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Page Updated 3/7/2016


Gig Submission And Event Submission in Pittsburgh, PA

Learn how to submit an event to local Pittsburgh newspapers, Pittsburgh concert calendars, and local event websites. Many bands or promoters struggle with band self promotion in the beginning of their careers.  Below consists of information on how to promote an upcoming gig for a band, act, or show in the Pittsburgh region.  Some of the best ways to promote gigs are to submit your gigs to local music city papers, newspapers (Arts & Entertainment sections), event websites, and concert calendars.  Pittsburgh Live Music is doing our best to walk local Pittsburgh bands and artists through this process.  We have done much of the research for local Pittsburgh bands and have listed relevant submit an event websites below.  Below we have listed many of the major Pittsburgh newspapers, websites, and music calendars that will post your upcoming shows and gigs.  Also, if your hosting an event that needs publicized, try submitting it to local papers and calendars listed below as well.

While of course we may not have all the Pittsburgh events calendars listed below, feel free to do some internet searches to find others.  A helpful hint is to type 'Pittsburgh Submit An Event' in your internet browser.  Please be aware that some links below have special instructions for submitting and event, gig, or show.  We have described these instructions to the best of our ability below, but be aware that each link may have their own special instructions.  Some helpful hints when submitting events may include:

  • Use pertinent information that describes your band, show, show prices, venue, and directions
  • Link to your band website where possible and the venue website
  • Be professional in your postings. Avoid misspellings, meaningless punctuation, and obscenities
  • Avoid over use of adjectives describing your band or act
  • Describe your band and the show.  Avoid comparing to other bands or bashing other bands
  • If your show gets cancelled or moved, be sure to email the website to let them know of the change


Submit An Event To Pittsburgh Newspapers And Concert Calendars


  • PostGazette.com - Submit an Event - Typically the description needs to be one to three paragraphs written in complete sentences in an interesting, informative, and concise manner.  Assume music fans in the Pittsburgh PA area have not heard of your band. The description should focus on what kind of music is played and what kind of show is performed.  Avoid comparing with other acts unless they are relevant to your act, like a tribute band or a cover band.




  • FOX - WPGH - Add an event to the FOX 53 community calendar



  • Barsmart - Submission for events page.  You will need to register before posting any gigs or shows


While we have given bands many options above to submit an event, we can not guarantee that any of these websites will accept your submission.  If you have questions as to why your event was not listed by any of these website, you will need to contact that particular company / website.  Good Luck submitting your Pittsburgh gigs, concerts, and shows in PA.