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Peavey RX22 Compression Driver 8 Ohm

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Hardshell Case of Peavey RX22 Compression Driver 8 Ohm
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Product Description

Patented titanium compression driver with 1" throat diameter. Ferrofluid cooled. Frequency response: 500Hz - 20kHz. Impedance: 8
ohms. Mounts directly to all Peavey CH horns with a 1" throat.

A great upgrade. Order today.

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My high school music department has (4) PR15's that I use for our high school productions along with (2) PR12's. I have replaced the stock drivers once in all 4 PR15's and twice in 2 of them. Thought it was time to upgrade. So we purchased the RX22 driver for all 4 PR15's. They were easy to install...place the speakers face down and turn the drivers counter-clockwise until they seat so you don't cross-thread the horns and THEN screw them on the horns clockwise. You'll find the RX22's are much heavier than the stock drivers and the difference in sound is very noticeable. The highs are more prominent but smoother than the stock drivers and I haven't blown any of them. We use a lot of wireless ear mics for our musical theatre productions and the RX22's allow me to use less volume and get a much clearer sound without a thought about blowing the drivers. We also have variety show productions which include all styles of music from pop to rock to metal. Our auditorium is not very acoustically friendly but the use of the RX22's with the PR15's allows me to EQ the total sound with less worry about needing more mid's or highs for the vocals or speaking voice parts. The clarity of the sound is much improved over the stock drivers. I now only have 3 spare stock drivers from the PR15's since I had to use one on one of the PR12"s. I think it's time to put some RX22's in the PR12's also and save the stock drivers for emergency replacements for the RX22's...should they ever be needed!
Peavey RX22 Compression Driver 8 Ohm
.So I bought a pair of Peavey PR 15's.(NOT the best speaker in the world!) They turned out fine for SUPER small venue's,(40'x40' club). I jam in a 5 piece Classic Rock/Blues Band. We needed something louder with "crisper" high's. This product increased/doubled the "High/mid" range. You've got a very decent ,highly portable, speaker for the price. Easy as H*ll installation! You want more power from your PR 15's? Try it! You will not be dissapointed. (And if you REALLY want to juice up the sound quality take out the factory 15 and replace it with a 1505-8dt BW! HUGE difference!)
Peavey RX22 Compression Driver 8 Ohm
.I Have a Pair of dual 15" Mains built by a very well known speaker builder.They are great speakers but a little harsh On the ears if you pushed the highs. When the high frequency drivers burned out while playing prerecorded music I decided to up grade from the stock one inch titainium to a two inch model. I choose the RX22. Wow! These Are loud but silky smooth with a very extended High end. My speakers sound Like the cost way more than Ive got In em. Would Definately buy again.
Peavey RX22 Compression Driver 8 Ohm
.Great upgrade I added these to a cheap set of nady 115's. wow like havig an sp2 for half the price much better than the oem piezo tweeters
Peavey RX22 Compression Driver 8 Ohm

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