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PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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Hardshell Case of PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
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Product Description

The SE A30E expands PRS Guitars' SE acoustic offerings to include the classic combination of a solid spruce top with rosewood back and sides. Rosewood provides players with bell-like highs and full bass response for an overtone-rich sound.

The A30E also features the PRS 15.5" Angelus Cutaway body shape and the x-brace/classical hybrid top-bracing design found on PRS' acclaimed Maryland, USA-made acoustic line, as well as the company's trademark bird inlays and headstock design. The undersaddle electronics, which are accessible via the soundhole with both tone and volume controls, provide added flexibility and functionality for the gigging musician.

High-quality components include a solid spruce top with rosewood back and sides, a mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, bone nut and saddle, and PRS designed tuners. The Angelus Cutaway body shape is both aesthetically pleasing and provides easy access to the upper frets.

Body Body type: Angelus Cutaway Cutaway: Single cutaway Top wood: Spruce Back & sides: Rosewood Bracing pattern: X/Classical hybrid Body finish: Info not available Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: Standard neck carve Nut width: 1.65" (42mm) Fingerboard: Ebony Neck wood: Mahogany Scale length: 25.35" Number of frets: 20 Neck finish: Info not available Electronics Pickup/preamp: Yes Brand: PRS Configuration: Soundhole mounted preamp Preamp EQ: No Feedback filter: No Tuner: No Other Headstock overlay: Other Tuning machines: Chrome Bridge: Ebony Saddle & nut: Bone Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Inlays Case: Hardshell case Accessories: None Country of origin: Korea

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I have owned USA PRS electric guitars since becoming a dealer back in 1990. I have worked on many guitars, sold many, and simply enjoy being around them and playing. I wanted to get an acoustic, but did not want to break the bank.

I really can tell the difference in good quality instruments, and was concerned that I would not like the import line. I guess I am a bit of a guitar snob. I have friends who work at PRS and asked one about the SE line acoustics. The comments I received back indicated they were consistent, of good quality, and a pleasure to play.

I am really glad I went ahead and bought this guitar. It is excellent! The action is nice and low, the tone acoustically is sweet and warm, the dynamics respond well to the intensity of playing, and it really is a pleasure to play. The case is of good quality as well.

Beyond all of those favorable comments, it is a beautiful instrument visually. The woods are gorgeous, and the bird inlays are classic. If I had one wish, I would like to see the PRS logo on the front of the headstock. I think they may have put it on the truss rod covers in the prior models, but you can tell it is a PRS by looking at it, and it has the name on the back of the headstock.

At any rate, I was torn between this model and the Alex Lifeson one. I am a huge rush fan, and that SE model looks great as well. Some reviews I saw indicated it had a thinner tone, which would make sense given the form factor. I did not have a chance to play either of them, and if I were made of money, I would have bought both. I am very happy with the decision I made to get this one. Just a great guitar for the money all around. PRS continues to rock and rule!!
PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I tried many name-brand high-end acoustic guitars. For the price point of this guitar nothing comes close to it. I played guitars that were triple the cost that did not sound as good or have the fit and finish of this guitar.
PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I love this guitar. It's my first guitar of any sort with a 25" scale and I found that I really like it. The neck is a bit "beefier" and fills the hand more than most acoustics in this price range. Build quality, fretwork and materials are excellent...BUT...mine had an irritating and persistent vibration that appeared in the low register. I have a well equipped guitar workshop and I went to work trying to find the cause of the vibration. After determining there were no loose braces or poorly positioned wiring harnesses I finally found that the 9 volt battery was vibrating in its holder! Put a piece of masking tape around the battery and the vibration ceased! I had emailed PRS before discovering the problem and received no reply if that's any indication of their after-sale customer service.
PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.Oh, what a beauty! Obviously, the PRS Team and the Wildwood Team [Korea] take their jobs very seriously. This guitar is one that's like the one on Spinal Tap, almost. That's how in love with it I am. Don't touch it. Don't even LOOK at it.

Seriously, I've been impressed with the workmanship and, yes I'll finally say it- The Sound. The basses are pure and round, the highs and angelic. Maybe that's why it's called "Angelus" :)

I fingerpick a LOT so this is ideal for me. Excellent note articulation! I use the side of my thumb rather than the nail for the bass notes, so it really "whumps" in an authoritative way.

As I saw on one video [and I've watched a LOT of videos] - The sustain is amazing. Usually that's discussed regarding electrics, but in this case I use a lot of [I don't know what they're called] "carryover" open notes that continue from one chord to the next. The guitar actually encourages that shimmering effect quite well.

The feel is described in some reviews as "slightly heavy for some". Well, I happen to really like that. Granted, I am not a very experienced player with many types of acoustics, but it just feels right to me.

And, it's not heavy like an annoyance- It's more of a heavy as if it's REALLY put together well. As in one piece. As in- Absolutely NO loose vibration. Good thing in an acoustic :)

I did play some Martins and Taylors during my month-long research. [Granted, these were not the several-thousand buckaroo ones.] Nice guitars, but I listened for and felt for that extra couple hundred buckaroos worth of sound and feel, and didn't notice it.

PRS is really putting in 200% because PRS acoustic guitars are not widespread. Yet.

Yeah, this was long-winded and went everywhere. I'm in love, what can I say?
PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I had been thinking about an inexpensive guitar that I could take camping, to an outdoors gig, or a busy/crowded jam where I don't want to risk damage to my Master Class Breedlove or 1965 Gibson Country Western. I was at a big box store a couple hours from home (none closer) and test drove several candidates without being impressed.

Then I saw a PRS SE A30 in a corner. I had heard and read about them, but never seen one in person. I picked it up and was immediately knocked out by the responsiveness of the bass and treble, as well as ease of playing. I only noodled for about 5 minutes before leaving the store. I wasn't really committed to buying anything at the time.

I could not stop thinking about that guitar. So, about 3 weeks later when I was back in the area, I went to the store again to give it another look. Alas, it was gone.

But still, I kept thinking how much better it sounded than others in the price range, and really as good as many at twice the price. So, i pulled the trigger and ordered one from Custom Guitars Friend. (The "no hassle return" policy helped me feel okay with an online purchase.)

I've had it about 2 weeks now and am really pleased. I took it to a jam at a local bar, celebrating a friend's birthday last night, where 10 or 12 of us took turns playing. Everyone agreed that it is a very nice looking guitar, but they, too, were knocked out by the sound, both plugged and unplugged. Several want to play it at our next weekly acoustic jam to see if they might want one. So, yes, i would definitely recommend one to a friend.

I prefer the bass and overtones associated with rosewood. Even though the side and back on the SE A30 are laminated, the tone projects almost as much as my Breedlove with solid rosewood back and sides. The build quality seems flawless, and so for someone preferring different tone, the all mahogany model or the spruce/ hog model would no doubt be very pleasing.
PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.For almost a grand And I received a chipped guitar with stains on the fret board from excessive playing. After sending pictures to Custom Guitarsfriend, they offered to exchange it for a discounted open box item, since no new models are available.

Why would I buy a new item, recieve a used guitar, to then pay shipping to recieve another used guitar, potentially worse than this. They should have been honest from the beginning and labeled this used and sold it at a used price. It is certainly not "mint" condition.

For my trouble, Customer service could have offered me a discount or a gift card, or something, but instead wanted me to pay tax again...it started to make less and less sense the more days this dragged on....
Now I'm stuck knowing I paid full price for a used not mint guitar.

Guitar sounds great, just wished I didn't get screwed by musicians friend on the product and service.
PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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Love playing this guitar.
PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.This guitar has superb sound, great tone. I love to play it.
PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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