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Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black

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Hardshell Case of Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black
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Product Description

The MAX 115 bass combo amp delivers more bass in a space saving package. With 300 Watts of power that includes DDT speaker protection and a 15 inch heavy-duty woofer, the Peavey MAX 115 is ready for plenty of gigs and rehearsals. Another Peavey exclusive is the patented TransTube circuitry that offers you a gain boost feature that automatically turns off the tweeter for a more authentic classic overdrive sound. The EQ section includes a 3 band EQ and buttons for Punch, Mid-shift and Bright. The Max 115 also includes a unique psycho-acoustic low end enhancement that adds low end without taxing the speaker, a testament to Peavey's technology driven philosophy. Rounding out the features are a built-in chromatic tuner, XLR direct output with ground lift and 1/8" jacks for phones output and aux input.

300 watts into 8 ohms DDT speaker protection Pre-gain control with Transtube gain boost which automatically turns off the tweeter for more authentic classic tone 3 band EQ with Punch, Mid-shift and Bright controls 15" speaker with high end tweeter Psycho-acoustic low end enhancement Built-in direct output with ground lift 1/8" aux input 1/8" phones output Chromatic tuner

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I purchased this amp mainly for my son, he has an older Peavey TNT amp, it's a great amp but extremely heavy and hard to handle. In it's day it was one of the best bass combo amps in it's field but, not anymore. This new amp is lighter,more powerful and, has better features than his older TNT. Him and I have a duo and the size and power ratio and features of this amp will be perfect for what we are doing. I played bass many years ago and lugged around monster amps and, I guarantee this little gem would probably have stayed right with the monster amps and probably maybe even have blown them away. Seriously, this amp for this size and power can get LOUD! I'd have loved to have this amp back in the 60's my back and arms would have really appreciated it. I got a Great buy through MF they always come through with just the deals I'm looking for. My son plays an older model Peavey Cirrus bass with active electronics and, it sounds real sweet through this amp. Highly recommended!
Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black
.I'm very happy with this purchase.
Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black
.After receiving two bass amps that were dead on arrival (DOA), I went back to the Peavey. My lasts bass amp was a Peavey and it lasted 17 years.

However, it was only 90 watts. This amp at 300 watts literally "shakes the house". It is easy to use and setup is minimal.

I recommend using the bass booster and overall tone booster. Leave the mid-range and high end boosters off.

You will not be disappointed with the sound of this bass amp. I highly recommend it.
Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black
.This is one of the few bass amps in its price range with a full-size 15-inch speaker and decent power, 300 watts rms. It's also portable, weighing 43 pounds with a handle on top. Wide range of tone control. It has the usual gain, low/mid/hi, and volume knobs. Each knob has a corresponding pushbutton that does something different to the tone---for example, one is bass boost, one is punch, and one changes the center frequency of the mid equalizer knob. It has a tweeter, so the amp also works well with my Yamaha PSR-E423 keyboard---both low and high notes sound great. Tone is warm and clean, more gain adds volume but not much distortion. Has separate inputs for passive and active basses, plus microphone. Enough power to rattle my furnishings, would be good for small gigs. The tuner works well. Very easy to operate. I play a Zoom B1X multieffects pedal through a Dean Edge 10 active bass and have lots of great sounds on tap. I think this is the bass/keyboard amp to buy as long as it has enough power for you!
Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black
.Nice little amp, powerful, and also set at a great price. Perfect for small venues like a bar or small club. Also great for beginners who want some power behind an amp that's fairly small and easy to transport and setup.
Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black
.Was very suprised in the quality and usefullness of this amplifer for the price. I purchased it to use for smaller gigs and rehearsals that dont require my larger head/cab setup. However when I plugged this amp in and tried it out, I found that it was almost every bit as powerful as my 350 watt amp head, and doesnt sound too bad in comparison.
I love the Transtube boost option. It is great for that old shool bass fuzz tone. However, this feature is not footswitchable so its almost useless playing live unless you keep it on, but it is definently a fun feature.
I used the D.I. feature at a gig this past weekend and it seemed to work great and be noise free. Tuner works fine for me, and the push knobs and controls offer alot of options to tune yor eq to the room.
My only gripes are that the unit doesnt have the ability to add an external speaker, the TT/Boost feature isnt footswitchable, and the knobs are in a comprimising position that makes them at risk for damage during transport.However, in my opinion there is absolutley no better amplifier at this price or less. At this price, who could complain?
Overal this is a great product for the money, and a decent product in comparison to more expensive amps on the market. I would recomend it to anyone looking for a downsized but powerful rig on a budget.
If your interested in one, I would recomend getting it from musician's friend. Best customer service in the business.
Buy one. If your as happy with yours as I am with mine, you bought yourself a good amp that will serve its purpose. Hopefully for quite awhile.
Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black
.I have the older version of this amp, but if the new one is any improvement at all, it must be ridiculously amazing. The one that I have is fantastic. I can get nice smooth tones out of it, or I can get thick punchy bass. And it's loooud. Even at 75 watts, this thing bumps. I play in a band and I have no problem being heard over the drums.
Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black
.We purchased this amp for our church that seats around 300 comfortably. I was going back and forth on whether to get the Peavey Max 115 II or the Fender Rumble 100. I went with my gut instinct... Peavey has never let me down before. This amp is amazing. It has a very clean sound and is very powerful. The sound absolutely fills the sanctuary with the volume at only halfway. The tones are deep and rich which are just right for our praise and worship band. The built-in tuner is a super cool feature that I now consider to be a 'must-have'. I purchased this amp as an 'open box' item listed as 'mint' condition. It was delivered just as advertised...mint condition, and an unbelievable buy. Can't go wrong with this one!
Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black
.I ordered this amp without even hearing it in person because I needed a back-up for an older model Ampeg that I was using. This amp is a great value for the money---very loud and full. It is light and easy to carry--also easy to transport. Some reviews indicate sketchy knob durability and I agree that I would not place anything on the top of the amp for that reason. My bandmates noticed the difference in sound and for medium jobs I will use this. I just played a gig at a club last week and had the gain on 2 and volume on 2--these are almost the lowest settings and the amp was still loud and full. Turning it up more would have made me too loud. Thick low end and some high end sparkle can be achieved through the e.q. section. Remember that it is solid state, so some tube warmth and sensitivity might be lost if you are used to that style of sound. However, I have been pleased with Peavey products in the past (have owned many guitar amps and keyboard amps, as well as higher end PA equipment) so I did not expect issues. I am actually considering buying another one of these and running the pair at the same time when I play bigger jobs.
Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black
.This amp started well until I tried to turn it in the off position. The switch sunk inside the amp. I was able to fish it out the first time but now it went deeper inside. The construction of the amp design is poor. I own about five other bass amps made by peavey and this is the first time I have been disappointed.
Peavey Max 115 II 1x15 300 W Bass Combo Amp Black

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