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With a voice that is classic, eminently recordable and gig ready, the SE 245 is perfect for traditional single-cutaway players. The 24-1/2" scale length makes this instrument instantly comfortable to players who grew up using short scale guitars. Volume and tone controls for each pickup, a 3-way toggle and bird inlays, are all standard appointments. Case sold separately.

Top Wood: Maple Top and Flame Maple Veneer (no veneer on opaque finishes) Back Wood: Thick Mahogany Number of Frets: 22 Scale Length: 24 1/2" Neck Wood: Mahogany Fretboard Wood: Rosewood Neck Shape: Wide Fat Fretboard Inlays: Birds Bridge: PRS Designed Stoptail Tuners: PRS Designed Tuners Truss Rod Cover: "PRS" Hardware Type: Nickel Treble Pickup: PRS Designed SE 245 Treble Humbucker Bass Pickup: PRS Designed SE 245 Bass Humbucker Pickup Switching: Volume and Tone control for each pickup and 3-way toggle pickup selector on upper bout Case sold separately (except Tobacco Sunburst finish, which includes gig bag)

Quality that's uncut, unadulterated. Order the SE 245 today.

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Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

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The picture doesn't do it justice. Everything was perfect from set-up to finish.
Best guitar in it's price range by a long shot. I've put my Gibson LP back in its case. This thing sounds and plays better. I thought it was going to be hard to beat the SE Santana but this one does but not by much. It looks better, is heavier and sounds a little more defined than the Santana. It blows the Gibson Studio LP out of the water. The volomue and tone knobs shape the sound more than most other guitars. You can get anything from country to metal without any problems.

.A PRS fan will absolutely love to add this affordable model to their collection.

Those thinking about a Gibson Les Paul Studio should check this guitar out before making a decision.
2 Volume, 2 Tone knobs - pots are pretty responsive and does a good job allowing players to customize tone from subtle and clean, to hard overdrive sound.

Stop tail is solid, tuners hold well. Very basic setup, but does it well.
Excellent fit and finish. Flawless top and body. Smooth neck, and excellently set up from the factory.

Beautiful guitar. Compared to more expensive Gibson Les Paul Studios, the PRS SE 245 is a league above.

Pick ups are excellent out of the box. I initially thought I would want to swap them out with McCarty's or Dragon II's, but I may stick with them a while. The neck pick up is fat, but clear. The bridge pick up doesn't get too hot, but is amply responsive and crisp.
Great guitar and a great price. High quality instrument at an affordable price point. Closer to USA-made PRS in quality (I own a USA Custom 24 and an SE Custom 22) than other SE models.

. This is a nice guitar at a great value! It plays well and just feels great. Especially with some heavier strings on it than it ships with. I changed the pickups, put an adjustable bridge on it and replaced the tuning keys and now I have a great guitar for a very reasonable price. I could have gotten by without those changes but I seasoned to my own taste while upgrading common weak spots found on almost all instruments in this price range. I really dig this guitar!
2 humbuckers
2 volume
2 tone
3 way selector...... We have seen this before............
24.5" scale is comfortable...No drop c tuning!
The build quality of this guitar is shockingly good. Did not expect too much but I had heard good things about PRS import line. I needed a back up for my US single cut and did not want to shell out another $3k. Frets are great, neck is real comfortable, body is thick and resonant. Finish looks nice too. All in all, this guitar is much nicer than many I have played in and far above its price point.
The best value I have found yet under $1000. Bar None!

.I went to Sxx Axh on W48th in NY today to buy a PRS SE Bernie Marsden but alas they have none in stock and indeed none in the USA.. so I played 14 different guitars to kill some time...

I played 4 different PRS SE guitars, 2 PRS (US) guitars, 2 Shecters, and 4 different USA made Gibson guitars ranging fromn $7xx-$9xxx.. but wow wee.... the QC on the PRS KILLS the Chrysler like QC of the Gibson's, merely GIBSON in name today it seems .... very disappointing for GIBSON but not surprising given South Korea's leap in technology especially for manufacturing.... clearly Paul Reed Smith cares about quality..........

The best quality of ALL the guitars I played was a $7xx PRS SE 245 Ltd guitar... Rolls Royce quality.. I mean IMPECCABLE, sublime and I should know we manufacture products in S Korea, NYC, LA, Tokyo, India, Australia and China and seriously the Korean quality to price ratio is the best for anything but for guitars even the absolute quality is amazing.... on par or better than USA....

MY only bug bear was the FAT turkey neck at the base and thin scale at the neck.. drove me nuts but as a lifelong STRAT player it may just be my problem.... also those fliipin birds on the fretboard drove me nuts as I got the extra long scale 12th fret mixed up with the 15th etc... MY BAD.....

I also liked the PUPS on this puppy, very perky when required and filthy nasty when cranked...

Startling stuff but when rated I gave the PRS guitars all 90/100 upwards and apart from a 59' Gibson with PERFECT tone, build and WEIGHT none of the USA Gibsons, Schecters, ESP etc could come close to the PRS...

The USA made PRS were even a notch higher.. great stuff.. but pricey.. but for $5xx-$7xx check out a PRS SE KOREAN (Sth) made axe... great stuff

but this is a guitar for blues, rock, jazz NOT speedy HEAVY METAL...the FAT Turkey neck takes some speed out of the equation...........

I also liked the Schecter Solo 6 Custom but some of the finish came off in my hands in a simple 10 minute session

.I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and I've owned many, many wonderful instruments (including 7 USA PRS's and 6 USA Gibsons). If you're a Les Paul player, this PRS SE 245 is going to blow you away. It plays beautifully, is wonderfully constructed, has GREAT pickups in it (no need for an upgrade unless you have a different tonality in mind), and looks fantastic. The bird inlays are pearloid, not mother-of-pearl like the USA models, and I already mentioned that this is not a real carved top guitar. Other than that, this guitar is pretty much perfect. It's shockingly lightweight, very resonant, and stays in tune like nothing else I own. I actually prefer playing this guitar to my Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional, and I haven't seen a Les Paul Studio yet that was half the guitar of this PRS. Bottom line: if you like playing Les Pauls but want something different/less expensive, you owe it to yourself to check this baby out.
Two volumes, two tones, three-way selector switch, wrap-around hardtail, bird inlays, nice flametop; what's not to like? Okay, the top is not really a carved top, more like a flat top with nice edge bevelling. I'll deduct one point for that, though in reality the PRS SE top is more comfortable on the forearm than the Gibson carved top.
This guitar is better built than my USA Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional, and plays better to boot. The Gibson probably has the edge tone-wise, but only by a hair. I have yet to play a single Gibson Les Paul Studio that can match the PRS.
You will not find a better set-neck humbucking equipped guitar in this price range, and probably not for under $1500.

. I spent 9 hrs in my local GC playing and compairing all LPs and kept comming back to this one. go and spend a day, and see that a PRS se will blow any studio and most standards out of the water. PRS has convinced me, theres is the only guitars I will ever own.
2 volume,2 tone. The neck feels like butter,The finish is stunning. The body is thicker my Tremonti se
PRS has done it once more, A fine single cut for under a grand that puts a gibson studio to shame. The guitar is flawless from fit to finish. The pick ups are a litter hotter than the P.A.F,s, but very smooth thru volume control. upper bout switch is silent, frets are finished to prefection
As I said before if you are looking for a LP style guitar for under a grand you can't go wrong with PRS there QC is what some of our US shops should be going for.

. In short, I have a really nice Gibson Les Paul that pretty much stays in it's case now. My PRS SE 245 is now my main stage guitar and my Gibson Les Paul is my back-up guitar. I think that's about all that needs to be said.

.I border between professional and experienced. I play gigs but don't depend on playing to make a living.

Every time I need to see an improvement in my playing I go buy another PRS. I've bought 3 so far and each time my reason for buying is that after trying several guitars I found one that instantly made my playing better but for different reasons.

This wider neck expanded my use of the neck in ways I had no idea would happen. My hands and fingers are a little larger than average.

That means when I play the average guitar the neck and fret layout is too close patterned for my fingers to fit comfortably. Playing guitars with normal size necks all my life has required me to develop very precise movements and positions in order to avoid unwanted results. This has been good for me but has made my learning slower than average.

So finally I try a wider neck on an electric. I never noticed anything special about playing classical guitars which always seem to have wide necks. But the wider necks on classical guitars were not the same.

But when you combine the amazing quality of neck and fretboard that PRS makes, in a wider neck like that, it's magic because I can immediately play faster, smoother, and with less detailed moves to avoid the spatial crunch I was getting with narrower and slower necks.

Even this SE model (swore I'd never buy and SE) is perfect for stage or recording. The electronics are extremely versatile also with the volume knobs that also change the shape of the frequency response as you dial louder or softer.

The pickups are great. Smooth. A little less attack than humbuckers but more melodic and rich with sweet harmonics also. Love these pickups.

I always enjoyed a electric guitar that I could rip off heads with by hitting the strings with plenty of attack. But in real life it's rare you can actually use that to it's full effect without other band members failing to appreciate the instant intrusion of head-ripping-off decibels in their face.

So sacrificing a little bit of the attack of dual coil posts for the fatter single coil, dual magnet, sound of these PRS manufactured P90's.

.This guitar has the flatest fret-board I've ever seen. Easy playing.Tone om my gosh best tone for under a grand that your likely to find. Played strats for years. Just needed to switch to something easier to play as the shorter scale length and lighter gauge strings makes for easy playability. As I'am dealing with cubital tunnel syndrome that makes my pinky, ring and middle fingers numb, even after surgery. Anyway this guitar has got me back to playing on a regular basis again.And I got it as a 3rd here at the friend, dont know why, doesnt have a scrath on it. Got the tobacco sunburst. went over to the prs website and seen they are know going to be issuing a tortise shell finish, may have to pick one of those up as well, I wish they would offer it in natural with black hardware. Anywho My next guitar will deffinatly be another prs se maybe the kornia singlecut?

.I like to read reviews but I hate making them to be honest. The only reason I am doing this is to hopefully make someone looking at this guitar, feel at ease. Everything about this guitar you have to love. Price, easy to play, looks, feel, birds on the frets...etc. Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS GUITAR!
This is my very FIRST review ever. I'm only doing this to give you a fully understanding of how good this guitar really is. Features are basic, you get a 3 way toggle switch and 4 knobs, which 2 are for volume. The reason they are basic is because you are buying a PAUL REED SMITH for about 650. Believe me, it's worth not having the bells and whistles and having just a good, solid guitar.
Quality couldn't have been better. I opened this guitar and it was 10 times better than the picture (i got tobacco sunburst) and it was packaged perfectly. I have some pretty expensive guitars, but this one right out of the box is already my favorite. The scale is 24.5 which is pretty unusual, but I actually really like it. The cosmetics on this guitar will wow your friends, the sound of the PRS will wow the crowd. This guitar was in tune when I took it out of the box. I havn't tuned it since. Honestly, best guitar I own.
I bought this guitar during the Saint Patty's day sale and got an amazing deal. PRS took some ways to make this guitar affordable. The body isn't "carved" like their expensive models. This guitar isn't made in America, it's made in Korea. The shortcuts are worth it though. This is also an "SE" edition which means "Student Edition." So this is a great learning guitar, but also meant for gigging. I'm only 19, but I've been teaching guitar lessons for almost 4 years now. I have seen/owned/played almost every type of guitar out there. As far as value, I have yet to see one beat this guitar.


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