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Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head

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Hardshell Case of Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
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Product Description

The Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head offers tons of power plus extensive tone-shaping tools, such as bright and low-cut switches, active high and low shelving controls, a contour control, and a 9-band graphic EQ configured to target critical bass frequencies. Its also includes a Peavey-exclusive sub-harmonic generator with level control and footswitchable bypass that adds a note one octave lower than the original note, creating interesting harmonic textures and a significantly enriched bottom end.

The Tour 700 delivers 700W RMS into 4 ohms. SmartRail technology, a new patented Peavey power-amp topology, makes it possible for the Tour Series to deliver its massive dynamic power with increased efficiency and lighter weight.

In addition, the XLR-equipped direct out allows traditional patching to a front-of-house or studio mixer, but features fail-safe phantom power backup that sends a flat signal through the house P.A. or studio console.

700W into 4 ohms (4-ohm minimum load) Pre- and post-gain controls Bright and and low-cut switches Contour control for advanced signal shaping Active high and low shelving controls Hi boost, low cut 9-band constant-Q graphic equalizer with bypass switch Analog octave divider with level control and footswitchable bypass Post-EQ effects loop Buffered tuner send jack DI XLR output with fail-safe phantom power backup capability 2 input jacks for high and low output bases Rear-mounted auxiliary input jack

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I played this amp with a fellow bassist at the store, My opinion is this amp sounds really good. The tone is there. Its warm, loud, punchy and tone is really sweet. I called peavey and asked obout the clipping problem and they assured me it affected only the amps, when it was first released.They told me they corrected all the amps that followed in production. Furthermore, I cranked this amp for 20 minutes of loud punchy bass and it sounded fine with no clipping! The Peavey 4-10 cabinet sounded really good, and I liked the amp with 4-10s. I have to admit this amp suprised me, keep in mind some of the negative reviews are proably old. Play one and see for your self, I dont recommend this amp for heavy metal, but it would be fine for rock,hard rock, blues, funk or r/b or country rock.
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
.Normally I don't write reviews, but as one I read the other day pointed out, usually those that give gear negative marks sound like they simply don't know how to use the product. Anyways, I have owned this amp for a while now, used it with a wide variety of cabs, Peavey 410/210, Acoustic 810, Eden 215, 4,5,6,8,10, and EUB basses, every style of music under the sun from R and B to thrash metal,played plenty of gigs and so on and so on. My point is, consistently and without fail, if I take a minute to dial in the sound I want, this amp delivers, and, with plenty of power. Is it the best amp in the world, of course not, but for the money, you will NOT find a better one. Take it from a bassist who has been going around the block for over 20 years, if you are a player own a budget, buy this amp.
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
.This amp sounds really good with the Tour 410 cabinet.Previous equipment that I've owned:Ampeg Br2Ampeg SVT 210Ampeg SVT 410 hlfEden Nemesis 210 comboPeavey T-Max headThe Tour 700 and matching 410 cab sound far better than all of my previous equipment. I'm very pleased with this Peavey setup.
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
.I bought this amp and the 410 to go with it from a local music store. I had it for a month then it started to clip and shut down, took it in and an hour later it was fixed. Ever since then this thing has blown away anything I had ever seen. Then I bought a a 215 cab and man did it open this monster or what!! Needless to say this IS the amp to buy!
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
.I just returned from Afghanistan after 4 years serving with the 2nd Marines.I'd been a bassist since 1983 & played 'em all. There is an issue with "Clipping" at high levels, BUT C.S. showed me to a local dealer and PAID to fix it! (I have the 700) B.C. RICH & PEAVEY 4-LIFE!
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
.I got this amp a few years back now and it was one of the best purchases I ever made.
Equipped with a Fender Jazz with noiseless pickups this beast sounds fantastic, nice solid sound, pushes a lot of sound. You could fork out more and get yourself an Ampeg. But as a good budget all around amp with plenty of power. You have got yourself a good package.
One thing is that this is a very clean amp, I mean it will stay clean until it clips.... It is so weird hearing an amp that wont distort at higher levels.
I reccomend getting the 8ohm 4x10 cabinet with the tweeter and then getting another cabinet if you really need one. The 4x10 is powerful enough though.

Thing is, this piece of machinery is stable, solid and lasts a long time if you take care of it. Don't try to have maximum bass set on this as you will just bottom out like on most bass amps.
This thing is also safe as a few times I have forgotten to plug the cabinet in. On a tube amp that would be disasterous, but on a solid state, no worries.
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
.Had the chance to buy the Ampeg SVT3Pro but after playing both back and forth, passed on it to buy this. It was not a mistake. This amp sounds great, has plenty of power and is durable. I've been playing through it for about 5 years now with absolutely no problems. The controls give you alot of flexibility too. When it does die, I hope they are still making it cause I'll want another.
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
.This is the second one I've bought, first one was for me, second one for the church I play at most of the time. I have had no trouble with either one, I play inside and outside gigs (2 hours straight) and it has never failed me yet. I love this amp.
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
.I bought this head a couple weeks ago, and I'm impressed of how good it sounds. I play with a Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 4HH, and when I plugged it into the Tour 700, the sound was absolutely clear, punchy and warm. For my point of view, this is the best amp I've own in 12 years. Even if the price seems cheap, you'll be surprise of how versatile this amp is. You'll be surprise of how easy it is to operate too.
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
.I was one of the first people in my area to buy this head. I was looking at ampeg(good tone but they are way to proud of their stuff for the output), GK(good price and tone but liked the robust build of the peavey cabs better). So when my friend told me peavey had a new line of heads called the tour 450 and 700. The 700 was about the right amount of power for me and it was not a ugly oversized piece that was built out of cabinet wood. I plugged my bass into it and wow the sound was very clean and powerful with all the sound contour otions you could ask for. When I cranked it through a tvx 410 cab it blew the whole store away. So that day I ordered the tour 700 and the 410 and 115 tvx cabs. Love the sound and have had several fellow bass players that have asked to borrow my setup for their shows because of the tone. Did have the problems with the cutting out at high volumes. Called Peavey and they walked me through the fix and have had no problems after that in fact I think the headroom expanded after the fix. great product and people talking bad about the triac circuit need to realize that people do mods on amps all the time, its not a new concept.
Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp Head

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