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Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange

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Product Description

The Orange Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head is modeled after the Dirty Channel on the same amp that Jim Root plays in the studio and on the road, the Orange Rockerverb 100. This all-tube, 15W amp is capable of far more than high gain rock and metal though. With a full 3-band EQ players will find it easy to dial in everything from vintage rock to blues and beyond. The addition of a tube-driven FX loop allows the user to take the tone in any direction they want.

Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain controls Single channel All tube High gain 4-stage preamp Tube FX loop 2 - EL84, 3 - 12AX7 and 1 - 12AT7 Gig bag

Get Jim Root' sound today, call or click to order.

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First of all, this is a really great amp. The sound is fantastic and it has all the gain I could ever imagine wanting. Also, the gain is quite warm and does not have the same fizzy voicing that the Dark Terror suffers from.

Unfortunately, this amp did not work for me since I bought it for bedroom use. It is super loud! You'd think you'd be able to turn the volume down and it'd sound great but that isn't the case here. The volume on the 7 watt setting really needs to be at about 10 o'clock in order for the tubes to be pushed and for the sound to clean up. Anything 9 o'clock or lower and there is a major change in the amp's voicing. It's not that it's a bad sound, it just doesn't sound anywhere near as good as when the tubes are pushed.

The gain buzz is pretty noisy when not playing so you might want to invest in a noise gate if you plan on using this in a live setting.

The harmonics are amazing! Whether you're using traditional harmonics or pinch harmonics both ring out clear as a bell and are super easy to perform. Palm muting is also a metal player's dream! Very tight and punchy.

If volume is not an issue then you'll love this amp! It really does sound like a miniature Rockerverb without the reverb option, and that alone makes this one fantastic deal!
Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.Ok. I bought this amp about a month ago and have been waiting to do a review of it. I will answer a lot of questions.

1. This is a dang good build. Very solid construction. You can really tell that Orange does not skimp, even when it comes to these little amps.

2. No, it is not extremely versatile. I run a tube screamer in the front with no added gain, but with the settings I use and by turning it on and off I can KINDA' simulate 2 channels from just one. But if you need 2 channels, a dedicated clean and crunch I'd go for the dual terror or step it up to a Rockerverb.

3. It can hold its own in an unmic'd setting. I play with a 5 piece Ambient hard rock band, lots of delays, leads and counter melodies. I have no trouble keeping up. The other guitarist has an early dual rec and this easily holds its own. Volume does not have to go past 11 o'clock. In fact, everyone had to keep telling me turn it down. It can do it.

4. I've heard a lot of talk about the amp having too much bass. That is not the case from what I have used it for so far. I have the eq slightly adjusted from noon on all 3 bands and it is EXTREMELY midrangy. But I like that. It is probably why it seems to cut through so well going up against bigger amps.

I give it a 5 out of 5 honestly. This will be one amp that is always in my arsenal. I'm sure I will eventually get the dual terror or Rockerverb, but I am in no way displeased with this amp.

Hope this helps all those who are wary.
Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.I went down to a local guitar store over the weekend and spent a good amount of time with this amp head plugged into a Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion V30s. It took a very long time to dial in a sound even close to what I like (bright, tight and crisp 5150/6505ish sound) until I placed an Ibanez TS9 infront of it. I used a Musicman John Petrucci signature loaded with dimarzio pickups as well as a Godin redline loaded with EMGs. With both guitars, with/without the TS9, the amp was really noisy so I recommend gating it.

Moving on to the sound. With the petrucci guitar, i really struggled with the sound. The bottom end was loose, deep and lacked clarity but this provided a base for a nice Nu-metal tone, just not my thing. Rolling back the volume produced a lovely tone. Using the volume knob can really clean up the sound nicely and that adds lots of versatility.

When I used the EMG-loaded guitar, the difference was noticeable. It tightened and brightened up quite a bit. The sound was crispier and chords rang clear. I was able to dial in a decent metalcore sound with the help of the TS9. EMGs seemed to bring out the best in this amp in terms of the sound in MY head.

General comments: There are good sounds to be had from this amp if you spend a lot of time tweaking it. It is extremely loud even for a 15 watt head. Having the volume between 1 and 2 is quite loud for bedroom use. It definitely has plenty of volume for gigging but im not sure how the amp holds up at higher volume (above 4) in terms of clarity. You will definitely need a noise gate and a tubescreamer/overdrive pedal is a worthwile investment to make along with this amp.
Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.The Jim Root Terror is a great upgrade to the Tiny Terror, including a 3-band eq and effects loop. Comparing this to my Rockerverb 50 mkII, the tone is there. No clean channel or reverb, and very much limited by the el84s in output and headroom. Great clean, slight breakup and heavy distortion tones at house-friendly volumes. Don't expect any clean tones while playing with a full band. In fact, with the amount of bass available in the preamp, a person runs out of headroom real fast at louder volumes, making it tough to cut through a full band, much less have any room for solo boosts. Gotta mic this one up. Speaking of bass, it's loose, maybe more so than the Rockerverb, but tightens up nicely with an od pedal out front. The effects loop works great with my delay and eq pedals. Overall, a great little amp for anything from vintage stoner rock to more modern metal, thick with plenty of harmonics, great for house and studio, needs mic'd at gigs. Get your Orange Rockerverb gain channel on the cheap.
Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.Every amp maker has a lunchbox amp now, so I tried as many as I could before finally pulling the trigger. I found this one used, but would have paid full price. Gain for days, and unexpected headroom.

I use this with a 4CM (four cable method, Google it if you're curious!) with both my PODHD500 and GT100. By accident, I flipped to a clean channel on my POD that bypassed the Dark Terror preamp and went right into the power amp - holy heck! It was loud and clear.

I used to roll my eyes at tube amps loaded with EL84s, but no more. Honestly, I really wanted to like the HK 18 because it had so many bells & whistles and looked really cool. It just didn't sound this good.
Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.If you're looking for dry, yet heavy tone then the Jim Root head from Orange is it. I've been using modelers for years and never quite getting the exact tone I was looking for. One of my favorite doom metal bands switched to Orange so I checked them out. Man, was I wrong about Orange. They are just what I was looking for in tone. I've been using an SM58 to mic the cab, and this head does the rest. Super easy to setup and use. Don't let the wattage fool you, this thing is loud for a 15-watt amp. Crazy loud. In a bigger venue, yes, you will have to mic your cab, but it's worth it to get that growl, that bite, that dry as a bone tone you've been looking for. FX loop rocks as well. Get this now...
Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.Surprising that this gets great clean sounds..the effects loop is extra quiet and perfect for a pedal reverb or other 'light' effect
Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.The gain on this amp sounds tight when the volume knob is below 1, and when you play your amp above 1 on the volume knob, it becomes extremely mushy. When you crank the gain, it becomes mushy and fizzy. On low gain settings and moderate to high volumes, it can get a crunchy "smoke on the water" classic rock tone. If you play classic rock/metal this amp may or may not be for you. If you play modern rock/ metal, I would suggest an amp with a cleaner power section and higher wattage than 15 watts.
Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.Loud for 15 watts. TUBE WATTS. If you don't know the difference, you don't play enough. This amp is meant and built for the guys who like it heavy. If you want a crisp, clean sounding lunchbox amp, this ain't the one. Roll off the volume on your guitar and it'll clean up nice and sweet and smooth too though. Tubes were built to be cranked up and fried. If it takes you more than 2 minutes to get your sound that you want with the 3 band e.q., you need help with your ears. Killer amp, nice price, quality, and service from Custom Guitars Friend. Jim Root. Slipknot. 1 channel. Metal. Think about it. She's built for death and killing all other music.
Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.This is one beastly little amp. I run it through my orange ppc 112 and it can get pretty loud for 15w. All the gain you need is there as well. Throw on an OD for that extra saturation and you'll have that brutal tone. Well maybe except for that super high gain Dimebag Darrell distortion. Cleans are decent. You will have to roll off the distortion as this amp is single channel which is based off the Rockerverb 100 gain channel. It's definitely worth the price.
Orange Amplifiers Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange

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