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Demo Submission To Record Companies | How To Submit Music To Record Companies

Page updated 3/1/2016


Learn various ways to submit your band demos to record companies properly. Listed below are several ideas to get any songwriter, local band, garage band, or indie music band started submitting material to a record company.  You may want to visit the record companies web address and email them, if possible, to find out their openness to submissions.  

A great resource for submitting demos or song pitching to record companies are the Songwriter's Market Books.  You can find a link to the Songwriter's Market Books books here.   This book is a valuable resource to songwriters and indie music bands because it contains a wealth of resources. 

For example, you can find out the following about record companies:

  • The Record Companies openness to submissions
  • What music genre that the record companies may need
  • How many songs they accept at a time
  • How does the company prefer song submissions (CD, MP3, Online)
  • Whether you need to include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE)
  • Any other basic information.  

Here are the Songwriter's Market Books available on Amazon.  Search for the most recent version so that the contacts are up to date.

Sometimes a quick email or phone call to the company will give you and idea of weather they have any need for your music or song writing.  Please click this link to our Band and Songwriter Resources to find lists of record companies along with other valuable resources.  Also, a lot of companies only deal with certain genres of music.  That is another crucial point to find out so that you do not blindly send out your music.  Also, you should never pay to have your music put under contract.  Check out the BBB Better Business Bureau if you feel that a record company is offering something to good to be true.  The BBB is a great resource for record company complaints issued.


How To Submit Your Music or Band Demo To Record Companies

  • Cover Letter - A cover letter should be included in your package, stating the titles of your songs, a short intro or bio of your act, and most importantly what your intentions are for the submission.  For instance, are your looking to get your band signed as a rock band.  Are you a song-writer looking to pitch songs for single song contracts, or maybe movie soundtracks.  State why you are sending your submission and make the letter very professional.
  • Copyright - Any songs you submit should be copyrighted material.  The date of the copyright should show somewhere on your material along with either the word copyright or the copyright symbol.  For more info on how to copyright your material please visit the government website .   Click on the different types of works that can be copyrighted, and decide which explanations fit your copyright submission.  At this time you usually have to fill out the corresponding form with your particular submission, Send a check for the amount they specify, and of course send in the material you would like copyrighted.  You may need to send in your lyrics and or music, and possibly multiple copies of your material.  Please read the website carefully and fill out the forms per the instructions.
  • Lyric Sheet - A lyric sheet or music sheet, should also be located in your submission package to the record company.  Simply list the songs and lyrics and copyright information in your submission. 
  • Demo CD, Flash Drive, or DAT- Most important to the record company is the music that you are submitting.  Any music company these days will want a well produced demo.  Your Band material should be free of distortion, hissing, or any other imperfections that take away from the actual song.  Whether you are a singer, songwriter, or a local band, make sure your demo is as clean as possible.  This will only help your chances of getting your demo heard by a record executive. 
  • Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) - Some, not all record companies will want you to add a self addressed stamped envelope to your submission.  This is in order for the record company to respond to your submission with feedback.  Check with the company to see if this is a part of their submission policy.
  • Don't Pay to get a Record Contract - Some companies say they would like to sign one or a number of your songs to contract, but there is a catch.  These companies would like you to pay a fee to re-record the song.  This amount can be significant.  If any so called record company approaches you with this type of contract, be cautious.  Be sure to check the BBB Better Business Bureau to see if this company has had complaints in the past.  Make sure they in fact are a reputable company.  If a record company is truly interested in your music, you should not have to pay an upfront fee.  Do your research when approached with any deals that seem skeptical or to good to be true.  Once you start sending out your music to record companies sometimes you may start to receive offers from companies asking you to pay for re-recording your songs.  They will ask you to pay for your song to be added to compilations and other odd solicitations of your music.  Be weary of these offers and as said earlier check out the BBB, because theses deals are most likely to good to be true. 


Always have your contact information on anything you send in.  It's best to put your contact info on your demo CD, in case someone would misplace your other material.   Good Luck with all your submissions, and visit our Band & Songwriter page to find some different websites to possibly submit your material too.