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Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head

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Hardshell Case of Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head
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Product Description

Orange Amplification launched the Micro Terror amplifier - their smallest Terror ever! Building on the winning recipe of the rest of the popular Terror series, the Micro Terror retains the beautiful unpretentious design, delivering a classic Orange sound way bigger than it looks, with a size and weight making it the most portable Terror yet!

With a high tensile steel case it is built to the same rugged specifications as the other members of the Terror family and is incredibly compact and highly portable. This is a true Orange Amp classic, with masses of vintage British character, clean crunch and full-on overdrive sounds.

Power: 20W (hybrid) Tube: one 12AX7 tube preamp with solid state power amp Controls: Volume, Tone and Gain Single channel Impedance: 8 ohm minimum Headphone output Aux input for MP3 or CD Dimensions: 6.5" x 5.3" x 3.74" Weight: 1.87 lb.

This small package makes a big difference, call or click to order today.

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Get the PPC 1x8 Cabinet to make a tidy little 1/2 or full stack. It looks cute and cuddley.... until you plug it in. Suddenly your face starts to get a little hot, but not unbearable.

Unplug from the 1x8 and plug it into a 1x12 or 2x12 cabinet then take this bad boy to rehearse with your band. Sure, they'll make fun of you for the 4 seconds it takes to turn it on and play the first chord. Your face will heat up a little more, and then your ears begin feeling a little damp. Then you think to yourself, "Wait a minute, this really sounds much better. Did I accidentally leave my 50 watt head plugged in?"

Now you're at the gig. You brought your 4x12 cabinet. But wait, this won't power a 4x12 cab, will it? Yes it will. Like crazy. The guys in your band know better than to tease the Micro Terror. Now it's time to prove it to the rest of the world. Trust me, they'll all be able to hear it. The bottom end response is killer, the gain is sick and the volume is crushing. Now your face is melting and your ears are bleeding, but you can't stop smiling!

The EQ seems to be active in the sense that 12 o'clock is flat. When you turn it up, the highs get boosted and the lows get cut at the same time.

This will fit in your gigbag or gear box... or your mouth.

Buy it and love it.
Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head
.I bought this amp looking for a backup head for my Marshall 6100LM for gigs. I wanted something small and portable and loud enough, but yet something that sounded good, and this fits the bill. There are three things that surprised me when I received this amp the other day: 1) How small and light it was, 2)how good it sounded, 3) how loud it was.There's nothing fancy about this amp, as it works same as other Orange amps such as the Tiny Terror and Dual Terror. Volume, gain & tone knobs. Aux input for MP3's, and speaker out in the back to 4, 8, or 16 ohm cab. I ran this thru my 4x12 and this amp sounded huge!! Would definately be able to use this for recording, gigging at small venues unmiked, and gigs at medium size venues miked. Loud enough run thru a 4x12 to keep up with a drummer. The sound is what you would expect from Orange, very similar to my Dual Terror that I used to own. Good warmth for a solid state power stage. Comes w/ a quality JJ ECC83S tube as well.Would highly recommend this for the [$] price tag. Great item that is much more than just a novelty peice.
Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head
.I saw a demo on youtube and I bought one here on MF. I also bought a 1X12 cab to go with it. Now the big surprise here is that this thing is loud! I didn't expect it, cause it's only 20 watts and a hybrid head...but for what I do it will certainly work in a live situation. And the tone of this small amp head is very warm. If you are like me and really wanted a Tiny Terror amp but don't have the money, this little micro terror will do nicely. Oh and by the way, it'll power a 4X12 cab too! I know I wont part with mine!
Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head
.There are a lot of positive reviews on this amp. If you play heavey metal and like distortion its fine. It is somewhat loud and does that fine. For any other kine of music its worthless. Even classic rock. To me its basically a powerfull distortion pedal. Before I returned it I did some research on different tubes and what they may do. I put a SOVTEK 12AX7 5751 in it. It turned it from a tinny sounding noise box into a real amp. I'm using a 10" Weber speaker 8 ohm with it as thats what I had sitting around. The volume went through the roof. The tone is now useable not just a treble to mud dial. The gain is cleaner and goes from blues grit to heavey. Before I could run the volume full tilt and with the gain on 11:00 it was nothing impressive volume wise. Now you do not need to use the gain for more volume. You can run the volume up. Add as much gain as you can stand and conltrol it with your guitar volume. It sounds like a real amp now. With humbuckers it is a monster. Its a bit tamer with single coils. Use a reverb pedal to put some depth the sound. Add your favorite EQ pedal for more tone and volume and it is even more stunning. The only negatiave with the new tube is the standing noise went up once you push up the volume or gain. But it goes away when you play. It won't replace my regular rig but for jams, easy to transport, and shock and awe I am keeping it.
Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head
.As most of the other reviews stated, this amp sounds much better and louder than it's initial appearance would lead you to believe. Very good classic rock crunch and plent of volume. I tried through a 4x12 at 4 and 16 ohms and 2x12 (1/2 the cab) at 8 ohms. At 4 ohms, the amp was noticeably louder and had a lot more punch to it. The single tone knob did not really bother me, as it made it really easy to tweak the sound. Too tinny, CCW, to muddy, CW...

My problem was that I pictured this as being a great novelty item for live use and a good practice amp for home use. It lived up to the first half, but for a practice amp, it actually turned out to just be too loud! It really didn't have much of an "inside" voice, and was either real loud or silent. Of course through a 1x12 or something, that may have been better.

The other issue I had is that at full power (full gain, 3/4 volume and up at 4 ohms), it cut out intermittently for a second or so. I found a couple of comments online about this that stated this was a feature to protect the amp at high output. This is most likely the case, as I could only get it to happen at 4 ohms, where max output wattage would occur. As stated however, the sound was much better at this output level. I have never had any amp behave this way, and it worried me that the power stage may be undersized for it's rated output.

I sent Orange customer service an email questioning the cut out and have not gotten an answer after about 10 days, not a good sign either in my opinion. Other amp companies I have dealt with have gotten back in a day or less, even on their low end products and products that I told them I had bought used. Red flag on their support for me.

For the price, I still think this is a good buy if the negatives I mentioned aren't a concern to you. Really good sound, plenty loud for playing around and even practice with a drummer and built very solid (except for power switch, which was fairly light duty).
Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head
.Always in search of the missing tone...ORANGE MICRO TERROR delivers that amazing Jimmy Page growl and sustain. I have especially been blown away using my DEAN RAZORBACK run thru the equally awesome ORANGE 1 X 8 closed back 20 watt speaker. Simple, concise controls and the warmth of a 12AX7 pre-amp allow crunch. This tiny powerhouse has volume, tone and gain...and...that's all you need as long as you take the time to tweek those controls. I am extremely pleased and appreciate the headphone & aux. input so I can play along with CD's. I finally have a tonally delicious ORANGE STACK and can't wait to play again.
Thank you MUSICIAN'S FRIEND for satisfying my Tone Freak needs for 30 years. PEACE OUT.
Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head
.I use this for...Jazz. Believe it. It's great for jazz because it is tight and keeps up to the notes. Settings: Tone 3, Preamp 3. I love tubes, but this amp is so advanced as a Class D that I have to put it at the top of the list. I bought it as a joke but I'm not laughing anymore. This is a serious amp that I use everyday and everywhere. I've built and modded my own amps and pedals in the past so I was curious to see how it was built. Extremely sturdy and a very clean build. Soundwise, it can be either crunchy, heavily distorted, or very clean. The key to this amp is the Headphone Out. This is a preamp out. For performances I plug this little amp from the Headphone jack into delay effects and then into a power amp which drives my Creamback speaker(s). With this configuration you could perform in front of the smallest to largest venue imaginable.
Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head
.There are a ton of positive reviews here already so I will try not to repeat a whole lot. This thing is absolutely amazing. For years now Have been in search of a really great overdrive sound. I have owned nearly every overdrive pedal and distortion pedal in the world, and this unit beats them all. This thing can be turned up to to a fairly loud volume and stay clean for pedals. When you begin to bring the gain up, the volume starts to increase even more so at about 2 o clock. I have tried it with a 1x12, 4x12, 2x10, and 4x10. It has enough power to drive a 4x12, do not be fooled by size.

The one thing that no one ever talks about is the AUX. plug in for your ipod. It sounds very good but guess what else? You can plug in your guitar and play with it! The drive and tone do not affect the signal to the Aux input. The drive becomes your volume for the guitar and the volume controls the Ipod volume. Very cool thing if you ask me.

Overall nothing can prepare you for how awesome of an amp this is. I watched many gear reviews for the micro terror and was still blown away by what it could actually do in person. Selling my Marshall MA because of this thing, no comparison. As this is my first orange amp, I am so impressed I will also be purchasing a dual terror and tiny terror in the near future. Can get great clean and distortion at low volumes for home/apartments. If your drummer isnt a maniac this will for sure cut practice and if the gig is mic'd up this will also do a venue. I have owned marshalls, Fender blackface and Silverface amps, and many other famous tube amps...Orange has obviously got it figured out without a doubt. Vintage tone, modern overdrive if you like, and loud as hell. Buy one and you'll never be able to bring yourself to let it go no matter what kind of music you play.
Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head
.My vocabulary doesn't have the words to express how great this little amp performs. You can throw your distortion pedal away, this amp has all the dirty sound you need. This thing is loud on it's on, but when an overdrive pedal is placed in front of it. This thing will make you bring out the ear plugs. In addition, it also has a clean sound that is as good as you would want. I have a Zoom G3 multi effects pedal, which adds reverb and more than 90 other effects. I use a Marshall JCM900 1960 Lead 4X12 cabinet, and it sounds amazing. There is not another amp in this price range that will come close to it's sound. Before Orange has a chance to raise the price, hop on this.
Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head
.This amp screams. I play an Orange Rocker 30 combo, and was looking for a more portable alternative for gigs that are difficult to get to, but would have a cab there. Looking at small tube amps in the ultraportable/lunchbox space, this amp surprised me with it's tone, volume, and size. Sure, there are better sounding and more dynamic amps out there, but at this price and size? No way.

I play a combination of classic rock/jam rock/country with either a Gibson LP or 339. This amp provides a perfect base for pedals and dirties up nicely when set for a clean to edge of break up tone. Volume wise, it's perfect for small to medium club gigs when mic'd. For practice, I play out of a 1x12 cab and crank the volume to 10, gain around 5, and it keeps up with the full band beautifully.

If you're looking for a sweet, little tonemeister that gives you a great sound, in a SOLID, portable package, and at an affordable price, check out the Micro Terror. I was totally surprised and I could not be happier.

Also, don't let the solid state power section turn you off, this amp practically sounds like an all tube amp. Push it with boost/compression and it dirties up a bit. Back off the volume on your guitar, it cleans up. Give one a try. You'll be glad you did.

(I'd avoid trying it through the paired 1x8in speaker. The mini cab makes the amp sound small. Play it through a 1x12 or bigger. Bigger the cab, bigger the amp sounds).
Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head

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