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How To Make A Press Kit



Pittsburgh Band Press Kit Tips

Page Updated 3/7/2016


  • Press Kit: Here are a few items necessary when constructing a successful press kit:

  • COVER - The cover of your press packet should Introduce the band and tell the venue owner what type of music you play.  It should be Eye Catching and To The Point.  Add your phone number, band name, contact name, and website (if available).

  • BIO OR INTRODUCTION PAGE - Introduce your band, type of music played, names of members, how many people in band, and what areas (cities / towns) where you perform.  Do you have a sound guy or a light show?  Highlight the things that  the club owner will want to see to book your band.  Including: Fan Base (Do you have one?), Are you a Tribute band, Original band Etc.  Remember, in order for your band to make money, the band must bring people into the venue.  Start with clubs that offer open mic nights to get your foot in the door.

  • EQUIPMENT PAGE - List the types of equipment your band owns.  Use enough detail to show that you are a professional band.   Tell the Club owner if you have a PA System.  If you Do not own a PA system your band should target clubs that have their own PA systems.  But, be aware, that you need someone to run that PA.  Some clubs have their own Sound Tec's who charge a fee.  Others do not, and you will need your own sound Tech.  Also, you may need someone to run the lights at a club.  Check into all these things before your gig.

  • BOOKING INFORMATION - Have a page with a contact phone number, contact name, website address, fax number, etc., so the venue owner can reach you.  Place your phone number / website throughout the packet and on any loose material including CD/Tape Demo's and Business Cards.

  • DEMO CD / TAPE - A Club owner will want to hear what he / she is paying for.  Create a CD or tape with no more than 3 songs.   Use your best material.  Place a CD label on the Disc, with your bands name, contact phone, and website.  Make the CD / tape label as professional as possible.   This will get the venue owners/booker's attention, and make him or her want to listen to your material.

  • SONG LIST - Place a list of some of the material your band performs in your press packet.  If your band plays any cover songs, list the best ones, and some of your original music.

  • BUSINESS CARDS - Include your bands business card in the packet.  If you do not have any, someone in your band should get some made.  They are very inexpensive to make, and you can even produce them with many home computer programs.   Always give out business cards at your gigs.  You never know what person in the crowd may have significant contacts.  Include on your business cards: band name, contact phone, contact name, and website, eye catching fonts / graphics (if possible) on all cards.

  • ENVELOPE - The envelope used should catch the club owners eye.  Use a loud color, or place stickers on your envelope that may catch the a venue owners / bookers eye.