the volumes adjusted accordingly. The stock strings were not to my liking-I put La Bella Low Tension Flats on it. If I had to pick one nit, there is a tiny finish flaw around the neck joint in the Fireglo finish. I buy 'em to play, so I didn't give it a second thought.
Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo
.Wanted an alternative to the old Fenders I've been playing forever. This thing sounds exactly as I expected it to: crisp, in your face, amazing treble end. The clanky Squire sound is awesome but ultimately I'm more interested in a mellow McCartney sound. Will be trying flatwounds on it.
Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo
.It's official...just filled out the warranty card for my new Rickenbaker 4003s in Mapleglow! This completes my collection of basses representing all my fab players...Gibson (Jack Bruce); Fender Jazz (Getty Lee); Hofner (Paul McCartney); and RICKENBACKER 4003s (Chris Squire)...all purchased from Musican's Friend. The RIC plays better than I could have imagined. Easy action and with a slight tuning, it was ready to go. The sounds I can get are amazing...deep Motown or roaring crunch for rock. The finish on this beautiful is flawless! Excellent craftsmanship coupled with up to date technology. The case is well constructed and protects the bass well with four lockable locks. Being and old band rocker from the 60s and an Air Force vet, this dream of completing my collection will bring me into the next great journey...my retirement. Thanks MF for all your great professional help over the years. Players, this bass is a proven winner! Rock on mates and matettes! Jim Mullinax
Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo
.Use the bass for gigs and studio recordings. The sound is light and not too punchy. Tone is ok with the strings from Rickenbacker.
Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo
.I described this bass to a friend as an intoxicating tone that wants to be a lead instrument and will not take "no" for an answer. I found the bass to be made very well and cannot find any shortcomings in its construction. The tone is amazing. Deep and rich. I've been playing many years and have several quality basses all in about the Ric's price range. However, even my two active bases cannot produce the unique tone of this Rickenbacker. It is truly amazing that a passive bass can sound this way. It is so overpowering that you can understand why some players call it, "a one trick pony." Mine is Mapleglo. The combination of the different woods makes it look very rich. I jumped at this bass because the "S" version is stripped down and appeals to my working class look and style of playing. MF's price was right too! A couple strange things are that it comes with Schaller Strap lock buttons but doesn't come with the mating part which is the lock that attaches to the strap. The other thing is the string gauge. They are 105-75-55-45. You will be hard pressed to find a string set to match a 55 D string. The tension on the strings is very loose. However, the action is nice. I never owned a Rickenbacker before so this is new territory. I can play it with a lighter touch using a pick or fingers. The neck's profile gets slimmer as you go up the neck which is a way different feel than my other basses which includes a couple of Fender Jazz. The bridge pick-up cover is not in the way for me. Overall, I am happy with this as another horse in my stable. I do play out and do a lot of recording, I'm not so sure I would be happy if this was my only bass. It's tone is too huge and menacing for some music. You can probably tame it a little with flatwounds to get that later Beatles/McCartney tone. Since I have other basses strung with flats I do not wish to strip the Ric of it's power. I promise you, if you ever play a Ric 4003s on your own gear your jaw will drop.
Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo


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I was excited Ric finally decided to offer this again but was immediately suspicious of the lower price. My gut was right. It's shaped like a Ric, and sounds pretty good but was clearly built in a real hurry. Fretwork was better than most off the rack basses but not up to Ric standard. Fretboard was nice quality wood but really badly surfaced. The biggest problem I had with it was caused by poor buffing. Divots in the finish on the back of the neck where either they dwelt too long in one place or the finish was not yet hard. This was truly disappointing. I have a 4003 that is absolutely impeccable, something Ric is known for. I would gladly have paid normal price for this bass had it been made to that standard.
Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo
.I'm a hobbyist who jams with friends, makes recordings and plays live shows every now and again. This bass will definitely work well in all of those scenarios. There's a reason why Rics have such a prestigious name, they are quality instruments that are made in the USA. I have heard some folks complain that the only sound they can get out of a Ric is the trebly growl that you hear on Motorhead or early Rush records. I say those folks are aiming for that sound to begin with and end up with confrimation bias. I'm able to get a full range of sounds out of mine, from low and sludgy to bright and growling.
Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo
.Called Rickenbacker about the the excess poly build up from the tenth fret on. Said the only have a one year warranty on workmanship from the day it shipped. The place I purchased it from had it over the year. Pretty weak from a company in my opinion. Never buy an Ric, period.
Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo
.A few years ago I regretfully sold my 1979 4001 and this bass is a great replacement! My 4001 was Mapleglo so of course I got this one in the same finish and got all choked up when I opened the case! Everything works great, no problems with anything.
I will be changing the strings out for Thomastik T1 flatwounds because that's what I had on my 4001 and I like the feel and the sound suits my music the best. I'll be pretty much using this bass exclusively for recording. I'm also very happy with the great deal I got from MF!
Rickenbacker 4003S Electric Bass Guitar Jetglo

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