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Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer

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Hardshell Case of Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer
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Product Description

Designed to complement the PV family of enclosures, the PV 118D powered subwoofer features a power section that provides 300W for the woofer with Peavey-exclusive DDT compression. The PV118D has a 18" heavy-duty woofer, as well as a balanced XLR input jack, balanced XLR output with switchable thru/high-pass filter, speaker level input, and volume level control. There is also a ground level switch just in case there is ground-loop hum between connected equipment.

DDT compression Crossover frequency: 120 Hz Bass contour circuit 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover 18" heavy duty woofer Woofer Servo for reduced woofer distortion Peak SPL up to 119 dB with music Female XLR mic- or line-level balanced input Male XLR thru, switchable either high-pass or thru One 1/4" phone jacks for speaker-in capability Bi-amplified Class D powered system with 300W total power SPECIFICATIONS

PV 118D Powered Subwoofer

Frequency range: (-10dB), half space) 38Hz to 120Hz
Frequency response: (+/- 3dB anechoic) 46Hz to 90Hz
Sensitivity (1W 1m): 95dB
Maximum SPL: 119dB
Transducer Complement: 18" Heavy-duty woofer with 3" voice coil and 65oz. magnet
Box tuning frequency: Low Frequency Section 46Hz
Crossover Frequency: 120Hz
Nominal Impedance (Z): 8Ohms
Input connections: Line-level XLR jack input, speaker level 1/4" phone jack input
Output connections: Line-level XLR jack outpu, switchable to either Thru mode, or High-Pass Filter mode
Dimensions (HxWxD): 27" x 21.88" x 19.63" (686mm x 556mm x 499mm)
Weight: 76lb. (34.5kg)

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I bought one of these when they first came out planning to try it and get a second if I liked it. Well I love the sub but truly dont need the second. This thing kicks but. We normaly play two weekends a month in medeum size bars, and in the summer do a lot of outdoor shows and the one sub has been plenty of bass every where we've used it. This has been a buisy summer for us, we've used the sub for 8 shows so far, been caught in the rain twice with it and like all the pevey stuff I've owned over the years so far it seems bullet proof. I gave it 5's across the board even for features even though it's not loaded up because for me that's perfect. It does have a ground lift that works good and other than that it's pretty much plug and play, and if you keep it on the same circut as your board it's quiet enugh. For sure worth the money. I have noticed that there are some used ones on here now that need work to play and would like to hear from whoever had trouble with them that they had to be returned.
Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer
.I could not believe the difference using 2 of these over 1. I honestly had a hard time making these clip and even then it was very minor. The Techs at Peavey are Right On in their recommendations of using and applying their products to pro audio. I guess that's why they have been in business all of these years. I have always used Peavey products for sound reinforcement and, I always will (over 40yrs.)
Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer
.I had been on a search for a smaller lighter Sub to complete the sound system for my band and, this is it. We are a 4 pc. classic rock/country band that does mostly small to medium gigs in bars and clubs and, maybe an occasional auditorium or outdoor street dance. We use a Peavey XR8600 powered mixer doing 4 vocals kick drum and, a little bass to the mix. This sub is the perfect addition to finish the sound system. We use 2 SP2's in larger gigs and 2 PR12's for smaller gigs and, this sub is the perfect compliment that completes the system. This powered speaker really shines as you can filter all the low frequencies to stay in the sub and, everything above 120hz goes to the sattelites, really cleans up everything and the system is able operate at a lower volume with a more fuller sound. Small bars and clubs really appreciate this as their customers don't have to deal with a loud band= more gigs and, re-bookings. The techs at Peavey were very helpful in directing me to this purchase, they hit the nail right on the head! I have used Peavey sound gear for well over 40 yrs. and, it has always gave me what I wanted for a decent price on a working musicians budget.
Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer
.I currently Own the Pevy 118D Powered Sub. I am definitely going to purchase another. Its a good Sub for the price, but it does have a few concerns. IT peaks very easily when inccreasing the volume. Other than that its Great. I own 2 powered JBL 15' monitors and the Bass response is OK. I did a family reunion with this and it hung in there for long haul. Its durable and tough ,ade great. I just need another one for maximum efficieny! A DEFINITE BUY for the PRICE!
Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer
.Bought one used 3 months ago . Needed something to give the kick drum some thump . It works directly out of the main speaker . Just plug & play . Lot of thump for the money .
Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer
.This product is not what I was hoping it would be. I purchased two of these subwoofers to run along my PV215D Cabinets and I was very suprised and not in a good way.I have the 215 Cabinets at level 10 at all times and they NEVER clip unless I try to make that happen, with effort. These subwoofers though, with a very detailed tuning of crossover frequency and gain level could not produce bass at a comporable level to the high end. At level ten these subs were clipping at -40db. With their levels set at 10, the bass gain on my crossover had to be at -30 and let me tell you, these things were making almost NO noise.Sad part is, I sent them back after 4 phone calls (musicians Friend is VERY helpful, GREAT customer service, love these guys) and when I got the same pair back...what do ya know, they did the exact same thing.If you want to spend [$] on a sub that doesn't BUMP, BOOM and hit you with "Bone-Rattling BAss" (I quote the sticker it has on the front) then buy this, otherwise, find something else.
Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer
.As I stated in the headline. I ordered 1 it worked so well so I bought another one and, ordered 2 poles for mounting the satellite speakers instead of using tripod stands. Really completes the sound system and, yields a full and balanced sound.
Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer
. Other than a few dings. The speaker worked great.
Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer
.Much lighter than I anticipated. It goes great with my DJ system. I have always used Peavey & I am glad I can still count on the brand.
Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer
.This subwoofer is great. Hands down.. It is a great value, but that don't mean it's cheap in it's build and holdings. It is a great sub, with enough power to applicate in any given situation. It's solid. strong concept makes it able to last a war. And it's sound, it can rattle the poo right out of you. It's an all around great addition -and now a days with more and more wanting rap, it can bang better than the speakers in the trunk! * This is a must have.
Peavey PV 118D Powered Subwoofer


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