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Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer

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Hardshell Case of Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer
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Product Description

Peavey proudly introduces the new XR1212P powered mixer. Designed for versatility in live-performance and sound-reinforcement applications, the new XR1212P features a dual 600-watt power amplifier that can be summed to the main output (1200 watts) or used independently to power mains and monitors at 600 watts each. Each standard channel includes an XLR input and 1 „ 4" line input, as well as a 1 „ 4" channel insert. It has gain adjustment, 80 Hz low-cut switch, two monitor sends, EFX send, and low, mid low, mid high and high equalization controls. Two stereo channels feature dual 1„4" and RCA inputs, respectively, and XLR inputs.

The master section features digital 9-band graphic EQ for both output amplifiers, with a built-in Real-Time Analyzer that analyzes the room and sets the EQ curves automatically when a microphone is connected to its XLR input. The master section also includes a built-in patented Feedback Ferret digital feedback elimination and a digital effects section that includes a range of reverbs, delays, compression and chorus with preset storage. The dual auto-EQ and Feedback Ferret can be assigned to two outputs--left and right, main and monitor, and monitor 1 and 2.

Feedback Ferret applies sophisticated, narrow "smart" filters that find, lock and suppress offending frequencies before human ears can even detect them through virtually instantaneous notching with incremental attenuation to eliminate the feedback. The algorithm continuously checks and rechecks the problem frequencies and then releases the filters when it no longer detects feedback.

12 XLR mic channels Dual 600-watt, lightweight Class D amps (4 ohms); 1200 watts summed Auto, digital nine-band GEQ and multi-band compression Patented Feedback Ferret digital feedback elimination Four-band EQ on every input channel Digital effects Rack mountable Two monitor sends Real-Time Analyzer Dedicated effect return fader

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We tried this mxier for our school PA system. It's great quality and very easy to use if you know what you're doing. My only complaint is that the effects are a little tricky to use. Otherwise, with a little practice, it's great.
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer
.I've been using this board now for over a year for a regularly gigging 4-piece band, and it's been rock solid with superior sound.

If you're doing your own sound (sans soundman) this board is a great choice. We hardly play the same room twice so the built-in RTA has been a godsend. It also has anti-feedback, but once you RTA it, it's hardly needed as it flattens out the problematic frequencies. It super easy to use and just takes a minute. It's the easiest RTA device I've used.

The Class D amplification has been rock stolid. I also love how flexible the power configuration is.

The special band of EQ it has for crisping up the vocals is very musical and is a great shortcut over the conventional EQ.

With great features and reliability Peavey does it once again with the XR1212!
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer
.I've had this mixer for about a year now, long enough to put it through almost every imaginable test, from seven piece acoustic bands, to bands using electric instruments. It is all I had hoped for when I ordered it. It is very light, has plenty of power, and flexibility beyond my needs.

There are a number of features that separate it from the rest of the market. I'll limit my comments to three.

First, the individual channels have a unique EQ voicing. Each channel has a low, mid-low, a special mid range, and high. The mid range cuts frequencies at 2k but the boost is at 4k. Why? Peavey learned that boosting 2k typically results in a harsh sound. You often need to cut 2k, but seldom need to boost it. The 4k boost helps add definition when needed.

The second feature is the switch to configure the system. You can choose main/monitor, left/right, main/monitor/external powered sub, and other configurations. If you choose the main/monitor/powered sub option, an internal crossover removes the lower frequencies from the mains. When monitor is selected, a high pass filter removes low frequencies from the monitors, which are the frequencies that muddy up the tone and needlessly consume power.

The third feature is the auto-EQ. It has several components. One identifies problem frequencies and attenuates them for the duration of the performance. A second set of filters removes spikes as they occur, even before the user hears them. The white noise generator in conjunction with a microphone placed in front of the speakers automatically EQs the mains and/or monitors to the room.

I have had many compliments on the quality of the sound from this mixer. If a traditional powered head is not sufficient for your needs, and lugging around a rack full of equipment is not your thing, the XR 1212 may be just what you need.
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer
.This powered Mixer has every configuration you can think of,very versatile.
Its 12 channels with 12 XLR inputs.
Used it live for medium venue combined w/ an IPR1600+external EQ.
Used it live small venue in Main/Monitor mode Sounded great pushing 2 monitors and 2 EV Eliminator mains.

You can just use the XR1212 on its own and power mains/monitors (2 mains ,2 monitors for example) for a small venue set up

Its Light yet powerful It replaced an older BOX style powered Mixer that was nearly the same price at the time with only 8 channels and far less features and of course it was heavier.

With 5 amp modes you can decide on your set up,Use the INternal amps for mains and an EXternal amp and EQ for monitors,Or an EXternal amp and EQ for mains and use onboard amp and EQs for monitor mixes,either or... its your choice.

Sub out to a powered Sub or Amp and Passive subs,built in crossover to send Low Frequencies out.
In monitor Mode It auto removes some of the lower frequencies that create boominess with floor monitor use.80 Hz Cut on all 12 Ch. for vocals or instruments that dont require those other low frequencies for a crisp clear sound on vocals or guitar,relieving stress on the amps and reserving power for the other instruments that require lower frequencies.

This Powered mixer is worth the price,It replaced a very good 8 channel powered mixer and is a massive upgrade as far as having a powered mixer on hand.
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer
.We are a 4-piece live band that plays in venues seating around 120. We go with the Main/Mon with sub amp selection (sub LPF is 100Hz to the Mono out). We have two 12" Mains, two 12" wedges, a powered sub (with built-in 100Hz LPF), and a IEM system. For the later, we tap off the channel inserts and feed them into a 1U submixer before routing to the IEM transmitter. For the powered sub, we use the aux2 (pre-fader) bus. We prefer having separate volume controls to the Mains and sub, otherwise we'd use their Mono out jack). The Mains get a HPF signal greater than 100Hz. All that means is less energy waisted on lows and more built-in amp power for the Mains and Wedges. Our PA is small in space but huge in sound. Again we've had it for a year. We average about 3 gigs a month. No problems, complaints, returns.This mixer is awesome.
The EQ follows the amp selections. I believe there are 5 possible modes. Effects work great. Lots of channels/inserts. Very powerful and clear. The only thing it lacks is compression and maybe another aux (it comes with 2). But the EQ's slam the competition. It comes with 2 EQ's that follow the mode you select. In other words, Main/Main with sub, Main/Main without sub, Main/Mon with sub, Main/Mon without sub, and Mon/Mon without sub.
Built like a tank. No problems. One year and counting.
I'd actually give it a 4.5, only because it lacks compression for the voices.
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer
.Best 12 channel powered mixer i have ever owned.
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer

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I purchased this to upgrade from a Peavey Escort 2000. I wanted a powered desktop mixer with sufficient inputs and power to cover a band if necessary. This fit the bill perfectly. The D-class power amps make it much lighter than any other comparable mixer. It also features a built-in real time analyzer and an auto-EQ function that sets the EQ automatically so the user doesn't have to figure out manually the best settings for each room. Finally, the sound and power are outstanding. I've been a long-time user of Peavey gear (35 years and counting) and nothing they've put out has ever disappointed me.
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer
.recomended for club bands for sure
this board seems to have pleanty of power.it is very versitile and has many opptions for using in a powered or non powered set up. i have not used it live yet but it seemed to really work well for rehearsal .every thing oh the board is very well marked so making changes on the fly should be a breeze. cant wait to do a live show with it. much better quality than the berhinger powered mixer
price is well worth it.
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer
.Custom Guitars Friend once again came through. They got it here the day before our gig. It was easy to set up and we had no issues. We need a little time to tweak it but so far so good. We run 10 mics, 5 vocals and 5 instuments. So neddless to say we make the mixer work. Our normal gig is 3 hours long and that is enough time to put a load on it and see if it holds up!
This mixer is loaded with all the features you need.
I reason I don't rate the mixer with the highest rating is that I have only used it a couple of times so far.
I am very satisfied with everything so far. If it all holds up while being set up taken down and moved to the next gig it would have been a great deal.
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer
.I,ve played 40 years. Now I play bluegrass 4 vocal and 4 acoustic instrument mics. I like the auto equalizer and feedback feret. I like that it is powered and light and it was on sale when I bought it. It is easy to use and portable.
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer

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