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Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black

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Product Description

The Peavey 6505+ 112 is the combo version of the acclaimed 6505+ amplifier. This portable powerhouse features five 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 - 6L6GC power amp tubes, with presence and resonance controls and 3-band EQ for taming their notorious tone. It also includes 3-spring Accutronix reverb and the Microphone Simulated Direct Interface (MSDI), which delivers the sound of a miked guitar cabinet in live performance and studio recording applications.

The 6505 Series of guitar amplifiers celebrates of Peavey's first 40 years, 1965 to 2005. The 6505 amp is also the relaunch of the 5150 Series, the immensely popular amplifiers Peavey designed with Edward Van Halen.

60 watts (RMS) 16, 8, or 4 ohms (switchable) 5 - 12AX7 preamp tubes 2 - 6L6GC power amp tubes Footswitchable lead/rhythm channel select Effects loop Separate 3-band EQ on each channel Separate Resonance and Presence controls for each channel Rhythm channel: pre-/post-gain, footswitchable Crunch boost Lead channel: pre-/post-gain controls Genuine Accutronics 3-spring reverb Integrated MSDI microphone-simulated XLR direct interface One 12" Sheffield speaker Top handle

Get the tone you've always wanted in a portable size.

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I love this amp. I hate reading all the reviews that label this a metal amp. Of course you can play metal with it. It's a high gain all-tube amp. Here's the kicker. I don't play metal. AC/DC, Ted Nugent, and Led Zeppelin is as close as I get to metal. The occasional old-school Metallica tune. I also play Cream, Hendrix, SRV, and a lot of classic rock and this amp works great for all of it. With my Strat with Texas Specials I can actually get a very bright Albert Collins tube tone out of this amp and that ain't no metal. You just have to tweak the gain, EQ, and the channel's presence and resonance (you'll come to love those). I've had comments where guys asked me what kind of OD pedal I was running on this amp's clean channel to get those blues tones since they assumed this amp was incapable of getting them. My answer is none. I don't use OD pedals. Never have. I dial in killer blues OD on the crunch mode of the clean channel and a matching higher gain/louder blues OD on the lead channel for my solos and I'm off and running. The only pedal in my rig is a Crybaby wah. Don't let anyone tell you this is a metal only amp. You can do a lot of things with it.
It's pretty simple. 2 channels, 2 modes on rhythm channel, 3 band EQ per channel, separate presence and resonance controls per channel. Master reverb. I like the tone shaping possibities the separate EQ and presence/resonance gives you. The reverb is subtle, which I love, but somebody might want to do some surf music-type reverb. This thing won't do that. You'll need a pedal. All 3 modes are accessible with the optional footswitch. That'll run $40. It's functions are changing channels between rhythm and lead and changing modes (clean/crunch) on the rhythm channel. That essentially gives you three channels you can reach by foot. That's convenient.
Built like a tank. Very heavy. The tolex could be better but is what you'd get on any amp this price. I haven't had any problems with it.
This is about the only area where I'll give it a 10. I can't find a better all tube amp with these features for under $600. Keeping in mind you can easily gig with this thing.
Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black
.Ok.. I've owned this amp. When and if you're a blues guitarist with budget in mind, you naturally tend to start of in the Fender or Vox area. I dont know what blues guitarist would even consider this amp over other killer amps in this range that have cleans that destroy this. Most of the time its Metal or classic rock guitarists that label this amp as a versatile amp, thats because their standards for blues and jazz are not as high as actual blue or jazz guitarists. I'd like to consider myself a blues to indie rock guitarist. And despite what people said, I did not like any part of this amp. In fact, i forced my self to like it until i could get rid of it. Unless you play Metal or anything that requires a heavy distorted tone, don't even think about this amp. If you want your crunch to sound super overdriven when the drive is at 1, buy this amp. But if your a guitarist that relies on good clean tones (without adding eq's, reverbs, compression, or even a chorus[not a fan]) look away for there are guitar amps within this price range that can give you that and much more.
Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black
.This amp is a great amp! Probably the best metal amp for the price.

When I bought this amp, I figured it would be a 1 trick pony (METAL \m/), and I was a little worried it would be too loud. Let me tell you, I was wrong on both points! I play a lot of genres - from blues, to classic rock (zeppelin, acdc, and stuff like cream & allman brothers) and this handles all those genres well. It is also perfect in loudness for bedroom practicing - my fiance does say its pretty loud, but no complaints from the neighbors yet!

The cool thing about this amp, is that it sounds great at lower volumes as well. Anything under 3 sounds a little muffled, but I was playing it at 2 for a while and it sounded fine.

This amp really shines in the high gain, metal and hard rock territory. I play van halen type stuff, and metal from SLAYER to Metallica and it handles all those styles well! I'm confident it would handle high gain death metal tones, maybe with a boost pedal, but I don't even use a boost pedal on this thing and it still sounds great for any thrash & heavy metal.

Once on the rhythm channel, you can really dial in a great classic rock crunch. You have to really tweak the knobs to get it right, but it works great once its dialed in! Stuff like, ACDC, Scorpions, etc. sound perfect. And it also gets a great light crunch - think like Allman Brothers, ZZ top, etc. Wonderful for Led Zeppelin, which I love playing. I also love playing ACDC on this, because you can play the rhythm on the crunch channel, then switch to lead for the solos and it sounds wonderful!

The clean tone also is much better than I thought. At first, I hated it, but you can really warm it up by turning up the reverb (which is also decent, not fender reverb but decent) and tweaking of the tone knobs. Something I didn't realize at first is that you don't need a lot of tweaking to get this amp to sound great - usually my eq settings on each band is set at 12 o'clock, then I plus or minus 1/2 depending on the tones I'm looking for.

I can get a pretty decent blues tone as well - if your looking for a blues amp, get a fender/marshall, but it still sounds great once you dial in that clean tone.

This amp has a LOT of bass - I usually set that no higher than 4/5. I had it set at 7 for a while (because I'm used to other amps), and I noticed the walls were shaking while I was chugging away. And not just a little LOL, like an earthquake. So, I turned it down a little ;)

Anyway, if you buy this, and you love any of the genres I highlighted above I highly recommend.

EDIT: Also, if you can't dial in a tone on this amp, start everything at 12'oclock and add/take away where needed. It doesn't need a lot of tweaking! And don't forget presence & resonance, those are very important. And don't scoop the mids, hopefully if your buying an amp this expensive you understand that...
Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black
.So i posted a review on the head version, but feel this version should get some useful info as well:

The worst thing about this amp is when its stock is sounds awful.. and if you dont have a 2x12 or 4x12 cab it sounds even wore through the 1x12 mdf board combo. So first thing you can either save and buy a 2x12 cab, i prefer the 2x12 ppc orange cab. Or you can get the dimensions of the ppc cab or any other cab you like and DIY it, it is very easy to do, you will finish it in a evening. Important is to use 18mm birch ply or 18mm marine ply if birch is difficult to source. Everyone moans about the amp but it is the poor quality cab with only one sheffield speaker. Btw the sheffield comes pretty close to a v30, the sheffield gives a high fq fizz though, but if you build a 2x12 you and want to save some cash you can use the sheffield speaker, it is a 16ohm so you should get a 16omh v30 or something you like and wire so that it`s 8ohm....

Next thing you really need to do is take all the tubes in the pre and power section, take them out and store them as far away from the amp as possible. The amp has a fixed bias which peavey claims to be 30mA per plate, i highly doubt this statement when you get them stock. Next you want to put either tung sol or JJ preamp 12AX7's AND JJ ECC832's (which is half 12AX7 half 12DW7, this lowers the gain structure to get rid of 98% fizz without losing any 6505+ tonal character) in the following positions. Starting from left if you have the amp infront of you:
V1-12AX7 (JJ or TS)
V2-12DW7 (JJ)
V3-12DW7 (JJ)
V4-12AX7 (JJ or TS)
V5-12AX7 (JJ or TS) you don't need a balanced tube here, although it is the phase inverter slot because the actual phase inverter circuit only uses 1/2 of V5 (split-load inverter)

and for the power tube section JJ 6L6GC's (matched pair)

This clears up 98% of the fizz, just to give you an idea stock it gives fizz on the lead channel with pre gain at anything higher than 3 post at 3 and higher. With the re tubed you can put the pre gain at 6 or just over it to give you clear, heavy full tube dist.

If your ears can still pick up the 2% fizz you can do a real easy mod to lower the mid freq pot on the lead channel, simply replace the pot with a 22.5k one, or you can make the mid sweepable which is a bit more advanced.

Futher use your volume and tone knobs on your guitar to balance it out, and focus on attack with your pick....dynamics play a huge role in the sound that comes out of the speaker, also the actual pick you use and the angle you hit the strings. You get volume with the amount of pick that hits the string, so you really don't need to hit it harder with a more aggressive motion with your whole arm, you control dynamics with your arm fixed to the body of the guitar, your wrist does all or most of the work to limit or add pick depth for dynamics.

Difficult amp to play because it is so sensitive, which translates to "if you play sloppy you will get bad sound...." Modeling pedals and solid state amps (most of them) are over compressed with way too much gain to make it sound good when you try it out in shops in a stand alone setting.

I promise that if you re tube it, and run it through either a 2x12 or 4x12 its a different puppy - guys who sold it before you could try it, joke is probably on you then.....this is one of the best amps i hav played on in a while. I'll buy one over any dual rec anyday.
Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black
.I bought this amp new about a year ago and thought "wow, this is gonna be awesome" a tube amp that should scream heavy metal and rock. Sure it screams heavy metal and rock if it works. I've been able to use it about 10 times when all the sudden the volume would start dying out or the amp would cut out. This started about the 10th time I played it. About one month after I bought it. I called Peavey and they sent me to get it repaired. Dude said he couldn't find anything wrong and sent me home with it. I plugged it back in and it worked for about 10 seconds and started doing it again. So, I just used it as an external speaker cabinet, very infrequently as it weighs a ton and dragging to the local repair shop to get fixed once a week isn't my cup of tea. Today I was using it as an external speaker cabinet and it just totally died for good I'm afraid. Don't waste your money. P.S. The clean channel is as horrible as it gets.
Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black
.Not impressed. I have owned other great Peavey products, including a Wolfgang and a XXX combo... both of which were great. This amp however did not deliver. The clean channel gave a harsh and abrasive tone even a low levels. I tried everything to smooth the sound out but it just would not clean up sufficiently. Im not some beginner either...been playing 12+ years and have owned and sold alot of great gear, even managed a privatly owned music shop and have personally auditioned a ton of amps. I know good tone when i hear it. I checked the tubes and connections and even swapped cables...still hissy and noisey tone. The gain channel was just the same only louder. I will give the amp this...it is LOUD!! At any rate, I sent it back. I need a good clean channel to run my effects through and if you do the same, I suggest you look elsewhere.
Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black
.Back to back compaired to my Ibanez TBX100R amp the 6505 is pretty weak sounding. The clean on the 6505 is WAY nicer, has more sustain, and perhaps a bit more clarity (not much though). However the overall tone isn't as good as the TBX100R.The 6505 just sounds flat, crispy, hissy, crackley, fizzy....the lowend surprisingly doesn't go very low. Hell I've heard Fender amps with lower tone.Basically the Lows and Highs just sound to seperate from one another they don't seem to blend. It just sounds odd. It sounds fine when your playing its alone....but soon as you heard the amp back to back with something with backbone its just disappointing.
I know that this is based of the legendary 5150 and have heard many people rant and rave about the amp, but I think what they really rave about is the price.
Seems sturdy. Not affraid that I'll brake it. Plus Peavey is a well proven road-worthy brand name.
Eh....Idk. I'm gonna save up another 3 or 400$ and get something well worth it.
Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black
.Let me start this off by saying this is a great amp, an almost perfect one. I went through it and played it straight for a good part of 2-3 years, Good sound, Thick and rich, as well as very chunky.

The good part is the sound, then the weight is largely hard to manage just because it's a good 70-80 pounds.

Otherwise in those respects, sound and playability the amp excels, and i loved it while it worked.

However, that all changed when the fire nation attacked. Yesterday, i was playing my amp when the volume went down really low. I didn't know the reason so i turned it back up, thinking my shirt must of snagged on the knob. A loud bang as well as a few minutes of smokey madness later, and i had a fried amp.

I opened it up (I am an electrical engineer) And found that the 2 550 v caps, as well as three of the 450v ones and one of the 16v blew. as a repair cost, it will cost me 40-60$ whether i can get the right caps or not. The parts are very hard to find really. So from a tech standpoint, it has bad caps. I do believe it's due to the power input to the caps, though. They're rated at a 550v but should really use 600v as not to be so easily worn down. I ordered all the parts including the diodes, and scraped off all the cap oil, and rewired the board with just wiring.

As of now, however, i would recommend this amp, since as far as i know, there were only two to three cases i'm aware of this happening in, Just giving you my experience with the amp.

The tubes, however are stock. it is very chunky and if you're looking for a good metal amp (djent is not a factor for this)get it. the failure rate is low, and you can always pay a tech to fix it if you have any real problems. Tell them to replace all the caps if you do. it most likely won't cost too much north of 100$, it costs 35$ for the parts of mine, and i'm going to replace them, since i am certified with a soldering iron.
Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black
.This amp is pretty awesome... It does take time to dial in a good tone though, well atleast for me, since I don't play metal or hardcore. I play a lot of Rock and Worship music. after about a month of tweaking with the amp, adding a few compressions, delays, reverbs, etc. I got some really sweet tones from it. The drive is smooth and fat on the lead channel, and really nice on the crunch channel. I have no regrets what so ever.from sparkly cleans to searing lead tones, this amp can do it all.. Its CRAZY heavy though.
Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black
.I LOVE this amp. First off, naysayers of it's clean channel must've read the negative reviews, spent a whole 30 seconds playing it, and perpetuated the rumor. Not true at all. Spend 8 minutes dialing it in and you've got something clean, smooth, and sparkly, but not twangy or thin. Maybe a nice delay and or chorus and you've got something really sweet. It might be bright, but hey there's a handy presence control for that. Crunch will get you to alt rock gain levels and though I haven't spent a lot of time there, there's a good classic rock tone to be found. You can't say enough about the metal channel. Rolled off its good, but you dont buy this amp for that. Crank it, dial in your EQ, and get ready to SHRED.
Knocked it down for features because the presence and resonance controls could be a bit more responsive. I sort of dislike the pre/post gain on the clean channel, but it works and is helpful because of the crunch switch.
Solidly built.
You cannot beat it for the price. Sure a soldano or triple rec sounds good too, but you just can't get tube tone for any less.
Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12" Tube Combo Guitar Amp Black

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